August 20, 2004

Refgrunt and Music

Slow Friday afternoon at Morgan Hill, but its a great library and everyone's so nice!

First hour on the kids desk, found books to learn how to draw fast cars, books on sharks and bugs and trains (and learned that train books are in two different places). Watched a kid show off his light-up shoes and his cartwheel abilities.

Then over to the adult desk for three hours:
books on making art out of gourds (but she already had the only book we had in today)
playstation games
temporary caregiver authorization form
A Woman of Substance
Angels in America
Their Eyes Were Watching God
August issue of the japanese Magazine "Mrs" (hasn't come in yet)
1st, 11th and 12th book of the Left Behind series
Proceed with Passion

Other things I learned - did you know that you can do mapquest in other languages? Very helpful when a woman who only spoke Spanish needed us to find her directions someplace. Just click settings and there are a number of languages to choose from!

And right before I got on the desk, someone wanted to know the name of Jefferson's favorite novel, which apparently he kept in his desk with a lock of his wife's hair in it after she died. The librarian found the name of the book and it was available for the person who had asked to check out and read.

morganhilldancing.jpgBefore my shift I stopped into the Morgan Hill Museum, which is next door to the library. I learned a great deal about the famous Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper, a semi-precious gemstone unique to the area. After work I went to a nice Italian restaurant and walked around town with Shachar.

There's free music and dancing as part of the Friday Night Music Series - 7-9 pm every Friday night during the summer, June-September, at Second Street and Monterey Road in Downtown Morgan Hill. Its really a cute little town!

Posted by Emily at August 20, 2004 09:42 PM