October 28, 2006

Prop Endorsements

The endorsements and voting guides are rolling in by email during these last few days before the election. I still need to read through the full guide, but here are some pointers from other groups:

Pro Choice Voting Guide

American Cancer Society: Yes on 86

Feminist Majority:
No on Proposition 85 Limits Abortion Access for Young Women
Yes on Proposition 86 Tax on Cigarettes
Yes on Proposition 87 Tax on California Oil Producers
Yes on Proposition 89 Clean Money & Fair Elections Act

CA Dems:
Yes on: 1A-E, 83, 84, 86, 87
No on: 85, 88, 90

Yes on: 86, 87, 89
No on: 85, 88, 90

And of course there is a great summary from Speak Out California:


SJ Mercury News
Prop. 1A: Transportation funding protection: Yes
Prop. 1B: Highways and transit: Yes
Prop. 1C: Housing and shelter: Yes
Prop. 1D: Schools and universities: Yes
Prop. 1E: Flood prevention: Yes
Prop. 83: Sex Offender Initiative: No
Prop. 84: Water and parks: Yes
Prop. 86: Tobacco tax: Yes
Prop. 88: Education Initiative: No
Prop. 89: Campaign-Finance Reform: No
Prop. 90: Eminent Domain Initiative: No
Morgan Hill Measure F: Yes
Santa Clara County Measure A: Growth-control initiative: Yes
11th Congressional District: Jerry McNerney

Posted by Emily at October 28, 2006 08:59 AM