April 21, 2006

Book Group Expo

Oooh! This looks like fun: Book Group Expo San Jose. We just started a book group at work and one of our members sent around the link. I'm working 6/18, but definitely will try to go on 6/17.

Saturday, June 17 10A - 5P Sunday, June 18th 9A - 5P
San Jose McEnery Convention Center

If you thought book groups were just about reading books, THINK AGAIN! book group expo San Jose is designed for book group members as well as anyone who loves reading. This two day event is an innovation in bringing readers and authors together in an intimate and conversational way.

book group expo San Jose is a place where you can:

Meet (famous) authors. Eat chocolate. Attend lively discussions. Taste wine. Have your books signed. Sample desserts. Meet other serious readers. Watch live cooking demonstrations. Meet (not yet famous) authors. Savor fine tea. Browse books -- lots of books - to your heart's content. Listen to literati. Enjoy friends. Eat more chocolate. Learn about book groups and book clubs. Have fun. Serious fun.

And Tina and I were just talking about our old book group... it'd be fun to start that up again one day... There's nothing like sitting around with a bunch of interesting people talking about good books!

Posted by Emily at April 21, 2006 03:47 PM

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