November 12, 2006

Weekend at Home

It was so nice to not have anything pre-scheduled for this weekend, leaving us lots of time to try to catch up on things around the house, do some errands, and watch the kitties nap in their favorite spots.

On Friday, since he had the day off, S removed the counter tops in preparation for our eventually getting new corian counters (probably in January if all goes as planned). The old tile ones were falling apart and he decided they might as well go now. We cut and nailed on temporary wood ones yesterday so the kitchen wouldn't be completely torn up, and it seemed a perfect opportunity to get to paint a surface that would be covered up soon anyway.

Today, S made kubeh soup (with his grandmother's recipe) and Trish and Ben came up for lunch and then we all went to the movies.
The soup was a wonderful red color (beets, celery, lemon juice and spices) with big balls of ground turkey stuffed into dough that tasted like matzah balls. Its apparently a Kurdish dish. We all thought it was delicious.

Posted by Emily at November 12, 2006 04:42 PM
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