August 31, 2003

Bus to EEG

Look! The #60 bus goes right to the Los Gatos Community Hospital so I could go right there to have an EEG.

hospital.jpg hospital2.jpg

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Farmer's Market

jam3.jpg At the farmer's market today I bought fresh white corn, strawberries, figs, basil, radishes, and a bag of kettle korn. Here's a picture of me at last week's farmer's market where Jane and I bought tons of strawberries to make freezer jam.

There's a farmers market downtown in Los Gatos every Sunday.

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August 30, 2003

Next AB, In progress

Here are a few pages from the book I started yesterday with BobbiLynn. Its very much a work in progress - I just wanted to try out some of our different materials.

This is one of the original pages -- there are a few line drawings like this in the book, but mostly Chinese (?) characters.

Painted black with magazine image

Magaine image and colored paper with scallopped edges

Pastel crayons and stamps

Pastel crayons, stamps, and magazine image

Magazine image and pastel crayons

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Karen's Shower Book

Book CoverFor Karen's Wedding Shower, Mom and I made our First Altered Book!

We had watched the Altered Books with Beth Cote video and visited the runnber stamp store in Westport to get lots of inks and fun wedding-related stamps.

We found a book on Grandpa's shelf called "How to Get Married Now the You've Been Asked" and altered it with photos, buttons, cut-outs, stamps, and anything else we could find.

The title page of the book

Page with Envelope
This page has an embedded envelope with their save-the-date card inside

Back Cover
The back cover of the book

August 29, 2003

The DaVinci Code

davincicode.jpgKaty originally recommended that I read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (she had finished it and was then reading The Name of the Rose) and then Mom passed along her copy after reading it on her California visit. I couldn't put it down!

BobbiLynn saw my copy today and mentioned that there were secrets to be learned at so now I have to go try to figure them out...

I'm now reading The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image, by Leonard Shlain. I've had it sitting on my shelf for over a year, but it seemed like the perfect follow-up book.

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Starting off...

My friend BobbiLynn ( was over today working on our altered books and she inspired me to finally get a blog up and running. We'll have to see how updated I can keep it, but I have to start somewhere...

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