August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Paul S.

Happy birthday today to Paul (S)!

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Dragons and Spies

A quick note about 2 more books listened to:

Scorpia (Alex Rider Adventure)
Scorpia is the fifth book in the Alex Rider series of books by British author Anthony Horowitz. Raven's Gate (The Gatekeepers) (Gatekeepers, The). I haven't read any of the others in the series, but really like the character of Alex Rider and would be tempted to pick up the others.

A Gift of Dragons
A series of short pieces by Anne McCaffrey, which for some reason reminded me ot the characters in City of Ember... Very nice dragon tales and also tempting to keep going with others in her Pern series...

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August 30, 2006

Paperback Book Swap

book_stack.jpgIf anyone is interested in being part of a paperback book swap (you know, its like a chain letter, you send one book to the person on the top of the list and send the list to six people, and if all goes well you end up with 36 books) please let me know. Last time I tried to participate in one of these (dish towels!) none of my friends followed through so I didn't get any towels back. So if you want to play along, leave me a comment or send me an email and I'll send out all the details. How can you resist getting 36 interesting books from all over sent to you for the price of one book that you've already bought and read. Thanks!

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Google Book Search

Ooh fun! More PDFs of public-domain books through Google now.

Google Book Search

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August 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Blog!

I almost forgot to wish my blog a happy 3rd birthday. A lot has changed in my life since Aug 29, 2003. Thank you for coming along on the ride!


~2070 entries and 756 comments later, I'm still loving being a blogger!

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Its our 2 year anniversary today of our first date. We went out to dinner last night to celebrate at the restaurant we went to Aug 20, 2004, Maurizio's (like we did last year as well.)

It was a perfect summer day yesterday. We rode our bikes to the library and the farmer's market (where we stocked up on stawberries, blackberries, rhasberries and herbs for the garden -- including catnip! -- and we even saw someone we knew at the market!) Small delay on the way home at the bike store to get a flat tire repaired (luckily its on the way home anyway), then I finshed off Francesca Lia Block's wonderful new book Ruby and we watch A Knights Tale on TV before heading off to our dinner out. Lovely Saturday.

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VH1 Save The Music Foundation Board of Directors

Congrats to [Uncle] Jonathan who has been appointed to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation Board of Directors.

According to the press release, "The VH1 Save The Music Foundation has appointed men's fashion designer John Varvatos and acclaimed composer and conductor Jonathan Sheffer to its board of directors, it was announced today by Tom Calderone, Chairman, VH1 Save The Music Foundation and General Manager, VH1."

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving elementary school children of all backgrounds and diversities. In its capacity as a public charity, the Foundation operates in affiliation with, but separately from, VH1 the cable music channel.

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August 27, 2006

Sunday Lunch

We had some friends over and had one of those long relaxed lunches that go all afternoon. We served Moroccan chicken and quinoa, stuffed eggplant, red peppers stuffed with baby tomatoes and feta, a lovely salad, sundried tomato foccacia and herb bread, and a wonderful blueberry cheese cake.
Bonnie wasn't so sure about having guests over...

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August 26, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Another lovely Saturday here. We rode our bikes to the farmers market again, did some other errands, took a nap, and then went to see 10m.jpgLittle Miss Sunshine late this afternoon. Its a very funny family road trip movie with a pretty crazy family of characters.

The movie's web site is great and takes advantage of YouTube, MySpace page, Wikipedia, 43 Things and all sorts of other good social networking features.

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New books by authors I love

There are so many new books right now by some of my favorite authors!

Mom sent me The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde (which of course I had to jump into immediately -- not a Thursday Next, but the NCD ones are still a lot of fun)
Jennifer Weiner's The Guy Not Taken: Stories is out (and you can see a video of her reading from it on her MySpace page! - how cool is that!)
And a new Sujata Massey, Girl in a Box is due out soon
Plus, a new Dorothy Cannell, Withering Heights: An Ellie Haskell Mystery, but not until next April it looks like...

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August 25, 2006

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August 24, 2006

Read for the Record

Today is the day when we're all supposed to Read for the Record!

  • Tens of thousands of adults and young children will read The Little Engine That Could together in their homes, libraries, parent groups, preschool centers and major public venues on August 24 to show support for early learning, engage in the very practice that helps young children thrive, and set a world record.
  • A special edition of The Little Engine That Could, custom published by Penguin and generously printed gratis by Pearson, will celebrate Jumpstart’s Read for the Record campaign and share with you important tips for making the most of reading time with young children. The custom limited edition of The Little Engine That Could is available exclusively at Starbucks from August 1 – 28.

Brian and Karen are in San Antonio, where she will be the Jumpstart representative at an event with over 600 children (and simulcast to the schools with 30,000 more children) reading The Little Engine That Could together with state representatives, local celebrities, and much to Brian's liking, the Coyote mascot from the Spurs.

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August 23, 2006

links for 2006-08-23

Here are some other examples: Lipstick Ranch, Elizabeth Frank
And someone using one for thread storage

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August 21, 2006


Our City Council is considering a potential amendment to the City's Redevelopment Plan. There was a Town Hall Meeting tonight where the City Manager and Redevelopment consultant presented the proposed amendment and received public input. It was a fascinating meeting -- I learned that I have a latent desire to be a commercial real estate developer (hmmm, must be there in my blood), I'm a big fan of redevelopment projects, and that people in town can totally surprise you with their questions and comments in an open forum (goodness - nothing like the idea of eminent domain to get a room excited!).

I've always loved the idea of city planning. Brian and I used to design whole cities (I didn't play house, I played newspaper or city.. we had a great set of toys called Majoland or something that had all the pieces for a town (I think we got it when we were in France for the summer, probably c.1984), plus the awesome Fabuland lego set that I adored (my town had extensive mail service to all the buildings). We even used to rewrite the rules of Life when we played so that the town could assess taxes (did I mention we were strange)?

Anyway, its not surprising that I'm drawn to a meeting like tonight's town hall forum. It really is fascinating stuff.

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August 20, 2006

Send Off

Best of luck to Jean who departs this week on her new adventures -- first a drive across the country and then a new academic librarian job (we're hoping she'll blog from there, hint hint) Lisa, Jean and I had dinner after her last shift at the library. I already miss our Sundays there together!

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South County Dems

Got a chance to meet some of the local democratic candidates at the South County Democrats annual BBQ this afternoon. Here we are with District Attorney candidate Karyn Sinunu
Our congressional candidate Jerry McNerney, Salinas Mayor Anna Caballero who is running for State Assembly in District 28 (we're in 27)

The BBQ was at a local park with a fantastic barn:

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Save Your Space

This group is working to get 1million signatures in one month opposing DOPA. Take a second and sign on:

The U.S. House of Representatives has already approved the bill banning social networking sites. Now the bill goes to the Senate and eventually President Bush. Stop them. The HR5319 bill would even ban websites that are used for positive, professional and social experiences. SAVE YOUR SPACE. Go to and take action now.

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More books

Some of the recent books I've been reading or listening to:

Hit the Road by Caroline B. Cooney

A great intergenerational YA book where a teen and her grandmother hit the road and run into all sorts of trouble. A really fun read.

The Photograph by Penelope Lively

It reminded me a bit of The Accidental, but that may be just the British family theme.

Jingo by Terry Pratchett
We loved Thud! A Novel of Discworld so much that we had to listen to this one too.

Blue Shoes and Happiness

The most recent in the The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, always a treat to read.

Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado and Vince Rause

This month's book club pick at our work book club. Definitely not one that I would have picked up on my own (but of course that's the whole point of our book club). I really enjoyed it though and am glad I read it! I've never read Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors (Avon Nonfiction) or even seen the movie, but knew the basics of the story of course.

Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin and Heidi Toffler

Only managed to get through 1/2 of the CDs before I had to return it, but there are some interesting ideas in there about prosumers and the changing economy.

The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs

Hanna recommended this one and I have to say it's a strage one. Maternal taxidermy and things. Hmm...


I just love Block's lyrical style. The subject matter is always pretty intense, I love the way magic is woven in. Yum.

Now I'm listening to Gatekeepers: Ravens Gate (After Words) a fantastic scary fantasy and will probably start our next book club pick, Gate of the Sun.

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Its our 2 year anniversary today of our first date. We went out to dinner last night to celebrate at the restaurant we went to Aug 20, 2004, Maurizio's (like we did last year as well.)

It was a perfect summer day yesterday. We rode our bikes to the library and the farmer's market (where we stocked up on stawberries, blackberries, rhasberries and herbs for the garden -- including catnip! -- and we even saw someone we knew at the market!) Small delay on the way home at the bike store to get a flat tire repaired (luckily its on the way home anyway), then I finshed off Francesca Lia Block's wonderful new book Ruby and we watch A Knights Tale on TV before heading off to our dinner out. Lovely Saturday.

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August 18, 2006


via cheekyattitude, an awesome music video on treadmills that totally just made my day.

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

And she's right, its hard to not want to watch it again...

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August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Darren

Happy birthday today to Darren!

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, September 12th.

The cast of MTV's Fast, Inc. just sent out a great endorsement email about him.

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August 16, 2006

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August 15, 2006

Chris Botti

p55795otbng.jpgI'm not usually so easily star struck, but I think I'm going to be a big-time fan of Chris Botti after watching him in the studio tonight at KTEH (I was on camera one tonight for the live shoot, 7-9). It was an amazing concert (with guests like Sting) and the guy was really wonderful in the studio -- he even played happy birthday on his trumpet when someone called in with a pledge and told us it was her birthday. (And yes, he's a total heart throb in person)

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New job!

I'm very excited to report that I received an offer today for a real position at the company I work for (as opposed to being a contractor, which I have been there since January). The position is a little different from what I have been doing, but is still within the same team of great people that I work with now. I'll be the program manager for the market research portal that I have been working on for the past year and a half, and have more of a chance to promote the site throughout the company, survey users, conduct trainings and drive the site's future evolution (as well as the other information services our team provides like a blog, library, custom inquiry work, etc.) Woo hoo!!!

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I found out at the commission meeting last night that the library seems to have received the grant I helped with to "Get Tech at the Library." (I had written the original version for my Fund Development class in library school) I don't see any information about it yet on the California State Library site, but am hoping they make a big splash about it soon. I am so excited that the library and the Tech Museum will be working together on some things, plus there were all sorts of other pieces like scifi bookclubs for tweens that I hope made it into the final version. Congrats to them!

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August 13, 2006

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August 12, 2006

Mike de Beer, 1973-2006

In other sad news today, I just learned that a wonderful guy I went to college with and who I worked with in a number of campus organizations died suddenly last week from a heart attack. Mike de Beer was an amazing guy, always working to fight social injustice somewhere in the world. There are postings about him and his work here and here and he leaves a large hole in the world.

I have a framed photo of some of my Amherst friends from 1997 -- he's there in the center back row, always the tallest in any photo.

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Friends of the Library Volunteer Reception

Stopped by the lovely volunteer appreciation reception at the library and saw the usual gang of favorite library-supporter types. They did a really lovely job with the event -- we each got to choose a new book that was being added to the collection and put a book plate with our name in it. I chose one with chocolate recipes.


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Counter Rally

We joined the hundreds of people in SF this morning as part of the counter-rally to the march going on there.

News coverage:
SF Gate: Dueling Middle East war protests in San Francisco

And sadly, just as we were returning from SF, we received a phone call with tragic news from Israel, the first person Shachar directly knew killed in this current round of fighting. Our thoughts go out to their family and to all the people we know serving there now, including a few just called up from the reserves last week.

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August 10, 2006

Scenes from ZeroOne

I worked my second shift at the ZeroOne art exhibition tonight. Tuesday I was in the South Pavillion of the convention center and was a bit dissapointed, but today I was assigned to the Art Museum and there is great stuff going on there. Of course I was immediately reassigned to help out with the skate board piece over in the Tech's courtyard, but the artist packed up early so I went back to the museum. The highlight (of both shifts, but I was so tired Tuesday my brain didn't make the connection until it was too late), was that Spinnity and her husband were there!


I would definitely recommend checking out the exhibits at the art museum. I'm still hoping to swing by and see the stuff at the city hall if I can...

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August 09, 2006

Chocolates to soldiers

Send Your Hug to the IDF Soldiers. You can send your wishes and HAS Advantage and Strauss-Elite will add chocolate to help sweeten their day. Click to send your own personal hug to the troops. It’s free!


Our thoughts here are with Tomer (stationed on the border) and everyone else over there...

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August 08, 2006

Tagged! The Fives Meme

I've was tagged by cheeky attitude ages ago on this but never finished and posted it, so here ya go:

Five items in my freezer

  1. bagels
  2. pizza
  3. the remains of the first frozen yogurt I tried to make in the ice cream maker that didn't really work enough to want to eat all of
  4. Healthy Choice Fudge Bars
  5. salmon

Five items in the closet: (front hall closet)

  1. first aid kit
  2. basketball
  3. ice cream maker
  4. umbrella
  5. vacuum cleaner

Five items in the car:

  1. earthquake kit they gave us at a job I had 5 years ago (hmm, I should check that its still ok)
  2. empty diet coke cans
  3. lots of used mapquest direction printouts
  4. maps
  5. national park guides

Five items in my backpack:
(err, laptop bag)

  1. work laptop
  2. ethernet cable (after how hard it was to stay connected to the wireless at BlogHer I've decided to pack one)
  3. digital camera
  4. checkbook
  5. a letter I forgot to mail (ooh, better go mail that now)

Five people I tag:

  1. Emy
  2. Spinnity
  3. Squinxx
  4. surprise me
  5. surprise me

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August 06, 2006

NY Times on ZeroOne

Nice full-page piece on the upcoming ZeroOne San Jose art festival kicking off here tomorrow:

At ZeroOne, Paintings Are So Last Century

Unfortunately we have plans this afternoon so I am going to miss the volunteer orientation (oops), but I'll be there being a docent Tuesday and Thursday nights (though I'm not sure yet on which of the exhibitions). I'm hoping to go to SpecFlic on Wednesday night since its about the library of the future, but am not sure that I can do that many late nights downtown in a row during a work week (its 9:30PM - midnight at the main SJ library)

Related is this press release announcing a new vision for downtown San
Jose that transforms it into Silicon Valley's City Center -- where art,
culture and technology intersect to create a world class urban experience. More at 1st Act Silicon Valley.

and completely unrelated ... I have to say I love the look of the new muppet on the article on the other side of the page in the Times this morning. Abby Cadabby is adorable!

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August 05, 2006

Centennial Day Community BBQ

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Morgan Hill, there are events planned all year. Today was the Centennial Day Community Bar-B-Q and Birthday Party, held at the community & cultural center. We volunteered and were assigned to the ticket book from 4-6, where it was super busy with people buying tickets for BBQ, wine and beer (as well as commemorative wine glasses). The highlight was a 2pm when they had everyone line up on chalk lines spelling out 100 and we were photographed by a helicoptor. Of course the helicoptor was running late, so there were about 15 minutes of time-killing exercises led by the woman on stilts, including the chicken-dance and YMCA.


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August 04, 2006

Renaissance Fair Phone Ops

Its pledge time again at KTEH. I worked Camera 2 on the 6:30-11pm shift tonight and had a great time. The volunteers answering the phone were all players from the Northern California Renaissance Fair and they all came in full costume. The fair runs weekends from September 9th-October 15th (10am-6pm). I've always wanted to go and this year I'm definitely going to make a bigger effort to get there! They must have so much fun doing it -- though I could see how it could be a hobby that would eat your entirely life.

The queen (shown here at the fair) was one of the volunteers answering phones:

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August 03, 2006

Brian in WSJ

Thanks to Karen for sending this one along.

Where Did That Video Spoofing Gore's Film Come From?
By Antonio Regalado and Dionne Searcey
Wall Street Journal
August 3, 2006

YouTube has an estimated 20 million viewers daily, but with thousands of videos on the site, it can be difficult for marketers to reach their audience, says Brian Reich, a consultant for Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, who helps nonprofits and political candidates learn to use YouTube and other video sites effectively. "You still have to micro-target your information and make it compelling and relevant and timely to get people to pay attention," he says.

Update: looks like it was picked up here in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (so you can read the full text without having to log in to the WSJ)

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August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday John

Happy birthday today to John (in S's office). Trish and I both sent along cakes for the occassion.


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