February 12, 2006


Part of our homework this week was to put the stickers that came in the book around the house to label words we're supposed to be learning. So now all sorts of random things have yellow labels on them -- we'll see if it helps me learn them...


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January 18, 2006


hebrew10minutes.jpgI'm taking a Conversational Hebrew class -- tonight was the first meeting. A ton of people signed up, but it looks like it will be fun. There are eight sessions so hopefully I'll learn to say a few things before the wedding... The text is Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day (which I own but didn't get very far into). I also listened to lessons 7 & 8 of my Pinsleur CDs in the car (we're still on whether you want to have a drink at his place or the hotel...)

ay-foh at rotza le-shote mashahoo? ba-ma-lon o its-li? [or something like that]

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November 11, 2005

End of Class

Sunday was our last Adult Beginners Hebrew class so tonight our group has to get up in front of everyone and read part of the service. We're doing the veahavta part.

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June 19, 2005

Hebrew 101

In an attempt to pick up a little Hebrew over the coming months (and years), I have been collecting books (I'm working on "Hebrew in 10 Minutes a Day"), checking out CDs and managed to find a few local classes. Today I took "Hebrew 101: A Concentrated Introduction" from Lehrhaus Judaica - The Adult School For Jewish Studies with Orna Morad, held at Cong. Beth Am in Los Altos Hills. It was definitely introductory level, but that is certainly where I am right now.

Some of the things we went over (so I can have them here to practice later). The transliterations may be a bit off in places...

Ma shmekh(f)/sheemkha(m)? [what is your name?]
Shmee... (my name is...)
Me-ayin at(f)/ata(m)? [where are you from?]
Anee me... (I am from...)
Ayfoh at garah(f)/ata gar(m)? [where do you live?]
At mederberet(f)/Atah medaber(m)... [do you speak...?]
Lo, anee lo medaber/t...

and ever important... Ayfoh ha sherutim (Where is the bathroom?)
Sham [there]

then we had lunch and learned to say
Ani rotza(f)/rotze(m) bevakasha... [I want please...]
pita, hummus, melafefon chamotz (pickeled cucumber), tutim (strawberries), anaveen (grapes), oo-gah (cake), cafe, te (tea), mitz tapoozim (orange juice)

we learned our numbers:
ef-es (zero), aH-aht (one), shtahyeem (two), shal-losh (three), ar-bah (four), Ham-mesh (five), shesh (six), sheh-vah (seven -- like Be'er Sheva, which is 7 Wells), shmoh-neh (eight), tay-shah (nine) and es-air (ten) [handout was from Akhlah

and asked the time (ma hashaa)

I'd definitely take another class from this teacher -- unfortunately the Intensive Modern Hebrew: Level Alef (Beginning) class meets Tuesday nights while I'm at work. Hopefully the fall schedule will have some other options.

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Good start love
Ma slomech?

Posted by: Shin at June 19, 2005 05:12 PM

Hi Emily, I tune in occasionally, although I haven't written to you before. Heard your big news, mazel tov. I hear you are looking for a few good flower girls...?
Posted by: Jen Combs at June 20, 2005 04:22 PM

Hey, it's been a long time since I've used my hebrew but I was glad I at least knew all the words you posted here. The problem is when you ask a question in Hebrew, the answer is usually in Hebrew too, and then you're in trouble!

Good luck to you though!
love, Jen
Posted by: Jen Kolodner at September 20, 2005 08:27 AM

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