June 30, 2005

iPod Flea

Cute parody video about Ipod Flea (the accessories are the funniest part)

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June 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Rika!

Today is Rika's birthday! Happy birthday!!

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June 28, 2005

Fitted Sheets

via Not Martha, check out this great flikr photo spread someone made instructing people how to fold a fitted sheet (something I definitely haven't quite mastered). Of course it looks like a lot more fun with a cute orange cat helping.

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Refgrunt, 6/28

A busy 4 hours on J tonight. Summer reading sign ups are well over 800 now (after just one week!) so it looks like we'll easily beat our goal of getting at least 1000.

Here's a sampling of the requests and questions from tonight's shift:

Math CD-Roms
Spirited Away
Princess and the Pea
picture books about families (human, not animal characters)
Magic Tree House
SAT9, 8th grade
Scooby Doo videos
Number the Stars
The Grey King
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Angelic Layer
Newberry Award Winners
Rugrats in Paris
remove someone's pending holds
Little City by the Lake
Railroad Toad
Pigs in the Mud
My Father's Dragon
No Fair!
Peanuts Classic
Monster Math
Merlin and the Making of the King

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June 27, 2005

Higglytown Heroes

While we were visiting Seth, we got to watch some of his favorite cartoons with him before bed. I was completely enchanted by the Higglytown Heroes

We watched one with a Tow Truck Driver Hero) [oddly prescient of my encounter with a variety of helpful tow-truck types today when I got a flat on the way to work) and "Great Un-Expectations", where a librarian (voiced by Tim Curry) helps the kids learn about interesting creatures in their backyard.

Paul had told me that the hero was always played by some cool guest star, but I didn't realize that the theme song was sung by They Might Be Giants! v. cool

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Weekend photos

A few photos from the weekend -- Seth is just so adorable! We went to the San Diego Zoo (the gorillas were the best part I think), had lunch at a nice restaurant in Balboa Park, walked through the botanical garden and just hung out with Paul and Aimee at their house. We drove back home along 101 and stopped off for great sandwiches at a cute little town (though I can't remember the name of it)


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June 24, 2005

Down to San Diego!

We're heading down to visit Paul, Aimee and Seth for the weekend! We'll probably have internet access if you're looking for us, but mostly we're taking the weekend off!

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June 23, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/23

3 hours J, 3 hours A. It was crazy on the J side -- there was a special summer event with snakes (yes, snakes) which drew a crowd of about 200. By the time I switched over to A it was pretty quiet though.

Here are some of the questions:

Influenza 1918
Computer books
Magic Treehouse
fiction about snakes (following the event)
Akiko Series #2 (Akiko in the Scrubly Islands)
Maroo of the Painted Cave
Tunnels of Blood
4th and 6th grade math
famous speeches
Rave Master
To Kill a Mockingbird
Lemony Snicket
Ned Mouse Breaks Away
CAT6 and SAT9 prep
American Empire
algebra I & II
Chinese newspaper

And I signed up another 50 or so kids for the summer reading club (and two teens, since they sign up at the adult desk)

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June 21, 2005

Welcome Dana

Congrats to Laura & Terrill and welcome to our newest knitting pal, baby Dana!

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Refgrunt, 6/21

3-9 on the J-desk and since it was the first day of summer reading club signups, the place was mobbed. We signed up 241 kids for the reading club and 35 for the good listener club -- until 6 pm there were nice teen volunteers taking the sign ups, but from 6-9 Kelly and I signed people up and then helped them find books to start off their summer reading. At least 70 of the signups came in those last three hours (especially right before and after family story time!) And this was just the first day of sign-ups!

Here are some of the (non-summer reading) requests and questions from tonight:

Forgotten Fire
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
English pronounciation and grammar
5th grade girl books
The Enchanted Chocolate Pot
Japanese gardens
The Giving Tree
The Outsiders
Where the Red Fern Grows
Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule
a song where they sing the names of all 50 states
boomerangs (fiction, which we weren't able to find)
Magic Treehouse
Flat Stanley
books with the corresponding tapes
Harry Potter
The Little Prince
Walk Two Moons
other books from pretty much every one of the grade-specific reading lists
Saint Tail (anime)
My Side of the Mountain
There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom
Big Surprise in the Bug Tank
1st grader
Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen Soul
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (on tape)
The Meanest Hound Around
potty training books and videos
O Brother Where Art Thou
Are We There Yet?
Backyard Baseball (on DVD, which we don't have, only VHS)

and despite telling myself that I really should stop taking the 3-9 shifts (5-9 is just right and gives me a chance to go home for an hour or two between jobs), I'll be back there again on Thursday for another set.

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Summer Reading Club Signups

Today was the first day of signups for the Summer Reading Clubs at our libraries.

Milpitas Library Summer Reading Club
The Summer Reading Club is a free program to encourage school-age children to enjoy summertime reading.
Sign-ups begin Tuesday, June 21st.
Read 6 books and turn in your reading log to receive a Certificate of Reading Achievement and a paperback book.

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June 20, 2005

Congrats to Betty!!

Sounds like there's exciting news on the Betty front... according to her IM away message, she's transferring to GW in the fall! Congrats! (note to the DC readers -- give her a good welcome!)

[and, best of all -- for me anyway -- her spring break looks like it's the week before my proposed wedding date, so she can come home and help out!!! ]

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Recent Books

I've fallen behind again in recording the books I've been reading and listening to. Here are a few recent ones:

candyfreak.jpgCandyfreak : a journey through the chocolate underbelly of America
by Steven Almond
Emy recommended this one and it took me a while to get to because first I had put the tapes on hold and then Vered (my car) has a cd player instead of a tape player so I had to start over and get the CD. It was SOOOO awesome (and I think I may have to but a copy to bring down to Paul next weekend, given our tendency to write about candy companies (hersheys and glico) when we weren't writing b-school papers on QVC) The only warning is that it will make you want to eat chocolate -- and especially to go find rare, local, old-fashioned bars still made by small family-run companies and then buy them for all your friends to try too. Thank you Emy for recommending this one!

murdermostcrafty.jpgMurder Most Crafty
edited by Maggie Bruce
15 All-New Stories of Criminal Handiwork and the Art of Deduction (Craft projects included)
A good set of short-story mysteries by a ton of authors I hadn't heard of (and a few I know and love like Sujata Massey). Mom gave it to me when I was home last week and most of them were quite good. I think I'll pass it on to Emy next -- with the warning that one of them, "How to Make a Killing Online" by Victoria Houston utterly freaked me out. The craft projects include paper making, making gourd ornaments, macaroni art, mosaic flowerpots, sewing, knitting with beads, weaving lanyards, tying trout flies, basket weaving, wreath making, dyeing with indigo, candlemaking, furniture refinishing, and memory collages.

Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer
Every time I work on the children's desk, some one seems to ask for the books in this series, and when one of my colleagues at my other job raved about the newest one, I figured it was finally time to see what the fuss was about. Fairies, evil genius boys trying to take over the world (or at least stock up on fairy gold), high technology and magic, great characters... so now I'm hooked and will definitely want to read the rest of them.

Confessions of a Teen Sleuth
by Chelsea Cain
This was another one Mom sent -- and this one is definitely being passed along to BobbiLynn when I see her next!

deathoftheparty.jpgDeath of the Party: a Death on Demand Mystery
by Carolyn Hart
Another one I picked up from Mom's pile when I was there last week. Annie Laurance Darling remains one of my favorite mystery heroines (I mean really, what would be cooler than owning a mystery bookstore???) A very satisfying read (and as, always, leaves you ready for the next one to be written!)

and I listened to 1/2 of A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (since I wasn't making any headway on reading the book after two tries. The tapes were great -- it sounds like you're listening to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (narrator with a great British accent explaining the history of the universe and pretty much the answers to life, the universe and (nearly) everything). Unfortunately, I no longer have a tape player, so I'll have to either track down the CDs or finish it up in print.

Saved Comments:

I so rarely read anything that no one else has read - I'm very excited that I was able to tip you off on "Candyfreak"! :)

Mmmm...chocolate. I love that guy.
Posted by: Emy at June 20, 2005 08:44 PM

I LOVED Candyfreak. And I absolutely agree with you - it made me scan the candy aisles with greater interest, looking for the unusual, the unique candy bar. Mmmmm, book. It's one of the books that I forced upon my friend to read or die. :-)
Posted by: ilona at June 20, 2005 09:17 PM

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June 19, 2005

The Next Food TV Star

Ok, I'm completely caught up in The Next Food TV Star, a new reality show on the Food Network. I watched the first two episodes (1 hour each) on the plane last week (gotta love Jet Blue) and am watching the next one tonight. I love Dan and Steve and would totally watch Hans if he gets a show (posting this pretty much assures that some of them will be eliminated before I finish watching my tivo'ed episode).

(and yes, it's hard to miss those Food Network Caters Your Vegas Wedding contest ads.)

Any of the rest of you watching?

Update: Phew, my top picks lasted another week! But I'm slightly bitter that the login and play and home thing on the web site doesn't support Macs. Boo.

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Hebrew 101

In an attempt to pick up a little Hebrew over the coming months (and years), I have been collecting books (I'm working on "Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day"), checking out CDs and managed to find a few local classes. Today I took "Hebrew 101: A Concentrated Introduction" from Lehrhaus Judaica - The Adult School For Jewish Studies with Orna Morad, held at Cong. Beth Am in Los Altos Hills. It was definitely introductory level, but that is certainly where I am right now.

Some of the things we went over (so I can have them here to practice later). The transliterations may be a bit off in places...

Ma shmekh(f)/sheemkha(m)? [what is your name?]
Shmee... (my name is...)
Me-ayin at(f)/ata(m)? [where are you from?]
Anee me... (I am from...)
Ayfoh at garah(f)/ata gar(m)? [where do you live?]
At mederberet(f)/Atah medaber(m)... [do you speak...?]
Lo, anee lo medaber/t...

and ever important... Ayfoh ha sherutim (Where is the bathroom?)
Sham [there]

then we had lunch and learned to say
Ani rotza(f)/rotze(m) bevakasha... [I want please...]
pita, hummus, melafefon chamotz (pickeled cucumber), tutim (strawberries), anaveen (grapes), oo-gah (cake), cafe, te (tea), mitz tapoozim (orange juice)

we learned our numbers:
ef-es (zero), aH-aht (one), shtahyeem (two), shal-losh (three), ar-bah (four), Ham-mesh (five), shesh (six), sheh-vah (seven -- like Be'er Sheva, which is 7 Wells), shmoh-neh (eight), tay-shah (nine) and es-air (ten) [handout was from Akhlah

and asked the time (ma hashaa)

I'd definitely take another class from this teacher -- unfortunately the Intensive Modern Hebrew: Level Alef (Beginning) class meets Tuesday nights while I'm at work. Hopefully the fall schedule will have some other options.

Saved Comments:

Good start love
Ma slomech?

Posted by: Shin at June 19, 2005 05:12 PM

Hi Emily, I tune in occasionally, although I haven't written to you before. Heard your big news, mazel tov. I hear you are looking for a few good flower girls...?
Posted by: Jen Combs at June 20, 2005 04:22 PM

Hey, it's been a long time since I've used my hebrew but I was glad I at least knew all the words you posted here. The problem is when you ask a question in Hebrew, the answer is usually in Hebrew too, and then you're in trouble!

Good luck to you though!
love, Jen
Posted by: Jen Kolodner at September 20, 2005 08:27 AM

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Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to Dad, Bill, my future father-in-law Shimon and to any of the rest of you who are dads!

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June 17, 2005

Healthiest City

Study: San Jose Is Healthiest City

According to a new study from Bert Sperling's BestPlaces and vitamin-maker Centrum, the top five healthiest cities in the country are San Jose, California; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; the Seattle metro area; and Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. The five cities at the bottom are Orlando, Florida; the Cleveland metro area; Cincinnati; San Antonio and New Orleans. Full List.

The study considered five criteria in ranking the top 50 cities: mental wellness, lifestyle pursuits, physical activity, health status and diet.

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June 16, 2005


Because I am someone who has never had ANY luck getting anything to grow (other than some interesting mold specimins in the fridge) I am just totally enraptured by the plants we're growing on my balcony (yes, having a personal botanist is really a wonderfully delightful thing). I was extremely excited as soon as the first little shoots appeared, but now that they're actually FLOWERING, it's just too amazing!!


(ok, yes, I'm procrastinating from doing my cataloging homework and other work, but I wanted to post them while they're alive and doing well)

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Today Throws a Wedding

Aunt Judy wrote to suggest I apply to the Today Throws a Wedding. Of course, I am a HUGE fan of the segment -- Lisa and I have been watching and comparing notes each week every summer that it has aired. But sadly, we are not eligible to apply because of the requirement that both parties have valid United States passports. It certainly would have been a wonderful way to deal with the wedding planning though... and I'll certainly be watching it!

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June 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Phil

Happy birthday today to Phil!

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June 14, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/14

A relatively quiet 4 hours on J. Some of the questions/requests tonight:

storytime questions (phone call)
computer questions
Life or Something Like It
music for kids
Captain Underpants
paper x3
The Alamo (2004 film)
learn to draw
summer reading questions x4
5th grade boy who liked Roald Dahl
Lemony Snicket #6
O Brother Where..
JP Fox
Perfect Princess, Meg Cabot
book on tape with bird in title (Homeless Bird)
Tale of Despereaux
math and English
Star Wars books
June B Jones
Child Called It and The Lost Boy
Fantasia 2000
In the Ice Caves of Krog
The Search for the Dragon...
The Isles of Mists
The Riddle of Zorfendorf Castle
Wizard or Witch?

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Nope, didn't feel it

There was an impressive sounding 7.0 earthquake tonight around 7:50pm off the coast of CA, but we didn't feel it at all at the library. Someone did call one of the other librarians about it so we quickly checked the web site and learned about the dramatic tsunami warning (issued for coastal areas from the California-Mexico border to the northern tip of Vancouver in Canada! but called off about an hour after the quake hit) Thanks Dad & Jane for calling to check on me :)

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June 13, 2005

Didn't cost as much

According to a piece in today's Gilroy Dispatch, Library ballot: A million-dollar mistake by Matt King:

The partially-successful all-mail ballot to fund the county library system cost more than $1 million less than the county registrarís original projection. Initially forecast to cost $1.8 million, the ballot came in at less than $700,000, a 61 percent savings. And while the cost of the election became a campaign issue, library officials and supporters said Friday they donít think a more accurate projection would have meant victory for the measure that failed.


Thursday, the JPA adopted its budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Libraries in Gilroy and Morgan Hill will maintain the same operating hours and will continue to be closed Sundays and Mondays. The vote did restore more than $400,000 annually to systemís books and materials budget.
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Trip Photos

More photos from my trip:

We popped into Staples on Friday to see how the construction was going. They've built a new three story building in front of the old school and it connects with the auditorium, cafeteria, and field house. WWPT and the TV studio were just getting ripped out and will move to the 4 building. It still has a ways to go, but is quite cool (but very disorienting) We saw Mr. H and Dr. K, but there aren't many others that I recognized.


Saturday night was the Zombie Jam, the big final Beachside Express and Harbor Blues concert. Eduard was fantastic -- I'll try to convert the video clips I took.

The current exhibit at the Historical Society includes some of my grandparents' old uniforms. That's grandpa's navy uniform on the left and my grandmother's red cross volunteer uniform.

Got to see Maria's very cool new house -- and Katy happened to be in town as well -- so I got to tell them my news in person.

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June 11, 2005

Mom's Roses

Mom is understandably very proud of her lovely roses.

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More family clippings

Mom's mentioned in this article from New Jersey's Asbury Park Press:

A curtain rises in Connecticut
Asbury Park Press - Asbury Park,NJ,USA
... "But people like Ann Sheffer (a member of the board of directors),
rolled up their sleeves and got the job done," Woodward said. ...

I took some photos of the Playhouse yesterday that I'll post later. It's going to be such a wonderful place (it always was, but now there is a real lobby and nice restrooms, much more comfortable seats and other refinements)

And cousin Peter's here in Newsweek:
A Little Bit Louder, Please
June 6, 2005, Newsweek, U.S. Edition
By David Noonan
Even pediatricians have been known to develop hearing problems after years spent around crying babies. When you combine the excessive noise they have experienced at work, home and play with the natural effects of aging, boomers end up on the receiving end of what Dr. Peter Rabinowitz at the Yale School of Medicine calls a "double whammy that makes people much more symptomatic."
(also picked up in a ton of other publications)
He's also doing some very cool work on Animals as Sentinels of Human Environmental Health Hazards

And Jonathan had another piece in PlaybillArts
Founder Jonathan Sheffer Details Eos Orchestra's End
By Ben Mattison
05 Jun 2005

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June 09, 2005

Eduard & Natasha's Graduation

Congratulations to Eduard and (cousin) Natasha on their graduation from GFA!









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June 08, 2005

Heading East

I'm off for a quick trip to CT. I'll get there right in time (hopefully) for Eduard's graduation tomorrow morning. It turns out the graduation speaker is my old college prez Tom Gerety... Of course the last time I heard him speak was at my college graduation where it absolutely POURED rain (so much so that everyone's grandparents melted and so everyone's families went inside to hang out in Valentine (the dining hall) while our poor class sat there and watched our robes and programs disintegrate into big puddles -- but of course the speakers were under cover, so they went on and on and on.... I'm really hoping the graduation weather curse has run its course by now. The weather forecast isn't entirely reassuring:

Mostly sunny in the morning...then partly cloudy with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Highs in the mid 80s. Lows in the mid 60s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Anyway, that's where I'll be if anyone's looking for me -- or if anyone is in the area and wants to swing by.

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June 07, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/7

6 hours J today. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Peter Minuit
Cardcaptor Sakura
classics on tape
2,000 [sic] Leagues Under the Sea
My Blue Boat
Railway Children on tape
Jesse Bear
Power Rangers x2
videos about cars
hot wheels
Dora the Explorer
Where the Red Fern Grows
books about learning to draw x2
My Fire Engine
Hero's Song
use AIM on the library computers? (unfortunately no)
books in Spanish
Freak the Mighty
Spanish dictionary
The Grouchy Ladybug
My Five Senses
gene mutations
Chicken Soup for the ...
Shark Tale
Fantasia 2000
Blue Planet video series
Messenger (Lowry)
summer reading club questions x5 (sign ups start June 21)
Japanese comics
Sailor Moon videos
biographies in the "Who Was..." series
Michael Jordan
Spy Kids series
toddler books
Did I just turn this DVD in or is this a different one?
Guinness World Records 2005
Start Wars novelizations of movies
Bailey School Kids series
Scooby Doo cartoons
house remodeling
comic books
Food Chain Frenzy
mysteries where you get clues to solve (like the Clue series which we don't carry)

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Big News!

I was trying very hard to keep this a secret until I was home in CT Thursday in front of a large chunk of my family, but I'm absolutely bursting to tell so I'm just going to jump in right here and tell you all at once. (I'm at work until 9pm tonight, so there's no point in calling until tomorrow if you have a reaction that isn't fit to comment here). :)

Shachar proposed.
I said yes (of course!)
and we're engaged.

But I don't have answers yet to any of the other questions you're likely to ask.

I'm very very very very very very very happy and excited.

Love you all -


Saved Comments:



Posted by: pjm at June 7, 2005 05:32 PM

Hooray! *mwah*

Posted by: Emy at June 7, 2005 06:19 PM



Posted by: Ilona at June 7, 2005 07:14 PM

Great news! Mazel Tov. We are thrilled.

Posted by: Dad and Jane at June 7, 2005 07:35 PM

Wonderful news. I'm very happy for you. Congratulations!

Posted by: Janice at June 7, 2005 08:03 PM


Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a huge, continuing, unabated, enthusiastic and genuine welcome to Shachar!

This is good stuff, real good stuff............

Posted by: Mom & Bill at June 7, 2005 08:16 PM

Yay Emily!! That's awesome!!!

Posted by: Liz at June 7, 2005 08:49 PM

Hie Emily


this is Shachar's sister, Sharon

I am so happy to hear about you two.

I am happy that you make Shachar happy

I hope to see you both soon when I will come to visit.


Posted by: sharonshemtov at June 7, 2005 09:04 PM

Ya Emily!!!!! :)

Posted by: Betty at June 8, 2005 04:59 AM

I KNEW IT !!!!!!!

when were how ?????

There's not a soul who deserves happiness more than you! Here's to a fabulous engagement, a wonderful fiancť and a little bit of jewish folk dancing in the not too distant future...


Posted by: hanna at June 8, 2005 06:47 AM

Congratulations! That's outstanding!

Posted by: Dan at June 8, 2005 09:49 AM

We could NOT be happier for you both! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! K & B

Posted by: Karen & Brian at June 8, 2005 12:28 PM


Posted by: lisa kimball at June 8, 2005 01:46 PM

Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto,ditto,ditto,ditto,ditto,


Posted by: Uncle Doug & Barbi at June 8, 2005 02:01 PM

Wow! Great news - I assume he is a Democrat.

Posted by: Steve Teicher at June 8, 2005 02:27 PM

Super - He is a Democrat...right?

Posted by: Steve Teicher at June 8, 2005 02:30 PM

Just found out from hanna ! What wonderful news. We are so happy for you both and hope to see you over the summer. I absolutely adore going to weddings and this one is going to be great. Johanna told me that we'll learn to do the circle dance correctly. Love you Emily. By for now.

Posted by: linda and richard at June 8, 2005 03:16 PM

Congratulations, Emily. When we saw the two of you together in December, we all thought you were a perfect match -- same approach to the world, same sense of ethics, wonderful humor around each other. I am so happy for you both. Give my best wishes to the luckiest man in the world.

Posted by: john at June 8, 2005 03:36 PM

We met him in December too and we liked him right away. I should note that Emily worked with us at Apple some years ago and brought happiness to many.

Posted by: Steve Teicher at June 9, 2005 01:14 AM

Congratulations! And remember: don't ever let him give you a bag of dirt as a present!

Posted by: angela&barry cerf at June 9, 2005 04:36 AM

Yay! Mazel Tov! I'm so glad we got to meet him just a couple weeks ago. You two are sooooo cute together. I'm so happy for you!

Posted by: Heather at June 9, 2005 06:41 PM

Dear Emily and Shachar,

Mazel tov! We are so very excited for you and send all of our love and best wishes. Shachar, welcome to our family!

Love, Margaret and Alan and Grace and Devon

ps Thank goodness for blogs, or we might have waited weeks to hear this news!

Posted by: Margaret Gordon at June 9, 2005 08:29 PM

Sorry for the repetition, folks. I was getting error messages, so continued to try to repost. Or you could say I just got carried away by Emily's and Shachar's good news!

Posted by: Margaret Gordon at June 9, 2005 08:38 PM

Huzzah! Congratulations!

Posted by: Brett Peters at June 10, 2005 08:40 PM

Emily Shalom

Shachar called us this week (twice actually) with a strange announcement that he is getting married. ..(mmm....).

He also said something about a website with a chocolate and a spoon, so I checked it out and... found out that HE WAS RIGHT!!!!! - there was an Emily there with a great warm smile, who wrote that she is getting married to Shachar .

Mazal Tov to you, and good luck! (keep this wish with Shachar you need it...). You're probably aware of that you are about to marry a mule ... BUT a very kind one.

One day when he takes you to visit the land of holy we will probably get to meet, but in the meantime take a virtual hug from me (Nava), Jonathan (my sweeter half) and Rainy (our daughter). We are friends of Shachar from Sde-Boqer and he actually was my wintness before I got married as well as the holder of our HUPA canopy , as well as a good friend and a great cook.

and one last comment - Shachar isn't a democrat; for all I know he may be considered an anarchist ...

Wish you lots of fun moments together!


Posted by: Nava Beja at June 19, 2005 06:19 AM

Congratulations, Emily! Just got wind of your engagement from Lisa K. What fantastic news!


Posted by: Darin McKeever at June 21, 2005 10:23 AM

dear Emily & Shachar!

mazal tov

brucha haba'a


i am very happy

soon we will meet

and will be a family .

with all my love -

Shachar's mother

Posted by: shulamit shem tov loewy at June 26, 2005 10:43 AM


This is Shachar's friend Anna. I am overjoyed that the 'right girl' came along for him- I look forward to meeting you, Emily, for you must be very special indeed. I'm super-impressed by the Blog- especially all the outpouring of love and support by so many. I wish you both endless years of happiness together.

Posted by: Anna Sher at July 7, 2005 09:43 AM

Let me add my belated and heartfelt congratulations. I'll watch for you guys on the TODAY show ;)

All the best!


Posted by: Mark Lassoff at July 13, 2005 07:58 AM

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June 05, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/5

5 hours A, 3/4 of an hour J today. Sundays are always pretty zooey at this library and the new "time-out" computer software that signs people up to use the Internet was feeling particularly buggy today which didn't help. Here are some of the questions/requests:

books on tape
Barron's (now in the regular newspaper section and not with the business magazines, but it still says they're there in the catalog)
World Journal (chinese newspaper) x5
access for laptops? (no)
SAT Prep books
Opportunities in Retail Careers
language and linguistics
videos in Russian
horror movies
English language tapes
typing books
fiction, Danielle Steele, etc.
5th in a Chinese series
wedding showers
volunteer opportunities?
pronounciation of a Bengali movie title (as if I could be of any help there)
use earphones with the computer? (no)
showing people around (there were a TON of first-time users today)
paper x10
nursing test study guide
Life of Pi
California State University writing proficiency exam prep
Tuesdays with Morrie
complaint that someone was typing in the quiet study room (it is posted that you're not supposed to use laptops there)
business school rankings, finance speciality
print a SW boarding pass
interor decorating
Colin Powell
Toothpicks and Logos
The Inmates are Running the Asylum
20 Greatest Hits
Pomp & Circumstance on CD
Starlight Express CD
Cirque du Freak Series #2 (The Vampire's Assistant) and #3 (Tunnels of Blood)
rainbows (what colors)
music for kids
Hawaii Ultimate Guide
boyscout manuals
adult paperbacks
Da Vinci Code in Spanish (El Codigo Da Vinci)
housing boom article from Business Week (hurray for full text magazine archive searches)
learning English from Russian
listing of local ESL classes
Glacier National Park
computer science books (had a great conversation about different comp sci classes since the guy was pretty much working through my entire undergrad major course work -- algorithms, data structures, etc.)
Chinsil (Korean DVD)
reader's digest

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KTEH tonight

Yes, it's pledge time again on KTEH. Tonight I'll be the shader, so you won't catch any glimpses of me on camera. Tonight they'll be showing "Andre Rieu: Royal Albert Hall" (8-9:30) and then "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" (9:30-11)

Tomorrow I'll be there for "Andre Rieu: Royal Albert Hall" (again), "Amici Forever: In Concert" and "60's Experience", but it's a "virtual" shoot so I'll be the only camera person (so no shots of me).

I try to sign up for Friday nights so I can be there for Mystery, but this Friday I'll be in CT for Eduard's graduation weekend!

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Happy Birthday Lisa!

Happy birthday today to Lisa!!!

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June 04, 2005


We're going to call it Vered (ver-ed), which is Rose in Hebrew :)


I've never had a car with a name before, but Brian and Dad always name theirs and this one seems to deserve one. (The rose is from Filoli, which we were visiting this morning.) It was time for my little blue one to find a new home I'm afraid.

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June 01, 2005

How I Live Now

So Don the teen librarian at one of the libraries I sub at recommended this book and it had been creeping lower on my pile as new ones get added (especially when I realized I just had to read all those Garth Nix ones.) But I really did mean to get to it so I finally put it at the top of the pile and made myself start. He was (of course) right and this is a fantastic YA book and well deserving of its awards and acclaim -- I definitely would recommend it!

howilivenow.jpghowilivenowcover.jpghow i live now
by Meg Rosoff
Ages 12-up
Wendy Lamb Books, 2004
2005 Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in Young Adult literature.

15 year old Daisy leaves New York (where she's feuding with her step mother, refusing to eat, and spending a lot of time with shrinks) and moves to England to live with her aunt and cousins. Pretty much all hell breaks loose there (with enough heavy foreshadowing to keep you reading to find out what is going to happen). Its a family acceptance story, a love story, a war story (set in the near future but reads like WWI because really when the power goes out we're not that much different than we were), and a survival story.

But its the style that I loved. The writing is wonderful and flowing and Randomly Capitalized and really brings the whole thing and the great characters to life. This isn't a great example, but here's the first chapter to give you a taste:

My name is Elizabeth but no one's ever called me that. My father took one look at me when I was born and must have throught I had the face of someone dignified and sad like an old-fashioned queen or a dead person, but what I turned out life is plain, not much there to notice. Even my life so far has been plain. More Daisy than Elizabeth from the word go.

But the summer I went to England to stay with my cousins everythign changed. Part of that was because of the war, which supposedly changed lots of things, but I can't remember much about life before the war anyway so it doesn't count in my book, which this is.

Mostly everything changed because of Edmond.

And so here's what happened."

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I'm having trouble believing it's June again/already. Tomorrow's my first cataloging class (my last SLIS class... eek), the next KTEH pledge drive is this weekend, Eduard's graduating from HS next week so I'll be heading back East for a quick trip, I'm going to try to finally get down to San Diego to see Paul/Aimee/Seth this month, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants opened today (but I didn't go yet), lots of work to be done and the weather is of course pretty much perfect, I have a huge stack of books to read (including one that Mom just sent that I know BobbiLynn will want next)... Guess I'll just have to see what else turns up this month.

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