August 19, 2004

Plastic Army Men Bowl

toysoliders1.jpgIn this month's Ready Made Magazine, they showed this fantastic bowl made from melted toy soldiers (also on Boing Boing) -- and of course we had to try to make them!

Note: it turns out to be A LOT harder than it looked. The best directions that we found are here, but we didn't have much luck with the oven or stovetop.

casualty.jpgI'll spare you most of the details, but let's just say it involved a lot of broken glass... We clearly don't have the right formula yet, so I won't post directions until we get it right. But the keys seem to be the microwave and a good deal of ventilation...

We tried a number of different types of plastic toys...

And here's my civil war soldiers in the bowl and out (where it split into two pieces that I'll try to glue back together. The white on the bottom is two horses) and the wheels are from the cannons.

And no, I'm not sure what we were thinking... and yes, we will probably try again :)

Posted by Emily at August 19, 2004 10:36 PM