April 30, 2006

Uvas Canyon County Park

After napping through my previously scheduled Sunday activity (oops), I pulled myself together and S and I went exploring a bit of the area. While working on the map question yesterday on the reference desk, I noticed a huge park nearby to us so we mapped it out and visited.

Uvas Canyon County Park is only about 1/2 hour from our house and is absolutely gorgeous. We'll definitely be going back -- and to the even closer reservoir that we passed on the way.

uvas1.jpg  uvas2.jpg

There are tons of lovely parks in the county -- I'd love to go explore more of them! Driving around I was struck again about how really beautiful this area is -- you forget some times while stuck in traffic, but just a few minutes off the highway is some gorgeous countryside.

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April 29, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/29

4 hours A, 4 hours J. Weeded mysteries in between questions. Busy for some stretches but quiet overall (it was a gorgeous day outside). Here are some of the questions/requests:

book sale today? (no, first Saturday of each month)
new card not in Time Mgmt system
catalog computer? x3
Association (the musical group, sang Along Comes Mary)
Lizzie McGuire
WWE (not WWF) wrestling movies
computer crashed x2
can I download an application? (turned out to be a pdf of an application that she wanted to print, not one to download and run)
forgot pin x2
True Crime books
Elvis documentaries
Elvis country music CDs
author of Kay Scarpetti books?
help printing x2
check hold status
Sweet Home Alabama
build a volcano for science project
maps of our town and help making sense out of them
Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark
Spy Kids
Castle in the Sky
plain paper
Narnia, book 1
Zack Files
confirm class visit -- its not next Friday, we're closed all day
do the printers print in color? no
AR list
coloring pages, more flower ones
Draw 50...
what instrument is on the coloring sheet? (i think it was a lute)
California Gold Rush
Rosa Parks

mysteries I was tempted to take home while weeding but have too many books checked out already: Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia and Too Dead to Swing by Hal Glatzer.

Found while weeding:
2 receipts
1 amazon.com bookmark with the Groucho Marx quote about it being too dark inside of a dog to read

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April 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Carrie

Happy birthday today to Carrie!

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April 26, 2006

PAC for a Change - Support Diane

Today Barbara Boxer is inviting us to decide which Democratic House candidates her PAC for a Change should support next. The Democratic incumbent and the Democratic challenger receiving the most online votes will each be featured in a fundraising email to the PAC for a Change community -- which could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to their campaigns.

So please vote for your favorite Democratic House candidates now:


I'm supporting my home-town candidate Diane Farrell (CT-4) and hope you will too!

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April 25, 2006

Random Monsters?

14503_lg.jpgKaren seems to have unexpectedly received 2 monsters carrying off a garden gnome with my cell phone as the return address on the package. Its quite a mystery since I didn't order them... she's going to investigate further... I realize gnomes have a tendency to show up on their own places, but this may be the first random monster/gnome appearance? If you are responsible, please take credit :)

In other random news, I seem to have won a free book from the Tournament of Books wagering at coudal.com which was quite exciting for me.

Bonnie Toolah (what I'm calling her today -- toolah is short for cHatool -- which is cat in Hebrew) seems to be feeling a bit better today and played a good game of chase the little scrap of paper with S which was quite amusing to watch.

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April 23, 2006

Cat @ Home

Yay! S managed to adopt Bonnie and now she's home trying to get used to her new surroundings. Her favorite spot is under the coffee table, but has come out to visit us on the couch a couple of times. She has beautiful stripes!

And since Lisa asked in the comments below... yes, the guest room is all ready for people to come and visit us!

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Refgunt, 4/23

Here are some of the questions from 12-6 on the A desk (I finally found my notes and am adding these in a week late)

global warming
The Art of Loving
living wage
Escape from Freedom
Ranch-style interior design
Warren Buffett
the sequel to Terms of Endearment
Titan AE
scholarly articles arguing for Scott Peterson's innocence (???)
postings for bulletin board x2
Clinton's domestic policy
printing help
carport canopy reviews
interview strategies
Earth, Wind and Fire
Mortown DVD
gays in the military
readalives for A Breath of Snow and Ashes (tried Sarah Donati, recommended by a great article in Novelist, and a Revolutionary War mystery that looked like fun to him)
printer paper
World Journal
Lamaze DVD
Auditor-appraisal exam prep
environment effects of titanium mining
CPR videos
Lions by Susan Schafer
Bill Nye
Zeus: Master of Olympus PC game
Tech Museum history

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April 22, 2006

House Pictures, Part I

As promised, now that our internet connection works (though it is PAINFULLY slow making us glad we're planning to switch from DSL to cable modems next week), here are a couple of photos of the new house.

My very handy husband cutting the tile for the oven to fit, and cooking dinner once it is installed (yes, I know I'm very lucky!)

The main room of the house is split between the dining room and living room. You enter the front door into it and one end goes into the kitchen, the back into the master bedroom, and the side into the office. We really liked the layout of the place, the house we were renting was all hallways and this is one big central room with the other rooms off it so very little of the square feet are wasted.
I'll take some more photos in the daylight... there are clearly some more things to put into proper places, etc. but that may take us a while longer...

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CA593.6133315-1-pn.jpgWe're going to try to adopt a cat! We got to the shelter right before they closed and fell in love with Bonnie, so Shachar's going to go back tomorrow while I'm at work and see if we can adopt her. She got right onto my lap and started purring and of course I fell in love. She's an orange tabby and has a cold, but came from a good home (the owner had to move so had to give her up).

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April 21, 2006

Tech Volunteer Dinner

I briefly came out of my Tech volunteering retirement to attend tonight's annual volunteer recognition dinner because it is traditional for the previous year's winner to award the Inspirational Volunteer of the Year award. It was wonderful to see everyone and, as always, it was a really nice event --- better than usual actually because they sprang for entertainment (a barbershop quartet) and wine. This year's award went to Betty Gurka, an excellent choice!

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Book Group Expo

Oooh! This looks like fun: Book Group Expo San Jose. We just started a book group at work and one of our members sent around the link. I'm working 6/18, but definitely will try to go on 6/17.

Saturday, June 17 10A - 5P Sunday, June 18th 9A - 5P
San Jose McEnery Convention Center

If you thought book groups were just about reading books, THINK AGAIN! book group expo San Jose is designed for book group members as well as anyone who loves reading. This two day event is an innovation in bringing readers and authors together in an intimate and conversational way.

book group expo San Jose is a place where you can:

Meet (famous) authors. Eat chocolate. Attend lively discussions. Taste wine. Have your books signed. Sample desserts. Meet other serious readers. Watch live cooking demonstrations. Meet (not yet famous) authors. Savor fine tea. Browse books -- lots of books - to your heart's content. Listen to literati. Enjoy friends. Eat more chocolate. Learn about book groups and book clubs. Have fun. Serious fun.

And Tina and I were just talking about our old book group... it'd be fun to start that up again one day... There's nothing like sitting around with a bunch of interesting people talking about good books!

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Welcome distraction

If you need a little distraction from the work day, check out this great set of Sesame Street videos! I of course had to watch Mahna Mahna first off, and will have to save the rest for broadband at home... (via Lady Crumpet

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via mocoloco: comfy reading chair + built-in bookcase = really cool! (especially since using every inch of space for bookcase space is a good thing!)
Their other bookcases are cool too...

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Congrats to David and Sandy!

I just heard the news that my cousin David got engaged to his lovely girlfriend Sandy who we just recently met at our wedding. Congrats to them both! Yay!

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April 20, 2006

Sisters Rosensweig

Sisters-Rosensweig.jpgTina and I saw an excellent production of The Sisters Rosensweig at TheatreWorks. Its a very funny, wordy play about three sisters who meet up for the eldest's 54th birthday in London. The actors were excellent, the set fantastic and I laughed through the whole play.

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April 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Heather!

Happy birthday to Heather, part of the pre-wedding cookie baking team and Director of Health Education and Promotion at Emory these days!

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Seth Interviews Lisa

lookingforward.gifSeth Kahan, one of our favorite storytellers, has a new interview posted with Lisa. In his email to one of the storytelling in business mailing lists announcing the posting of the interview he writes:

I interview Lisa Kimball on the subject of "liberating structures" in the current issue of Looking Forward.

Lisa has been designing on-line learning events since before most of us knew the on-line world existed. She was a founding member of the Metasystems Design Group which began working with organizations such as Hewlett Packard, Merck, and the U.S. Army in the early 80s. The interview can also be read on the web, or downloaded for free, at http://www.sethkahan.com/Resources_0603KimballLisa.html

Cool (and great photo!)

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April 18, 2006


My last 2 weeks worth of mail seems to have zapped itself off my server today, probably since I haven't been able to pop it locally since we don't have net access at home (though S was able to get on through the neighbor's wifi last night) and I am probably over my server's quota. So if you wrote and haven't heard back from me, please drop me another line. Thanks.

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April 17, 2006

The move, cont.

Things are starting to shape up at the house. Saturday the oven (re)arrived and S cut through the cabinet to make room before realizing that the tile needed to be cut too. We bought a new grinding wheel for his saw and he cut through that as well and now we finally have an oven! Everything got completely covered with tile dust in the process so we cleaned the kitchen again and and threw everything in the dish washer. Sunday we mounted the TVs to the wall (not sure why, but it does save room) and got the Tivo hooked up (which never worked with the Direct TV at the last house but is very happy with cable so life is v.v. good). Still no internet at home and I have a lot of office boxes to deal with, but we're getting there!

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April 16, 2006

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

We hadn't been to the movies in ages, so we took a break from unpacking and saw Ice Age 2: The Meltdown at the theater down the street. Very cute -- we had liked the first one a lot and this was fun as well. Very satisfying movie going.

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April 15, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/15

A nice mix today -- 4 hours J, 4 hours A. Quiet in the morning but a busy afternoon with some major computer stresses (first the time management, then the print management). In between I selected new Easter books for next year (a huge number of popular ones are out of print though) Here are some of the questions/requests:

Ice Age
Chronicles of Narnia DVD (154 people on waiting list!)
country books on France (944)
returned book but still on their account
movies about frogs
printing problems
is D in?
Mary Kate and Ashley movies
Parent Trap
The Case of the Blue-Ribbon Horse
tax forms for an extension
what does "transit request" mean in catalog?
farming in Mesopotamia (great stuff in our Daily Life db)
UCLA catalog
Willmaker CD
Mary Higgings Clark - No PLace Like Home
help printing
how long a wait for a computer?
Malcolm X
Full Metal Alchemist DVDs
Christian Rap
Like Water for Chocolate (under DVD Spanish Como for Como Agua Para Chocolate)
Queen music or books about the group
Blaine Larsen CD
are the disk drives broken on both computers or just the one with the sign?
another word processing computer?
check book on hold
tax table and forms
get rid of decimals in excel cell?
word wrap problems in Word
microfiche of 1906 papers?
got library card stuck in copy machine (our copy machine doesn't actually take copy cards, and certainly not library cards, but she found a slot and tried)
major printing problems
patent books (had author's name spell wrong though)
why is word capitalizing things for me? (don't hit return, let it wrap itself)
Miracle Cure -- the one copy in the system is unavailable
Lamaze DVD
found memory card
help setting up microfilm machine, looking for 1906 earthquake coverage in local paper (but couldn't find any?!?!)

May 13th is the groundbreaking for the new building!

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April 14, 2006


via Fresh Arrival, I find these things utterly mesmerizing -- 12 minute collection of rube goldberg inventions from a Japanese TV show.)

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Another Moving Update

The carpets are now in so we can start setting up the office finally. They were 6 hours late which was a pain, but they look nice. I ended up taking the afternoon off to be there and made some good headway in setting up the kitchen.

In theory the DSL is supposed to work today but we're going to cancel it and switch to cable once the modem arrives. Last night's big project was switching the refrigerator that was there with the one we brought with us. The one they left has been leaking all over the floor because the built-in ice maker wasn't happy. This of course required taking the doors off to fit into the garage and dealing with the water supply, etc. so it was a pretty big production.

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April 12, 2006

Moving Update, cont.

Sorry, no photos of the house yet because there isn't much to see yet. I was starting to feel settled in and then we took all the furniture out of the office and bedroom and stacked it in the living room so we can replace the dark green carpets in those rooms tomorrow. Once things are moved back to their places I will try to get some photos up (once we get internet access back up at home that is -- at this point I think we're going to switch from DSL to cable so it may be an extra week until we're all set.)

Projects so far: the washing machine and dryer turned out to block the folding doors that hide them, so S took the doors off, moved the track they were on, and remounted them about an inch out and now magically you can close the doors (I was very impressed). S also installed the new dishwasher which was even more impressive since they don't come with a plug or anything, just a bunch of wires you have to figure out. He also replaced the shower heads and heater filter. It turns out that in order to install the oven we need an electrician to rewire something (in addition to having to cut through the cabinet) because the old oven was apparently hard-wired in so there's no way to plug in the new one. Carpet and electrician coming tomorrow, new stove redelivered on Saturday, phone service should be up today, cable modem and service in 7-10 days. I think that's it for now.

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Matzo Man

Passover starts tonight -- we're heading to Seder at Margaret and Alan's (with my chocolate toffee matzah of course -- made in the toaster oven since we still don't have our real oven, which now seems to require an electrician as well as sawing through the cabinet). Jane sent along this cute flash piece called Matzo Man to get us in the mood.

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April 11, 2006

Arts Meeting

Nice photo of Mom looking very serious at this arts meeting featured on WestportNow: Arts Community Gathers for Discussion.

Ann Sheffer, who is involved with a number of arts-related organizations, said there could be a system like the Town Hall e-mail list, which sends meeting notices to those who are interested.

“Not everyone looks at a Web site every day,” she said.

It’s a question of how to reach those who are the busiest, she said.

“They are too busy and don’t read the newspaper or get to it days later,” she said.

I hope they remember to add in an RSS feed for the site -- you shouldn't have to go to look at a web site every day. You should be able to subscribe to it and have the information you want automatically come to you (and not just in your in-box because some of us refuse to sign up for any more email news alerts since our in-boxes are already overrun with spam and we'd much rather get the updates in our feed reader -- Bloglines for me!)

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How Geeky?

According to the Newsweek Quiz:

Your score is 44
30 to 60: Heading to Geekdom

hmmm... to be really geeky I think I need a camera phone, play more war craft and watch different movies...

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April 10, 2006

Dad in the news again

Thank you to Jane for sending along a new press clipping featuring Dad. He was interviewed for this article and is quoted extensively: How to punish young killers is an agonizing dilemma

Those involved in these two current cases can't talk, even about the philosophical issues, while trials are pending. So I asked Seattle lawyer Jay Reich what he thought.

Reich, who is in private practice, was once the chief criminal deputy of the King County Juvenile Court. And he helped to write the current code under which we prosecute kids.

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Moving Update

The move on Saturday went amazingly well -- the weather (after a solid month of rain) was absolutely perfect and gorgeous that day (it was back to rain on Sunday) and a bunch of Shachar's colleagues from work came to help so everything went quickly and smoothly. The only snag was the oven, which turned out not to fit in the space so we'll try again next week (we were going to trade it for a different model, but in the end decided to cut through the cabinet so they'll redeliver our same cool one next Saturday). We should get phone service (in theory) today, but no DSL until Friday. Many more boxes to unpack, but its already starting to fell like home.

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April 09, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/9

A lot of fun today on the desk -- got to work on a cute craft project for the upcoming volunteer thank you party (little hands holding a thank you message), met a new intern and got to chat with her about life on the desk (and came away with some great restaurant recommendations from her), had a couple of good reader's advisory queries, a long conversation with a fellow Connecticut-transplant, etc. Here are some of the questions/requests from the day (4 hours J, 2 hours A)

Caroline Cooney paperbacks
Earth Day picture books
self-check machine problem
Intuit taxonomy job -- where should she look for candidates (I suggested SLA)
Buzz Lightyear (the kid was so excited you could hear him saying Buzz, Buzz, Buzz for ages after finding the book)
Elmo books x2 (and we didn't have any)
Red Scarf Girl
poetry books like Silverstein
Magic Treehouse
SAT Prep
Powerpoint 2003 (they were all out, but there are two ebooks available so she was going to try them from home)
books on CD
confirm password on print mgmt question
Room Service (Marx brothers)
Teen biography section
Red Lexus with the door open
Beloved on CD
Snow Falling on Cedars on video
Age of Empires II
funny books for a 3rd grader
fantasy books, had read all the HPs, Redwalls, Pullmans, etc. Wouldn't try Charlie Bone (my new fav), Gave him some Nix and a Pendragon to try
Lassie Come Home
Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy
mysteries for a third grader (didn't want any of the fun suggestions I made though :( )
importance of movie sound effects
problem DVD return
how many computers do we have (about 21 on the adult side for people to access the internet from)

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April 08, 2006

Moving Day!

Time to pack up the computer so I'm signing off... hopefully the rain will stay away for most of the day so we can get the move done.

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April 07, 2006

Knitting Page

I love this knitting page the library put up with pictures of some of the many knitting librarians and their favorite picks! Very fun!

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April 06, 2006

More Good GI Library Publicity

Another nice article about our library system - this time on the Gilroy library:

Library Turns a Page
Thursday, April 06, 2006
By Marty Cheek, Special to the Dispatch

Lani Yoshimura, Gilroy's community librarian, believes 21st century library customers want activities as well as books. Events for kids as well as adults help foster a fun and friendly environment, she said.
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April 05, 2006


We got the keys tonight to our new place!!! Moving day is Saturday!

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April 04, 2006

Wedding Video

weddingvideoclip.jpgFor those of you who really want to see, there's a short video of our wedding now available on the wedding site. The format is a bit weird since I had trouble converting from what they sent me, but hopefully at least one of the links will play for most of you and not crash your browser (if you can't get it to work and you'd like to see it, let me know and I'll try again.)

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Ok, so I know I'm not actually cool and hip enough to count as a "grup" (I certainly don't listen to the right music anyway), but I found this article from New York Magazine on Up With Grups really fascinating (since I don't usually feel very grown up).

This cohort is not interested in putting away childish things. They are a generation or two of affluent, urban adults who are now happily sailing through their thirties and forties, and even fifties, clad in beat-up sneakers and cashmere hoodies, content that they can enjoy all the good parts of being a grown-up (a real paycheck, a family, the warm touch of cashmere) with none of the bad parts (Dockers, management seminars, indentured servitude at the local Gymboree). It’s about a brave new world whose citizens are radically rethinking what it means to be a grown-up and whether being a grown-up still requires, you know, actually growing up.
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New Bond Coming

Things are starting to get moving for Proposition 81. According to the news, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to support a library bond measure that if passed by voters in June would provide $600 million in state money to fund library construction and renovation projects in California.

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April 03, 2006


Via Research Buzz comes a cool Archive Grid. According to the description:

ArchiveGrid is an important destination for searching through historical documents, personal papers, and family histories held in archives around the world.

Thousands of libraries, museums, and archives have contributed nearly a million collection descriptions to ArchiveGrid. Researchers searching ArchiveGrid can learn about the many items in each of these collections, contact archives to arrange a visit to examine materials, and order copies.

ArchiveGrid is available to both individuals and institutions free of charge through May 31st. If additional grants funds or sponsorship are obtained, ArchiveGrid will remain free of charge; otherwise subscriptions will be available for institutions and individuals alike.

So, naturally, I tried out some queries and here are some of the things I learned:

Aaron Rabinowitz business records, 1938-1980 are at the Cornell University Libary. You can even see the container list of what is included (of course this was one of the top google hits for him anyway, so its not a new find) I wonder though what "The White Block" was?

Mary Steichen Calderone Papers. Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College were apparently "Accessioned From Aaron and Clara Rabinowitz Greenhut" or possilbly paid for by the "Aaron and Clara Rabinowitz Greenhut Fund" but I can't find any other mention of a connection there and one of the pages is broken.

and I bet there's tons more to discover...

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April 02, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/2

Happy National Library Week (4/2-/4/8)!
3 hours J, 3 hours A on today's rainy Sunday. Here are some of the questions/requests:

new library card
books on chess
audio media section
info on the House Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management
help printing
large type section
Twelfth Night
sunny days/year by city in California
sign on help
cancel computer reservation
hours for Streetlight Records in SJ
Homelink Readers
Nell Brinkley
help with computer reservations
phonemic awareness
help logging in
Bill Moyers videos
1040 EZ form
catalog search x3 (there really need to be more dedicated catalog terminals)
Cuban missile crisis
end of the cold war
help printing from online tutorial
where are the audio books
help printing
King Lear on CD
The Namesake on CD
Hawk Highway in the Sky
Weird Stories from the Lonesome Cafe
dragon books for 4th and 2nd grader
The Book of Dragons
Owl Moon
Harald and the Great Stag
Dragon Keeper
Magician's Apprentice
Sky High
books about animals
missing wallet
phone call for staff member
Wringer by Jerry Spinelli
forgot PIN
Holocaust books
Among the Hidden
Golden Compass
Dale Carnegie books on CD
books on CD
The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945
trouble logging in
when do we get wireless?
weird computer errors
directions to a place down the street
rubber band

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April 01, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/1

After a long stretch away, I was back on the J-desk today (7 hours, plus 45 minutes on the A side) Worked on restocking the toddler board book collection from best-of lists, etc. Here are some of the questions/requests:

coloring pages
Wiggles video
more copies of the knight coloring sheet
eraser x3
The Princess Test
scissors x3
how do you spell pimp
science experiments on motors and electricity
potty training books
Barney books
Thomas and Friends books
board books
picture books
paper x2
use the phone
use the kids computer (sorry, out of order)
help logging on (why in the world does it make you click "finish" to start)
getting to games online
Jackson AR list
spell Wednesday
help getting disk out of drive (it was already out)
fairy tales for 6th grader
earth day jokes (harder than I thought!)
Final Destination
Fantastic 4
Feingold Diet
printer out of paper
max # of books you can check out?
forgot pin
Monterey Bay Asian art
help with catalog
more truck coloring sheets
help with printing x2
colonial hats
Nordstrom AR list, level 5 books on animals
Beetles, Lightly Toasted
black rhinos
Cesar Chavez

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