December 16, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/16

5 hours A today (with more mysteries to weed), here are some of the questions/requests:

borrowing historical photos of the town
consumer reports magazine falling apart (I restapled it)
where do you pick up holds?
fellow library school student came to chat and recommened The Norton Anthology of Children's Literature
how to get to Homail
Symptoms of Withdrawl: A Memoire of Snapshops and Redemption
paper jam
Star Wars Episode 4 (the kid had seen the others, how weird to not see the original)
Blood In, Blood Out
Sponge Bob Square Pants movie
Star Wars books
disk help
Celestine Prophecy
weird filter problems
I Love Lucy on DVD
help with holds
What Color is Your Parachute on CD
Po Bronson's What Should I Do With My Life
The Sims: Doule Deluxe
Introduction to Geology
Rookie of the Year
CATS (the movie of the musical)
Angels in the Outfield
The Sandlot
California Landlord Forms

and a new feature (if I remember to write them down), fun things I find in the books I'm weeding. Here's a sample from today's:

3 receipts
1 of those cards the hotel maids leave from Inn By The Sea
used airplane ticket from Des Moines to St. Paul
and the paper that sits under a packaged cookie

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