September 30, 2003

Mom's Visiting

Mom's here visiting all week. We've been running around going to appointments and shopping mostly so far. We're going to try to meet up with a bunch of different friends and cousins while she's out here.

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September 27, 2003

Fall Rubberama

After a less than inspiring day of class, I was able to catch the last 45 minutes of the San Jose Fall Rubberama (the big rubber stamp show) at Parkside Hall. I bought a few new stamps (including some cute candy corn stamps), an embossing kit, and a little surprise for BobbiLynn's birthday...

A sample piece from Yvonne the embossing lady with a dragon fly charm

(the candy corn stamps)

Plus a little mouse I got from Inky Antics

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September 26, 2003

Happy New Year

Ellen and I attended Shir Hadash's Erev Rosh Hashanah services this evening. Unfortunately I have class all day tomorrow (crazy! but it ONLY meets this weekend, so I have to go) so I won't be attending tomorrow. We are planning to go next Sunday and/or Monday though of course.

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Friday Afternoon Fun

meandbl.jpgAnother fun Friday afternoon of donuts, altered books, and a little craft shopping...

Here's the page she made today:

September 25, 2003

Week 3 Assignment

This week's assignment was to make exaggerated collages for the principles we talked about this week: Dominance | Gradation | Contrast | Repetition | Rhythm

Newspaper clippings
The colorful, large woman (the focal point) is supposed to be contrasting with the black and white city and clippings
Magazine clippings and tissue paper
Subtle tones of black and white and greys
Crossword puzzles, magazine cover, construction paper
Contrasts from black and white to bright colors, and from squares to the circle
Magazine clippings (copied)
Magazine clippings, construction paper

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September 24, 2003


Watched the California Recall debates and the season premiere of West Wing. My friend Greg's writing a Law Review article on the use of the 25th amendment in West Wing and 24. Politics are just insane -- fiction and reality...

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Week 3 Artists

Rose Merle Bertus
"Mixed Emotions"

Color is the dominant element with a strong contrast between the painted orange and black pieces of paper (plus the purple and green thrown in)

Teresa Garner
"Stamps, Markers, Etc"
Lots of pattern and repetition using the stamps. Plus the tomato provides contrast (color, shape) and dominance to the center. The round tan buttons also contrast with the square stamps and green color.

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September 23, 2003

Jane, Barbi and Greg's birthdays

Happy birthday to Jane, Barbi and Greg! I managed to speak to two of the three and played phone tag with Jane.

It was also the official first day of fall and we had a nice seasonal phone call over at The Meta Net as part of the 20th anniversary celebration over there.

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September 22, 2003

Alone on the bus

busseat.jpgHere's the empty bus -- I'm the only person on board - even though its rush hour (6pm). Hopefully there will be a few more people on tomorrow morning's...

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September 21, 2003

Lost in Translation

Saw Lost in Translation this evening (by myself - possibly only the second time I've ever gone to the movies on my own) at the movie theater that's walking distance (of course). Great movie! Fabulous scenes of Tokyo!

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September 20, 2003

Miss America

crowning.jpg One of the hardest things about living on the West Coast is that they tape-delay Miss America so I can't call Mom and Lisa during the commercials to compare notes! This year, Lisa's without power anyway, so Mom's taping it for her, but Mom and Betty watched, and Carrie called in at the end.

Some highlights:

  • every christmas, miss arkansas and her family play hot potato with a ball of fire!
  • miss ct was a former member of the us tap dancing team!
  • miss iowa is fork-lift safety certified...
  • miss kansas is a baton twirler!! (we love the baton twirlers... and the one year that one contestant walked on broken glass... watching singing as everyone's talent just isn't as interesting)
  • miss kentucky says she likes watching trading spaces (there are two new ones on tonight! luckily they're replaying them later so I can Tivo them too)
  • miss west virginia is an expert bargain shopper
  • miss wyoming is also a fork lift driver!
  • miss hawaii is a roller-skating limbo queen!

Tom Bergeron may have been the world's worst host -- but Carrie warned me that he goes on and on and that I should just fast-forward to Clay Aiken singing (I love Tivo!). I think we could have done without Trista and her friends as well. I guess there's a reason I don't watch many ABC shows. I'm still not sure who the strange people on the chairs giving the individual scores were (but they were pretty painful to watch!) The casual wear was a bit odd -- not sure what was up with some of those hats and the goofy parading around in them).

My picks from the quick intros were FL, MS, OR, TN. The top 15 ended up being MO (amber - who must be 8 ft tall), MI (madonna), VA (nancy), IN (bryn), MD (marina), RI (laurie), CA (nicole), FL (ericka), AL (catherine), HI (kanoelani), NH (candace), GA (andrea), OK (kelley), WI (tina), and NJ (jenniefer) -- so I only got one of my picks that far.
Of course, the Miss America web site gave the winner away East Coast time (grumble, i only went to the site to look up the contestant bios) So it looks like I picked right afterall! Yay!

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Mom sent along this photo taken at Grandpa's party last week.


Back row: Alexis, Jenna, Rebecca, Titania, Brooke, Natasha, Anna Mira, Emily, Betty, Brian, Eduard
Front Row: Amanda, Meredith, James, Aaron

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September 19, 2003

BobbiLynn's First Page

bl1.jpgBobbiLynn came over to continue working on our Altered Books. Here she is finishing her first -- and very impressive -- spread.

We also ate a number of Krispie Kreme donuts, and tried drive-through iced chai lattes. :)

Here's her page with the envelope closed:

... and here it is open:

September 18, 2003


Looks like the rest of the Group Jazz team is under major hurricane watch as Isabel rips through the East Coast...

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September 17, 2003

Week 2 Assignment

Here are my collages for the Week 2 Assignment. We were supposed to explore each of the seven design elements discussed this week (line, shape, value, color, movement, size, pattern) by creating our own exaggerated collage to illustrate the element.

Strips of construction paper, music paper (horizontal lines), and Asian characters (vertical lines). One stripe of textured paper, a tag with a curly string, and a butterfly sticker.

Cut-out green and gold paper triangles to match the shapes in the magazine image.

Black and white magazine images with black and pink paper to draw out the contrast.

Magazine image, tissue paper, found objects in different colors.

Cut out magazine images of leaves and strips of paper.

Tiny cut-out dancers from newspaper ad on extremely-zoomed photo of waterdrops on leaf.

Photo of tree texture, strips of pattern from magazine, people from scrapbook background page, etc.

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September 16, 2003

Joint Venture Silicon Valley

Went to an event this evening at the Tech sponsored by Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network ( It was a very interesting event announcing their latest report and trying to get people to join their new Roundtable.

logojv.gif There was an article announcing the new report in yesterday's San Jose Mercuty News. It summed up the report with, "To revive its economy, Silicon Valley must focus on four key areas, according to a report by a group of local experts: expanding its global presence, getting its public finances in order, becoming more livable and merging biotechnology, nanotechnology and information technology into a new industry."

They're starting four intiatives designed to:

  • Promote a strong, long-term fiscal foundation for government to invest in people, infrastructure, and quality of life;
  • Accelerate the convergence of biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology;
  • Expand the use of these technologies to improve health, education, and transportation; and
  • Build relationships among technology leaders in Silicon Valley and other regions of the world for mutual economic benefit.

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September 15, 2003

King Library Architect

bill-library.jpgMy group for Research Methods (Kathy, Ellen, Sharon and I) were out interviewing people outside of King Library today to collect data for our group project. Kathy and my first respondent turned out to be Bill Bocken, the architect of the library (from Carrier Johnson), who was there to do a photo shoot!

Here are some reviews and articles about the new design:

The San Jose Mercury News calls it, "A wonderful gift in a bad package -- that's what the new library presents San Jose."

The SF Gate says:
"For San Jose's new library it's what's inside that counts - Unimpressive exterior is redeemed by innovative interior"

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September 14, 2003


All of our Caucus sites were down today -- The problem appears to be that the server where we are hosted was hacked in spite of all the security in place there. It was "root-kitted", which means that somebody broke in and replaced a bunch of the system programs with versions that would hide their compromise. After running hidden for some period of time they then removed some other vital files from the system and that caused it's instability and, ultimiately, it's inability to reboot properly.

So I'm now learning how to start them back up again...

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September 13, 2003

Grandpa's 90th Birthday Party

party.jpgToday is my grandfather's 90th birthday party so we had a huge party at the new Ralph and Betty Sheffer Hall (named after him and my grandmother) at the Westport History Center. The party was also to celebrate Brian and Karen's (pictured here with Grandpa) engagement (the wedding's next month!)

Brian and Karen opened some presents beforehand -- here they're getting a first edition of Make Way For Ducklings (they also got a Mini!!)

Some photos from the party:
(click to enlarge)

The guest of honor

Here's me with Grandpa

Grandpa with Mom and Aunt Barbi

Karen with her brother-in-law, father, and sister

Slyvia, cousin Emily, cousin Brooke, and Liz
Betty and Eduard

Katie (aka Annie) and Liz

Christopher and Jonathan

Uncle Doug, cousin Kate, James and Anna

Grace and Tatania

Brian with Karen's neice Sara

Karen's Mom Evelyn with Chris and Irv Burkholder

Bill looking at the new exhibit on television stars from Westport

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September 11, 2003

Peeps in the Library!

I spent the entire day at school, most of it in the King Library looking for articles to write critical notes on for my Reseach Methods class and meeting with my group to plan our interview questions.

peep1.jpgKathy in my group told me about this site:
Peep Research: A study of small fluffy creatures and library usage.

Those darn peeps!

Of course it then launched us into a whole discussion of online library jokes that could lead to a very exciting online community endeavor... stay tuned!

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September 10, 2003

Rolling Requiem

One year ago, I was privileged to be a part of an amazing world-wide remembrance of 9/11, the Rolling Requiem.

Andrea and Madeline just sent some new photos to be added the Rolling Requiem site that show volunteers sorting and sending thousands of Heart Badges to the families of 9/11 victims.

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Assignment One: Jumping In

The first assignment was to "jump in with both feet" and create a first collage -- just using items that are within arms reach of your work surface. This came entirely from Sunday's New York Times Magazine, the blues were from a number of different ads.


(I got carried away and did this fruit one too from an advertising section in the magazine about organic produce).

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September 09, 2003

Madame President

Carrie on the water in San Fran before she moved away to NYC this fall.
Super congrats to Carrie who was just elected (the first woman ever) class president/president of their chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) at the Columbia School of Journalism!
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Toward Consilience

Ack! for some reason this entry about the book Toward Consilience was replaced with icky spam!

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September 08, 2003

Snail Buys Car

scar2.jpgOne of my favorite stories that my grandfather always used to tell was about a snail who painted a great big "S" on his car ...something to the effect (care of the Net, with a small brand tweak) of:

A snail saves up all his money and buys a brand new Mini. Just before he leaves the garage he says to the guy, "Just one more thing, Could you paint a great big 'S' on the side of the car for me?". The guy in the garage says, "Sure, but why do you want to ruin this beautiful paintwork with a giant letter 'S'?". The snail says, "So that when people see me driving past they'll say 'Look at that 'S'-car-go!"!!

Ok, so its told a hundred different ways (like this variation or this one, etc) but when Grandpa told it it always got a laugh from us!

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September 07, 2003

Howard Dean for President

Howard DeanI just got back from a party for Howard Dean. He is a great guy and definitely has my vote. If you haven't already, sign up right this minute at!

The party was at Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and John Marshall Collin's house in San Jose. There were over 1000 people there in their backyard!

crowd2.jpg crowd3.jpg

dean.jpg crowd1.jpg

Speaking inside before the big garden party
dean3.jpg inside1.jpg inside2.jpg

Joe Trippi is actually from San Jose!
Joe Trippi

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Week One: Artists I admire

One of my favorite collage artists is Southbury, CT-based Tracy Hambley. I couldn't find much of her work online, but there is one example from a show here. I've seen her work at the Westport, CT Outdoor Fine Art Festival, where she has won prizes for her mixed-media work. I like the three-dimensional quality of her pieces and how she uses the frame as such a strong element (I particularly love the use of the columns in this one, and how the top part is framed separately). All of the elements - the ribbon, the drawers, the cloud background... just jump out at you. I particularly like how tools like the rulers and compass (over the blue window so it looks like it is hanging the window frame) are used as structural elements.tracy1.jpg
The History of Art and Architecture (1992), Copyright Tracy Hambley
Please do not duplicate or reproduce in any other format.

I'm really drawn to Claudine Hellmuth's work - particularly pieces like The Star Maker in those rich colors and the bright stars set off against the background. I like the subtle scientific elements at the top and in the paper along the bottom and the whimsy of having the stars coming out of his pipe. I like how the man's face and hands seem to be in the same color as the paper along the bottom so that both stand out against the blues. There is also nice repetition of the circular wheel in the right corner with the upper arch shape.

And of course, I've always been a fan of Matisse's cutouts like this or this or this one (which I have a print of above my couch). I love how he takes such simple elements and creates so much movement and presence with them.

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Collage Course

I'm taking an online collage course at Eclectic Academy and will be posting my class assignments and things here.

The first assignment is mostly to introduce myself and to identify some collage artists that I admire. Later in the week I'll also try to "jump in with both feet" and create and post a collage of my own here.

So to start, this is me (on the left, along with my sister and soon-to-be-sister-in-law) I really haven't done much collage at all before, but it has always appealed to me. I'm off to go look for examples of artists I like and will post them here soon.

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September 06, 2003

Los Gatos Art Cats

I walked over to Oak Medow Park for the Los Gatos Art Cats Auction. I bid on this one - the "petriotic puddy" - but someone outbid me at the last second. gotaway.jpg
The one that got away

Tails of the Art Cats
tails cats

cats cats cats

The new bandstand in Oak Medow Park where - I kid you not - they were having a cat calling contest.

The carousel in the park
carousel carousel

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September 05, 2003

Tech Board Meeting

boardmeeting.jpgI'm filling in as the Volunteer Representative to the Tech Museum's Board of Directors and attended the fall meeting this morning. (I sat on the Board this past year and am filling in since Asfia took a job in San Diego and had to resign her position).

Here's Rick showing off the All Energy Vehicle Design Challenge where you have to build a vehicle (which will carry a "passenger") to be propelled by wind and water power (as well as gravity). Design Challenges are a key model that the Tech uses -- "The Tech's signature pedagogical approach to learning Science and Technology" -- and over 24,000 Design Challenge curriculum pieces have been downloaded from their web site. I'm hoping to convince BobbiLynn to co-coach a Design Challenge Competition team with me next Spring.

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September 04, 2003

New Library

library.jpgStopped by the new King Library (joint City of San Jose and San Jose State University) before class today. Even sat and had a latte at the new cafe inside.

Outside on the "city" side:
library1.jpg library2.jpg library2.jpg

On the "campus" side:
library4.jpg library3.jpg library3.jpg

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September 03, 2003


lightrail.jpgTook most of the day to get to the Tech and back. The light rail is quite nice... it's just the 40 minute bus ride to get there that's a pain. It didn't help that on the way back the bus driver randomly stopped at 7-11 to buy himself something to drink and left us all on the bus waiting...

At least it was a beautiful sunny day to be out and about. Here's a picture of the light rail pulling up to the Convention Center stop next to the Tech.

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September 02, 2003

Staying up

Staying up to watch Queer Eye for the Straigt Guy and then have to get up early so I can take the bus to The Tech in the morning for my regular Wednesday shift (one of those things that just takes a whole lot longer when you can't just hop in the car and drive there).

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spider.jpgThere is a monster-spider which has decided to take up residence right above my bed and I'm afraid to use a magazine to escort her out because she seems to have already built a nest or something right there. Sigh. I'm such a wimp!

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September 01, 2003

Full Frontal PR

fullfrontal.jpgSpent some of Labor Day trying to catch up on reading Full Frontal PR: Building Buzz About Your Business, Your Product, or You for our upcoming Group Jazz (virtual) retreat.

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