November 30, 2006

AB 1234 Compliant

I am now AB 1234 Compliant (for the next 2 years). Rather than taking the online course, I opted to go in person in the hopes of meeting some of the other commissioners and city staff (all of whom are required to take it).

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November 15, 2006

Yay Darren

I got a note from Darren the other day explaining that he was off to Washington with the newly elected congressman from his district (who he had lost to in the primary but then helped to support). The news is being picked up on some blogs and local sites:

Just in From John Hall's Press Secretary: "Darren Rigger is the PERFECT choice to accompany John Hall to Washington for Freshman Orientation week. Before he ran against John Hall, he did political fund raising work, he knows his way around Washington inside and out. Because of Darren's excellent help, and knowledge of Washington, DC our John Hall is finding his way easily to where he needs to be, learning the ropes of being a Congressman, and getting his office there up and running. So, though a surprising choice to some of us, it was a brilliant choice, and so our thanks go out to Darren Rigger for being such and integral part of showing John Hall around Washington for the 19th Congressional district."

Almost Famous: "The freshman get to bring along one person -- a sort of chief-of-staff-in-training, to help out and learn the ropes. John Hall has tapped Darren Rigger, who he faced in a Democratic primary before going on to defeat Sue Kelly, as his orientation aide."

Congrats and best of luck! What an exciting time (finally) to be back in Washington!

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November 07, 2006

Waiting for returns

Things are looking pretty good nationally -- there's a nice chart on fmf charting 53 races in the House that were deemed close, must-watch races. How super amazing if we wake up confirming that Nancy Pelosi is our new speaker!

Still waiting to see how CT-04 went and how all our local races turn out (since polls just closed 1/2 hour ago) Here are some CA Results and my local races.

On a completely unrelated note - Mittens (cat #2) hasn't been feeling well and we took our first trip to the vet tonight to have her checked out. Turns out her heart rate is abnormally high so they kept her to do some test for hyperthyroid and other things. We should know tomorrow what the results are (so I'm waiting for more results than just the political ones). To also tie it back into the topic of the post, I had a great chat with the vet about the political results (which was nice, especially after discovering a number of R's in my group at work).

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Election Day!

Go vote! And let's all hope for some good results this time around!

Darren's doing color commentary tonight on WFUV 90.7 FM Public Radio from Fordham University, and can be heard live on the Internet at (10-12 eastern / 7-9 pacific)

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November 02, 2006

Slate mailers

3 more voter guides came in the mail today, and they looked a bit strange -- it was really hard to figure out who is behind them (what, no web site??) But I didn't look closely at the names, just piled them up to transcribe into a blog entry to share with you (since I do like to share).

So I picked up the first, just called "Your Ballot Guide", and googled it and found a whole bunch of information I didn't know about these mailers, known as "slate mailers."

Slate mailers leave even savvy voters scratching their heads (Capitol Weekly, 11/05)

Packaged to look like it is an official party platform, slate mail is, more often than not, produced by for-profit organizations that auction off their
collection of endorsements to the highest bidder.

The Stealth Campaign: Experimental Studies of Slate Mail in California (Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA., September 2-5, 1999)

If scholars have given too little attention to campaign mail, they have entirely overlooked the particular phenomenon known in California as "slate mail." Although political “slates" are known in other states, they usually consist simply of cards or similar materials containing a list of candidates nominated by a political party. Typically, they are produced and distributed by the party, on a relatively small scale. In California, although slate mailers occasionally originate from parties, they are usually published by private entrepreneurs, some of whom mail millions of pieces per election.

Slate mailers -- pay for play on CA Prop. 87

Instead of being sensible efforts to inform citizens, many slate mailers are actually extortion rackets -- pay us, or we'll endorse the other side. By producing an ostensibly "Democratic" ballot slate, but with reversed endorsements on a few races, these mailers trick voters into casting votes they wouldn't have done if fully informed.

For-profit 'voters guides' called misleading" (SignOnSanDiego, June 5, 2006)

“It's a really sleazy business and if you read the fine print, you'll figure out it's a sham,” Durfee said. “It's a for-profit business and has nothing to do with party politics. All it has to do with is making money.”

Dan Walters: Mailbox is today's war zone (SacBee, 10/11/06)

As a voter shuffles through stacks of slate mailers, the only clue to the motives behind their elaborately named sponsoring "organizations" is that recommendations for which money changed hands are marked by asterisks.

Ok, so taking a closer look at the three I received and looking for things that seem out of place...

The main thing that stands out is that all three of them ("Your Ballot Guide", "The Council of Concerned Women Voters" and "Voter Information Guide for Democrats") all have no for Prop 87 (yet all the other guides I've looked at have endorsed it

So anyway, take these mailers with a good grain of salt...

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October 28, 2006

Prop Endorsements

The endorsements and voting guides are rolling in by email during these last few days before the election. I still need to read through the full guide, but here are some pointers from other groups:

Pro Choice Voting Guide

American Cancer Society: Yes on 86

Feminist Majority:
No on Proposition 85 Limits Abortion Access for Young Women
Yes on Proposition 86 Tax on Cigarettes
Yes on Proposition 87 Tax on California Oil Producers
Yes on Proposition 89 Clean Money & Fair Elections Act

CA Dems:
Yes on: 1A-E, 83, 84, 86, 87
No on: 85, 88, 90

Yes on: 86, 87, 89
No on: 85, 88, 90

And of course there is a great summary from Speak Out California:


SJ Mercury News
Prop. 1A: Transportation funding protection: Yes
Prop. 1B: Highways and transit: Yes
Prop. 1C: Housing and shelter: Yes
Prop. 1D: Schools and universities: Yes
Prop. 1E: Flood prevention: Yes
Prop. 83: Sex Offender Initiative: No
Prop. 84: Water and parks: Yes
Prop. 86: Tobacco tax: Yes
Prop. 88: Education Initiative: No
Prop. 89: Campaign-Finance Reform: No
Prop. 90: Eminent Domain Initiative: No
Morgan Hill Measure F: Yes
Santa Clara County Measure A: Growth-control initiative: Yes
11th Congressional District: Jerry McNerney

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October 10, 2006

No On 85

Finally had a chance to phone bank tonight for the No on 85 campaign. There's lots of ways to get involved between now and Nov 7th if you're interested.

No on Prop 85

There were some great volunteers there making calls tonight -- some of the best phone bankers I've heard (and I've done a lot of phone banking for different campaigns). I was really impressed!

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October 07, 2006

Looking over the Propositions

My sample ballot and voter information guide (191 pages) have arrived for the upcoming Nov 7th election, so its time to start looking into the many different propositions that will be on the ballot. Here's what will be on the ballot in my district with links to some resources about them:

Proposition 1A: Transportation Funding Protection
Should the California Constitution be amended to further protect the state sales tax revenues for transportation purposes from general-purpose use and require any funds borrowed to be repaid to the transportation fund?

Proposition 1B: Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security
Should the state sell $19.9 billion in general obligation bonds to fund state and local transportation improvement projects to relieve congestion, improve movement of goods, improve air quality, and enhance safety and security of the transportation system?

Proposition 1C: Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006
Should the state sell $2.9 billion in general obligation bonds to fund housing for lower-income residents and development in urban areas near public transportation?

Proposition 1D: Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities
Should the state sell $10.4 billion in general obligation bonds to fund repair and upgrade of public schools, including kindergarten through grade 12, community colleges, and state universities?

Proposition 1E: Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention
Should the state sell $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds to finance disaster preparedness and flood prevention projects at the state and local levels?

Proposition 83: Sex Offenders. Sexually Violent Predators. Punishment, Residence Restrictions and Monitoring.
Should California amend existing laws relating to violent and habitual sex offenders and child molesters to increase penalties and monitoring?

Proposition 84: Water Quality, Safety and Supply. Flood Control. Natural Resource Protection. Park Improvements.
Should the state issue $5.4 billion in bonds for a wide variety of projects related to water safety, rivers, beaches, levees, watersheds, and parks and forests?

Proposition 85: Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy.
Should the California Constitution be amended to require notification of the parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion?

Proposition 86: Tax on Cigarettes
Should the state impose an additional tax of $2.60 per cigarette pack to fund new and expanded health services, health insurance for children, and expand tobacco use prevention programs?

Proposition 87: Alternative Energy. Research, Production, Incentives. Tax on California Oil Producers
Should California establish a $4 billion Clean Alternative Energy Program to reduce California's oil and gasoline consumption by 25 percent through incentives for alternative energy, education, and training?

Proposition 88: Education Funding. Real Property Parcel Tax
Should the California Constitution be amended to levy an annual $50 real property tax on most parcels with the funds allocated to five K-12 education programs?

Proposition 89: Political Campaigns. Public Financing. Corporate Tax Increase. Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Limits
Should eligible candidates for state elective offices receive public campaign funding that is supported by new taxes on corporations and financial institutions, and should contribution limits be imposed on those candidates that do not receive public campaign funding?

Proposition 90: Government Acquisition, Regulation of Private Property
Should the California Constitution be amended to require government to pay property owners for substantial economic losses resulting from some new laws and rules, and limit government authority to take ownership of private property?

Local Measures

Measure A: Land Use Initiative -- County of Santa Clara (Majority Approval Required)
Shall the County General Plan be amended to reenact and modify certain existing provisions and add provisions for hillsides, open space, ranchlands, and rural areas in unincorporated areas of the County, including limiting minimum parcel size on ranchlands and hilltops to 160 acres, with exceptions, limiting building size, and prohibiting the Board of Supervisors from making changes to the General Plan inconsistent with these amendments?

Measure F: Amend General Plan -- City of Morgan Hill (Majority Approval Required)
Shall an ordinance be adopted to amend the Morgan Hill General Plan and Municipal Code Residential Development Control System to allow 100 additional residential allotments for projects of up to 25 units within the Downtown Core; and allowing earlier starts and completions for projects located within the Downtown RDCS Boundary allotted in March 2006; provided that all projects are consistent with the Downtown Plan and meet minimum RDCS scores?

League of Women Voters Easy Voter Guide (Propositions)

Speak Out California (lists endorsements from Speak Out, Cal Nurses, CLCV, CA Now, Sierra Club, CA Dems, and Cal Labor Fed)
Democratic Party Endorsements
California League of Conservation Voters endorsements

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September 13, 2006

Primary Results

Looks like the results are in for yesterday's primaries, and my friend Darren's race is over. Hopefully he had a grand time running and learned alot... for next time!

CQPolitics - Democrats Say Hall Is ‘the One’ to Take on Kelly in N.Y. 19: Hall garnered 49 percent of the vote over Aydelott, who finished second among voters with 27 percent. The remaining 25 percent of the vote was split among political consultant Darren Rigger and high school principal Ben Shuldiner.

Poughkeepsie Journal - Hall defeats 3 Democratic challengers in District 19: On Tuesday, primary voters got to choose from four Democrats each hoping to ride a current wave of anti-GOP sentiment to a victory over Kelly in this November's general election.

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August 20, 2006

South County Dems

Got a chance to meet some of the local democratic candidates at the South County Democrats annual BBQ this afternoon. Here we are with District Attorney candidate Karyn Sinunu
Our congressional candidate Jerry McNerney, Salinas Mayor Anna Caballero who is running for State Assembly in District 28 (we're in 27)

The BBQ was at a local park with a fantastic barn:

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August 12, 2006

Counter Rally

We joined the hundreds of people in SF this morning as part of the counter-rally to the march going on there.

News coverage:
SF Gate: Dueling Middle East war protests in San Francisco

And sadly, just as we were returning from SF, we received a phone call with tragic news from Israel, the first person Shachar directly knew killed in this current round of fighting. Our thoughts go out to their family and to all the people we know serving there now, including a few just called up from the reserves last week.

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July 29, 2006

More about DOPA

As an effort to educate myself a bit more about DOPA, here is some information and some links:

The issue is the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA), which would—among other things—require schools and public libraries to bar children from accessing social networking sites like MySpace. Despite widespread concerns about the Act, the US House of Representatives passed it by a 410-15 vote on Thursday.

Some people's thoughts on this:

more coming...

Some people taking action:

  • ALA - Take Action (send an email or fax right now to your senators)
  • "Because we believe young people, who have grown up with the internet, should be consulted on solutions for internet problems. We want a seat at the table, and feel like we deserve one, especially when it concerns the technology we know so well. Congress, please listen to our suggestions and invite us to the table before your legislation silences the voices of our generation."

more ideas about what we can do are welcome...

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July 10, 2006

Local Arts Advocacy

Just got back from my first commission meeting with a long list of things to research, prepare for, and jump right into. One of the items we put on our workplan (we spent all day Saturday planning our projects and goals for the year ahead) was to be active advocates for libraries, arts, and culture and particularly to particulate in Library Legislative Day (April 18, 2007), letter writing campaigns and other activities to be active on issues at the state level that affect MH. The California Library Association does a great job keeping people informed about library-related activities going on, but we wanted to pull together some arts advocacy sources as well.

Here are a few that I'll have to check out

California Arts Council
California Arts Advocates
California Assembly of Local Arts Agencies
California Alliance for Arts Education Advocacy
Sacramento Arts Advocates
Arts on the Line
California Alliance of Nonprofits
National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

and of course nationally there is Americans for the Arts (with our family connection to that one...)

If you know of other good ones, please let me know!

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July 01, 2006


Two of the congressional races I'm following closely (CA-11 and CT-04) are featured as finalists on the Map Changers site. The winning campaign gets a fundraiser with Governor Mark Warner, chair of the Forward Together PAC.

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June 07, 2006

Election Update

I had about my usual sucess rate in picking the winners in yesterday's election. Oh well. Its so sad that both the library measure and local school parcel tax failed -- on the plus side we made the town safe for yet another supermarket (I'm still not sure what that went to the voters). Now we'll have to see how the candidates fare in the general election in November. It'd certainly be nice to have a new congressperson from this disctrict!! Here are some of the results (via smart voter):

28.9% Countywide Voter Turnout (215,760/747,644)
28% Statewide Voter Turnout (4,388,827/15,668,439)

Governor; Democratic Party
* Phil Angelides
980,065 votes 47.9%
* Steve Westly
888,948 votes 43.4%

Lieutenant Governor; Democratic Party
* John Garamendi
869,577 votes 43.4%
* Jackie Speier
772,794 votes 38.6%

Secretary of State; Democratic
* Debra Bowen
1,080,671 votes 60.9%
* Deborah V. Ortiz
694,788 votes 39.1%

Attorney General; Democratic
* Jerry Brown
1,258,909 votes 62.9%

United States Representative; District 11;
* Jerry McNerney
19,408 votes 52.6%

Proposition 81 California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 2006
Fail: 1,865,583 / 47.0% Yes votes ...... 2,104,230 / 53.0% No votes

Proposition 82 Preschool Education.
Tax on Incomes Over $400,000 for Individuals; $800,000 for Couples
Fail: 1,577,048 / 39.1% Yes votes ...... 2,453,578 / 60.9% No votes

Measure A Sales Tax -- County of Santa Clara (Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 89,075 / 42.38% Yes votes ...... 121,120 / 57.62% No votes

Measure B Parks -- County of Santa Clara (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 143,537 / 70.32% Yes votes ...... 60,587 / 29.68% No votes

Measure E Parcel Tax -- Morgan Hill Unified School District (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 4,442 / 55.33% Yes votes ...... 3,586 / 44.67% No votes

Measure H Ordinance Revision -- City of Morgan Hill (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 4,036 / 81.80% Yes votes ...... 898 / 18.20% No votes

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June 06, 2006


I did manage to vote (albeit provisionally since they didn't manage to make the address/name change successfully) Here's hoping the library measure passes!!

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Election Day!

Its election day here in California. I usually try to vote first thing in the morning but think I'll save the fun until after work today instead (since I'm a bit concerned that my change of address didn't go through so I may need to try both polling places to find my name) But I have my voting guide all annotated with who I'm planning to vote for and my favorite "VOTE" pin, and am ready to go!

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June 05, 2006

Some thoughts on marriage

I have traditionally had a pretty unromantic view of marriage. Having watched many marriages dissolve, I had come to the conclusion that marriage was either unnecessary (the independent feminist in me determined to prove that I didn't need to be married to be a full person, etc) or really all about health care, visitation rights, and legal status (which seemed somewhat unfair that you couldn't then get those without being married). I had grown up around quite a few (and often very messy) divorces, which certainly colored my views.

Despite that, I've always felt strongly that the right of marriage should be extended to same-sex couples (though honestly I felt about it much as I thought about gays in the military -- anyone who wants in should get in, but I didn't entirely understand why anyone would want to join up...)

But now, having taken the plunge and been married for all of 2 1/2 months, I'm beginning to finally understand why people are fighting for the right to get married and am more adamant in my opposition to the bigoted and baffling proposals to "protect" the institution of marriage.

As they say, marriage is a fundamental institution of civilization. Any loving couple who is willing to make this commitment and take on the responsibility of getting married should have the right and honor of doing so (or choose not to if they'd rather and still be protected legally on all those important things).

So what to do?
Learn more, send postcards or emails, sign petitions, check out the list of co-sponsors to the bill, spread the word, get out there and VOTE (for some of us, tomorrow!) Other ideas?

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May 25, 2006

Gore on SNL

I completely missed this, but had to share just in case any of you missed it too:

Video: If Gore Had Been Elected: Al Gore Presidential Address on Saturday Night Live

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May 19, 2006

Voter Reg Deadline

Reminder: This Monday is the deadline for registering to vote in the June 6th Primary (here in CA). Your county elections office must receive new voter registrations no later than May 22nd.

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April 26, 2006

PAC for a Change - Support Diane

Today Barbara Boxer is inviting us to decide which Democratic House candidates her PAC for a Change should support next. The Democratic incumbent and the Democratic challenger receiving the most online votes will each be featured in a fundraising email to the PAC for a Change community -- which could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to their campaigns.

So please vote for your favorite Democratic House candidates now:

I'm supporting my home-town candidate Diane Farrell (CT-4) and hope you will too!

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November 23, 2005

Another Darren Clip Rigger announces campaign for House

Update: here are a few more:

Poughkeepsie Journal:Democrat seeks to oppose Kelly

DC Political Report: It's Rigged

Political fund raiser Darren Rigger (D-NY) has launched his campaign to unseat U.S. Representative Sue W. Kelly (R-NY). Rigger said, "I was born and raised in this district, and I have spent a lot of time talking to people about the 2006 election. What has become clear is that the people of the 19th District are ready for a change in Washington, D.C. They want someone to bring energy and enthusiasm to the job."

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November 19, 2005

Darren in the Gadflyer

Got an alert today that Darren's mentioned in The Gadflyer, a progressive Internet magazine.

House Race Spotlight

Darren Rigger is running for Congress in the 19th District of New York, in the lower Hudson Valley. Should he be elected, he'll be far and away the coolest dude in the House of Representatives.

hehe. couldn't agree more ;)

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November 08, 2005


I was the first person to vote at my polling place this morning (there was one guy before me but he realized after a while that he was in the wrong place, so I became the first person). So now I have my big "I voted touchscreen" sticker to wear!

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November 07, 2005

Easy way to remember

I like the slogan from Speak Out CA: Nix the First Six.

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November 01, 2005

Another Voter Guide

Our local TV station has put up another voter guide, Voice of the Voter. The cool thing is that it is a blog, so at the bottom of any of the proposition pages you can add comments. (via The Bay Area is Talking)

and a nice summary page from the Sec. of State page

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Diane on Emily's List

Diane Farrell's in today's Emily's List email announcing some of the new candidates they're backing.

Diane Farrell, the top official in Westport, Conn., nearly beat Rep. Christopher Shays, who outspent her by nearly 50 percent in 2004. Shays calls himself a moderate, but he's moved rightward over the years and is now out of step with his increasingly Democratic district. Democrats and Republicans alike praise Farrell for balancing city budgets and leading her community on transportation, economic opportunity, and smart growth. Click here to help send Diane Farrell to the U.S. House in 2006.
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October 25, 2005

Vote for Darren!

Yay! My friend Darren is running for congress in NY! Here's part of his announcement email:

As you know I have spent the past fifteen years working in government and politics and passionately trying to promote Democratic change in America. At this critical juncture in the state of our nation, I cannot help but feel compelled to do more. 

I am proud to announce that I have decided to run for the United States Congress. 

I am seeking to represent the hardworking people of Congressional District 19 in New York State which includes parts of Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Rockland counties. My family, friends and community deserve a representative who will fight to ensure security both at home and abroad and who will work to protect social security, provide greater access to healthcare and promote equal access to quality education. Please visit my campaign website at: to learn more about this exciting campaign, my stance on the issues and to lend your support.


And of course soon he'll have a blog... ;)

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Arnold's Neighborhood

More political fun, if you haven't already seen it:

Schwarzenegger Street, with very very strong apologies to our beloved Sesame Street characters.

Update: Here's another fun flash one with the original singer of the Monster Mash, Climate Mash. People are really doing such creative things in this medium!

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Another Voting Guide

Looking for more guidance on some of the local elections? Here's another voting guide for Santa Clara County from Voting Pro Choice (includes council and school board races for Cupertino, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, etc.)

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October 24, 2005

Getting Ready for Nov 8

Here are the ballot intiatives we'll be voting on here in California very soon (if you don't know where you're supposed to vote or what will appear on your ballot, try putting your address and zip into the Easy Voter Guide.) [I'm still working on this posting as I read more about the different propositions -- comments on ones you care strongly about are welcome]

Proposition 73. Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)
Should the California Constitution be amended to require notification of the parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated, pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on the minor?
Vote No Campaign for Teen Safety
NARAL Fact Sheets

Proposition 74. Public School Teachers. Waiting Period for Permanent Status. Dismissal -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the probationary period for public school teachers be increased from two to five years, and should the process by which school boards can dismiss a permanent certificated employee be modified?
referred to by some as the Governor's "Punish New Teachers" Act
No on 74

Proposition 75. Public Employee Union Dues. Restrictions on Political Contributions. Employee Consent Requirement -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should public employee unions be required to obtain annual written consent from each member in order to use a portion of that member's dues for political activity?
referred to by my union as "Stop the Right's Hidden Agenda"
No on 75

Proposition 76. State Spending and School Funding Limits -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)
Should Californians make major Constitutional changes to create an additional state spending limit, grant the governor substantial new power to unilaterally reduce state spending, and revise key provisions relating to Proposition 98, school and community college funding, and transportation funding authorized by Proposition 42?
Cuts Schools by $4 Billion - Better CA

Proposition 77. Redistricting. Initiative Constitutional Amendment -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)
Should the California Constitution be amended to change the process of redistricting California's State Senate, State Assembly, Congressional and Board of Equalization districts, transferring the implementation of redistricting from the Legislature to a panel of three retired judges, selected by legislative leaders?
Weakens Our Voting Rights, Opposed by the League of Women Voters
No on 77

Proposition 78. Discounts on Prescription Drugs -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the state adopt a new state drug discount program to reduce the costs of prescription drugs for Californians at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level?
referred to by some as the "Drug Industry’s Sham Initiative"
No on 78

Proposition 79. Prescription Drug Discounts. State-Negotiated Rebates -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the state of California create a new prescription drug discount program for residents at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and change state law to make it illegal to engage in profiteering from the sale of prescription drugs?
Affordable Prescription Drugs
Yes on 79

Proposition 80. Electric Service Providers. Regulation -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the state expand its regulation of the electric industry?
Reliable, Affordable, Green Energy
The Utility Reform Network
N on Prop 80
Will have to look for some comments from environmental groups on this one I think...

Good sources of information:
Smart Voter
CA Secretary of State
Health Vote (nonpartisan information about the three November 2005 California ballot propositions dealing with health care: parental notification for the termination of a minor's pregnancy; pharmacy assistance program; and cheaper prescription drugs)
Institute of Governmental Studies at Berkeley
California Voter Foundation

Here's a good summary of how a bunch of different groups recommend voting (from Speak Out California -- basically most people say VOTE NO ON: 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 and VOTE YES ON: 79, 80

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September 28, 2005

Arts Education Action

Take a second and write to your reps:

First, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved a bill to eliminate FY 2006 funding for federal Arts in Education programs at the U.S. Departmernt of Education. The Senate, however, is poised to approve a slight increase. You can help ensure that the Senate position prevails by taking two minutes to write your Member of Congress urging support for arts education funding. At stake is approximately $35 million in annual grants that support model programs in arts education.

Click here to take action

Second, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) has called for *eliminating all funding* for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The RSC is a policy body that advises conservative Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Needless to say, cutting this funding would not even make a dent in the need for hurricane relief, and at the same time it would deprive the affected areas of much-needed help in rebuilding their vital cultural sectors. The Americans for the Arts E-Advocacy Center has “talking points” on this threat that you can include in the message you send to Congress.

And since I'm on my soapbox, have I mentioned how upset I am that the congressman representing where we just moved to is totally not who I would have voted for? The ACLU gives him a lifetime score of 3% and both NARAL and LCV give him a big fat 0%.

And when I went to check LCV for his score, he's the top news story -- "Over the objections of fellow House members, Rep. Richard Pombo moves his pro-developer revision of the Endangered Species Act to a vote. A vote is expected this week." Ugh.

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August 24, 2005

No on 73: Campaign for Teen Safety

I know it feels early to be worrying about the November elections, but here's one to keep an eye on for the fall, a parental notification measure.

Vote No on Prop 73

some comments from PPMM:

Proposition 73, an initiative that would require parents of minors to be notified 48 hours before an abortion, will be decided in the November 8th Special Election. If the proposition passes, the safety and health of our teenage daughters [and friends] will be put in serious danger.

While all parents rightly want to be involved in their teenage daughters' lives, good family communication cannot be imposed by government. If a teenager gets pregnant our first concern must be for her safety. Parental notification laws force teenagers to choose between talking with parents or having illegal, unsafe

Proposition 73 also puts our most vulnerable teens -- those who live in troubled homes -- in harm's way. If our daughters can't come to us, for whatever reason, we must make sure they get safe medical attention from qualified doctors and nurses.

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July 02, 2005

Front Page

I'm in the photo of the rally on the front page of the Merc! The online version is here (ok, you can't see my face, but that's definitely me)

You can also see the top of my head (I'm holding the "We won't go back" sign) here on the channel 5 news (in the second picture, I'm on the far right)

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July 01, 2005

Rally Tonight

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte will join organizations across the South Bay
for a rally and visibility event this evening. Bring a sign and make your
voices heard!

What: Save the Supreme Court Rally and Visibility
When: 5:00 PM, Friday, July 1
Where: San Jose Federal Building 280 S. First Street (corner of First and
San Carlos) San Jose, CA

Update: The rally was great -- good turnout and lots of people honking their horns in support as they drove by. Note to self: next time I go to one of these a) wear better shoes (since we decided to march too) b) wear one of my stash of pro-choice t-shirts that I carefully saved around here somewhere for these situations c) bring a list of more creative chants since we quickly ran out of interesting ones and it really is a lot more effective when everyone is yelling and d) do not march with a copy of the AACR2 (which is far too heavy to lug all the way around downtown, but I went to the rally right after meeting with my cataloging group to prep for this weekend's take home exam) Most of the local news stations were there covering it, so you may see us later tonight. I had a quick chat with one of the gals from PP about what the next steps are, and they sound like they're organized and ready to fight which was a little reassuring given how bleak everything looks from here.

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Time to get involved

In an action alert today from Karen Pearl, Interim President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America: "It's here - the most critical moment for our reproductive rights that I've seen in my lifetime. With Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation from the Supreme Court today, the time to spring into action has come. The justice appointed to take her place could potentially determine the reproductive choices we are allowed to make for an entire generation. And we need you to make a difference in this fight, starting now."

NARAL: "Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retirement gives President Bush and the radical right the chance they've been waiting for to overturn Roe v. Wade. They're pulling out all the stops to push through President Bush’s anti-choice judicial nominees to the Supreme Court. We cannot let it happen." Bush v. Choice: "Over the next 10 days, NARAL Pro-Choice America is launching the campaign we have been preparing for months. With your support, our campaign can block the confirmation or appointment of an anti-choice justice who would end a woman's right to choose."

ACLU: "The ACLU has great concern that the Bush administration will replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who announced her retirement on Friday, with a nominee whose judicial philosophy is fundamentally opposed to the progress made in protecting individual rights."

NOW: "With the resignation of Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, George W. Bush will have the opportunity to replace a justice who has often made the difference in the preservation of essential rights. With a fragile 5-to-4 split in the Court on issues like abortion and affirmative action, we must fight for the appointment of a justice who will uphold and protect our hard-won Constitutional rights. Urge your Senator to oppose any Supreme Court nominee who would overturn Roe v. Wade and limit the economic and reproductive rights of girls and women in the U.S."

MoveOn: "Its rumored that Bush will nominate a replacement as quickly as this Tuesday. In the next few days Bush, the Senate and the media will all be will be listening very carefully--gauging the public reaction to this vacancy and deciding how far they can go."

Ms.: Hanging By A Thread: What’s At Stake If We Lose The Supreme Court

BlogHer: The first woman to serve on America's highest court has just rocked the political world.

Write to your senators, speak up, volunteer, get involved.

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May 04, 2005

News Coverage

Here's some of the news coverage so far:

Voters continue county library tax but refuse to pay more
By Sandra Gonzales
Mercury News

Voters on Tuesday approved one tax proposal to continue funding libraries but turned down another that would have required them to pay more in Santa Clara County's largest mail-only election.

Seventy-two percent of voters supported Measure A, which continues an annual tax of $33.66 on a single-family home for 10 years, generating $5.4 million a year. But Measure B garnered only 64 percent of the vote. That proposal asked voters for an additional $12 a year that would have brought in an extra $1.9 million a year for the Santa Clara COunty library district.

Both proposals needed a two-thirds majority to pass.

And a note about people waiting until the last minutes: "Rosas said more than 400 ballots were dropped off Tuesday with about 3,000 coming in the mail Tuesday. All ballots were tallied by 9:20 p.m. election night."


The majority of voters have cast their ballots and it appears that a measure regarding the Santa Clara County library system appears to be passing and another measure appears not to be passing, according to unofficial results on the county Web site.

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May 03, 2005

Election Night, cont.

I raced from Milpitas (where they were watching the returns come in from a nice gathering in the community room) over to Campbell where our steering committee group had assembled. Here are a few photos of the group. It was an amazing group to work with over the past few weeks (and hopefully I will continue to work with many of them at the library)


I loved the centerpiece Jason made:

Terri, Liz and Karen

Katherine always has the best t-shirts (this one says: "In the defense of freedom and literacy libraries are the most powerful weapons we have. Use them!")

And the latest, unofficial semi-final results are:
A passes with 72.04%
B fails with 64.23%

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Good and Bad

Well, the early results are in... and it looks like A passed and B didn't. And it only lost by less than 1800 votes. Its certainly better than it could have been -- if A had lost there would be layoffs, significant reduction in hours, etc. But this means that we will still be closed on Mondays, will not be filling the positions that have been left open from the last round of cuts, and will not be restoring any of the other services that were cut. But we certainly appreciate all the people who did vote yes!

update: here are the 8:30 numbers:

Last Updated: May 3, 2005 8:30 PM
Registration & Turnout
201,103 Voters
Vote Count Percent
Mail Ballot Turnout 72,075 35.84%
DRE Early Vote Turnout 0 0.00%
Total 72,075 35.84%

Measure A
13/15 86.67%
Vote Count Percent
YES 51,113 72.03%
NO 19,847 27.97%
Total 70,960 100.00%

Measure B
13/15 86.67%
Vote Count Percent
YES 44,953 64.21%
NO 25,058 35.79%
Total 70,011 100.00%

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Election Day

Its election day -- we'll find out preliminary results by about 9pm tonight.

There was one last piece in the Marc: Library ballot count set tonight
By Truong Phuoc Khánh

As of Monday, election spokeswoman Elma Rosas said, the registrar had received 68,917 ballots out of a total of 201,103 registered voters, or 34 percent of those eligible to vote in the special election.

The registrar's office will be open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the election today. The office is at 1555 Berger Drive, Building 2, in San Jose. For more information, call (408) 299-8683.

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May 02, 2005

Good instructions in the Merc

posted on saturday in the SJ Merc:


Library election ballots must be in by Tuesday

Voters in Tuesday's Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority Special Election must get their mail-in ballots in by 8 p.m. on election day so they can be tallied.

Voters are encouraged to complete and return their ballots as soon as possible to ensure they arrive at the Registrar of Voters' Office by the deadline. Postmarks are not accepted.

The district includes Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Milpitas, Monte Sereno, Morgan Hill, Saratoga and unincorporated areas.

Completed ballots should be sealed inside the green postage prepaid return envelopes that have been provided. Voters must remember to sign the return envelope themselves, or their ballots cannot be tallied. The registrar has to verify the validity of the ballot by matching the voter's signature on the envelope to that on the voter's registration form.

Voters may return their completed ballots either by mail or in person at the Registrar of Voters' Office, 1555 Berger Drive, Building 2, San Jose, during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday. They may also drop off their ballots between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Tuesday, election day.

For more information, voters may contact the registrar's office toll free at (866) 430-8683; English at (408) 299-8683; Spanish at (408) 282-3077; Vietnamese at (408) 282-3097; Chinese at (408) 282-3086; Tagalog at (408) 535-3916; TTY at (408) 288-9820 and e-mail at

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April 29, 2005

NBC11 Piece

Thank you to Emy, who alerted me in time to catch a piece about the campaign on our local NBC affiliate. I wish they had stressed that the ballots have to be IN by Tuesday (they can't just be postmarked by Tuesday and even in our last phone calls last night we were still getting people who didn't realize that or -- eek -- still thought they could go to the polls instead of voting by mail), but overall it was a fair piece and had very nice photos of story time at Cupertino. They interviewed some of the libertarian opposition and a supportive City Council Member and our County Librarian (who mentioned that they had identified 70 positions they'll have to cut if it fails -- ouch!)


(I'm not sure what was up with the big closeup of the Passover story book, but maybe they shot the footage earlier in the week -- it looks like a cute book though: Seder with the animals by Howard I. Bogot and Mary K. Bogot, llustrated by Norman Gorbaty... and that copy does seem to currently be checked out according to the catalog)

(And yes, I really am looking forward to the day when I can grab good images off the tv or tivo and blog them)

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April 28, 2005

Where the results will be

Tonight's the last night of phone banking for the campaign -- ballots pretty much have to be mailed in by tomorrow to be sure they'll get there by Tuesday's deadline (if you haven't mailed yours in, please do so today! or you can drop it off to them at 1555 Berger Dr, San Jose, CA)

Just posting this here so I can find it on Tuesday (since I got a google alert for it this morning):
The County of Santa Clara - Registrar of Voters
... Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority. Click here
to see the results for the May 3, 2005 Special Mail Ballot Election

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April 22, 2005

Tina P in NY Times

In 1995 or so, I spent the summer in Seattle working on Tina Podlodowski's campaign for city council. Mom pointed out that she's on the front page of the NY Times today:

Microsoft Comes Under Fire for Reversal on Gay Rights Bill
By Sarah Kershaw
Published: April 22, 2005

Apparently, "The Microsoft Corporation, at the forefront of corporate gay rights for decades, is coming under fire from gay rights groups, politicians and its own employees for withdrawing its support for a state bill that would have barred discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."

"I think people should feel betrayed," said Tina Podlodowski, a former Microsoft senior manager and former Seattle city councilwoman who now runs an advocacy group for AIDS patients. "To me, Microsoft has been one of the big supporters of gay and lesbian civil rights issues, and they did it when it wasn't an issue of political expediency, when it was the right thing to do."

Cheers Tina, from one of the "Pod People"!

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April 18, 2005

B's PDF Article

Check out Brian's very well-written piece on Personal Democracy Forum today: Please Standby... The DNC Is Still Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Nice job B!

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April 12, 2005

Take Action: Fund California's Arts and Culture

Americans for the Arts sent out an action alert today regarding AB655, "All for 1%-1% for All," which would provide funds, estimated at $30 million the first year, for grants from the California Arts Council (CAC) to arts organizations and arts education programs throughout the state.

On Tuesday, April 19, The Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media will hold a hearing on AB 655. The bill will establish a continuous funding stream for the CAC from a 1 percent admission surcharge on entertainment venues and presenters, both for-profit and non-profit.

Take Action

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March 17, 2005

The Place to Be

Two of my favorite people in the world are both moving to DC to work for EMILY's List, one of my favorite organizations (and not just because of the name... though I always did want to work there so I could answer the phone and say "EMILY's List, this is Emily") Congrats to Carrie and Bob -- and I am super jealous of each of them and both of them and wish them both the very best of luck!

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March 16, 2005

Gathering Momentum

A great night of phone banking tonight -- especially because Joel applied a little peer pressure and bet Ellen an hour of phone time so they both had to show up. :)

C'mon, you know you want to come and help out too!

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March 15, 2005

Arts Advocacy Day

Today is Arts Advocacy Day brought to you by the folks at Americans for the Arts. Take action here:

Tell Congress You Support the Arts

Enter ZIP

And here's Mom on Westport Now with Chris Shays.

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March 14, 2005

More chances to come phone bank

We've moved Thursday's MeetUp to be a chance to come and phone bank, so if you were planning to come to that (or just want to be a good friend and help phone bank), I'll be phoning from the SJ location Wednesday night and back at the Campbell spot on Thursday. So let me know if anyone wants to come along or meet up there and I can give you all the info. Its really easy and fun to do. Julia came along last Monday and rocked at it (of course). They're phoning 6-8:30pm Monday-Thursday (and we're thinking of adding more days since we have a LOT more folks to contact).

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March 09, 2005

Phone banking

Phone banking tonight (in downtown SJ) if anyone wants to come along.

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March 08, 2005

Kickoff Reminder

A reminder that tonight's our official campaign kickoff. Come, eat, learn more about the campaign, bring your address books and write some letters, sign up to help out!

Tuesday, March 8th 6-9 p.m

The Campbell Campaign is holding it's official kickoff and volunteer orientation at
Stone Griffin Art Gallery in Downtown Campbell
416 E Campbell Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

Everyone is invited! (I unfortunately have to work tonight, but I hope some of you will stop by and support them!)

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March 07, 2005

Phone Banking Tonight

I'll be phone banking for the library campaign tonight -- let me know if you want to come along.

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March 03, 2005

Surveyed Again

I was surveyed again tonight (that's what I get for years of questionning those tv poll results because no one I ever knew ever was asked). This time it was on issues relating to Measure A from 2000 which levied a half-cent transit sales tax and allowed Santa Clara County voters the opportunity to vote on transportation improvements in the county. (Info from the VTA Site) Of course with the economic downturn, the sales tax hasn't brought in the needed funding to build all the projects people were promised, so they're talking about either raising the tax a little bit more or making some tough decisions about which of the projects to fund or cut. So I was asked all sorts of questions about how I would prioritize the projects, if I would support the increase, whose opinions I would be influenced by if they came out in support of the measure, etc. Its a bit hard to believe that someone really bases political decisions on the results of these polls, but at least I'm being asked, so I shouldn't complain.

It would be pretty cool to extend Bart into San Jose.

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February 28, 2005

Phone banking rocks

There's nothing like a good campaign with great people for a great cause to get me pumped up. I am definitely on a first-night-of-phone-banking high (the pizza and cookies probably didn't hurt the sugar level part of the rush) and you should definitely all come and phone with me next Monday because it was SO much fun (and a very supportive list to be calling).


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Phone Banking Starts Tonight

We're kicking off our phone banking tonight for the library campaign -- if you're interested in helping, please let me know! It's going to be fun (really!)

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February 12, 2005


After this morning's campaign meeting, Ellen and I spent a few hours in the sunshine talking to people outside the library about the campaign and trying to encourage people to sign up to help with the phone banking (hint, hint!). There was a Friends' book sale today so there were loads of folks -- and of course since they were all library users they were pretty supportive.


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February 05, 2005


mailing.jpgMerged, printed, signed (by the whole committee this morning actually), folded, stuffed, sealed, and sent a batch of almost a hundred fundraising/volunteer recruitment letters this afternoon -- and I haven't even done the set to friends and family yet. Of course after that I needed a nap so I haven't gotten any of the other things on my list done yet today, but I was quite proud of the pile of letters (even though they're long-shot, cold-leads gleaned from FEC filing lists).

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January 22, 2005

Anniversary of Roe v Wade

January 22, 2005 marks the 32nd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade that protects the constitutional right of women to choose to have a safe and legal abortion.

Anti-choice extremists plan to march in San Francisco against reproductive freedom today. The San Francisco Pro-Choice Coalition will hold the March to Defend Women's Rights on January 22, 2005 which will start at the Powell Street Bart Station to stand up for reproductive freedom and demonstrate that the Bay Area is pro-choice.

More info at, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, NARAL, etc.


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November 15, 2004

Tempting T-Shirt


Via an ad on which I found from a link from a link from Joi)

This one is tempting as well (via wonkette)

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November 05, 2004

A new map

Mom sent this map along (Joey sent it to her, but I don't know the original source)


And via Joi a few days ago, Harper's Magazine's Electing to Leave, A reader’s guide to expatriating on November 3

And via Daisers, Sorry Everybody -- How Can We Make It Up To You?

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The Map, home of all that good polling data all along, has this new map by county of how the vote turned out.


He writes, "From looking at the map, you wouldn't know that almost half the population voted for Kerry. It shows very clearly how Kerry's base is in highly-populated urban areas and Bush's base is more in suburban and rural areas."

Eegads that's just so scary and depressing to look at.

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November 04, 2004

So true, so sad


(I had heard the quote on NPR this afternoon, but thanks Bob for sending the image along!)

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November 02, 2004


I can't even think of anything to write. This is really really bad.

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Working and waiting

I don't know why I agreed to work tonight, but given how hard its been to sit at home this afternoon and get stuff done without continuously checking the time, calculating how much time is left until the polls close, feeling nervous, feeling hopeful... its probably just as well that I'll be out and about and with other people when the news does start to come in. So I'll be in Milpitas from 5-9 if anyone needs me -- or post any good links, tips, stats, results, etc. here so I can check from there.

It also just occurred to me that this is my last election in the "under 30" demographic. Just in time for the election that Generation E - "the empowered generation" - is a major force in. Joe Trippi writes, "Today another generation of Americans— perhaps the first in decades— goes to the polls believing they can change the world. Regardless of the candidate of their choice, and regardless of that candidate’s victory or loss, they are changing our nation’s politics—for the better."

I'm looking forward to Brian's report on how so many people are checking the blogs today that many of them have been unaccessible...

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Let the nail biting begin!

Election day at last! Vote early and often!

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October 31, 2004

Year of Passion

Not that I've gotten through much of the paper yet today, but this article in the Week in Review caught my eye: The Year of Passion by Todd S. Purdum. Deep within it is a quote by my favorite theorist, Robert Putnam, on th effect of the Internet on the campaign season.

If the Internet has been the source of vicious blogs and half-baked rumors, it has also often been a worthy watchdog on the mainstream media, a direct route to the candidates' records and official Web sites and a means of instantly checking their half-truths and evasions through nonpartisan outlets like at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Center.

Online networking groups like used new technology to breathe life into the oldest American tradition: the town hall meeting. They allowed Howard Dean's supporters - and others - "to create 'alloys,' networks that are mixtures of silicon and real flesh," said Robert Putnam, a professor of public policy at Harvard. "People are making the connection over the Internet, but what they really want is not just the cyberfriend but a real connection."

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October 29, 2004

Zoe and Diane

zoeanddiane.jpgMom sent along this photo of Zoe Lofgren doing a press conference for Diane Farrell on homeland security -- then she even went to Fairfield to hand out candy at the Halloween parade!

I'm no longer in Rep. Lofgren's district (I'm now in Mike Honda's), but I served with her on the Tech Board and have met her at various functions like the Dean fundraiser at her house last year. Its great that she's out helping Diane's campaign!

And speaking of voting (of course), here's another great voter guide, this one is a list from Voting Pro Choice of all the Santa Clara County races. In particular, please remember that in the state senate race:
Margaret (Peg) Pinard  Dem       SD15       PRO (Endorsed)
Abel Maldonado  Rep       SD15       Anti 

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More ballot advice

Brian seems to be working with this group, the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. Here are their picks for the California ballot initiatives

(I made the little voteyes.gif and voteno.gif buttons for them {grin})

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October 28, 2004

Paper or Plastic

via Apaphenia (who also is so cool that she and her friends just had a party to help each other decode all the propositions and things on the ballot -- what a great idea!) comes this animation on the question of voting electronically or asking for a paper ballot: Paper or Plastic. Its really effective and sponsored by groups like EFF who I respect.

The main point is that we do in fact have a choice and can request to vote in a way that can be verified, audited, and recounted. So now I'm torn, because it is certainly easier and satisfying to use the touch screens, but now I feel like choosing a paper ballot is a vote for a better system of voting as well. I have some friends from The Tech who are poll workers and just went through an extensive training, so maybe I'll check with them as well. Any thoughts anyone?

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October 27, 2004

Good Voter Guide

Got a great, handy one-page "Voter Information Guide for Democrats" in the mail today which walks through all the local races and initiatives. The evaluations and recommendations are from "The Democratic Party, American Government Professors, Firefighters, Environmental Leaders, Nurses and Health Care Workers, Classroom Teachers, Law Enforcement Officers, and Senior Citizen Organizations." I only wish they had a web site so you could check who it really is from and what they stand for. Searching only brings up a few disgrunted recipients of the flyer.

Here's who they endorse:

Federal Offices
President of the United States
John F. Kerry
United States Senator
Barbara Boxer
U.S. Representative
Mike Honda

State Offices
State Senator
Peg Pinard
State Assembly
Ira Ruskin
Superior Court Judge
Griffin Bonini (Enrique Colin has endorsements from Zoe Lofgren and others though)

Santa Clara County
Measure "A" - No ("Jeopardizes the ability to hire qualified doctors and nurses at hospitals. Physicians, nurses, prosecutors are opposed.")
Measure "B" - No ("Unnecessary election costs over $1 million. Unfair to safety employees. Nurses, prosecutors, correctional officers oppose Measure "B")
Measure "C" - Yes ("Provides fair bargaining for public safety employees. Protects emergency services. Firefighters, nurses and police officers all say "Yes on Measure C".)

Proposition 62 - No (Personally I'm unsure of this one -- I really don't like the imagery they're invoking on their web site and can see how an open primary could have some benefits. The SJ Merc's endorsement was helpful as well and so I'll definitely be looking at this one more closely over the week.)
Proposition 71 - Yes ("Support research that can save lives and fight disease")
Proposition 64 - No ("Don't limit enforcement of public health, environmental and consumer fraud laws")
Proposition 72 - Yes ("Big business and out-of-state corporations are trying to stop health insurance coverage for working people. Vote yes for affordable health insurance." A Yes makes it so that "Certain employers would be required to provide health coverage for their employees and in some cases dependents through either (1) paying a fee to a new state program primarily to purchase private health insurance coverage or (2) arranging directly with health insurance providers for health care coverage. The state would also establish a new program to assist lower-income employees to pay their share of health care premiums.")
Proposition 66 - Yes ("Life sentences for repeat, violent offenders - the original intent of the Three Strikes Law")

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October 26, 2004

Yes on S

I've been meaning for weeks to walk through each of the local initiatives and races here and post information. I had also planned to sort through all the political mail I've received (since I'm being bombarded with it) but haven't had time to sift through the pile yet.

But here's one that is definitely worth mentioning. I'm not in the district but I know a couple of you are:

San Jose Library And Reading Protection Measure

Voting YES on Measure S will prevent significant cutbacks in library services, it will help replace outdated books and materials, update deteriorating equipment, protect library hours and improve other library services.

Measure S simply replaces San Jose's current library assessment (1994 Measure E) that expires at the end of 2004. Measure S is a dedicated source of funding so to prevent drastic cutbacks to San Jose's 17 neighborhood branch libraries.

San Jose's libraries consistenly rank as one of the top performing city services -- Vote YES ON S for our excellent libraries!

Info from SmartVoter

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October 21, 2004

Pro-Choice Voter Guide

A reminder and great resource from NARAL Pro-Choice California:

Electing pro-choice candidates is the single most important thing you can do to protect your right to choose. So before you go into the voting booth on November 2, find out where candidates stand on reproductive rights issues with the NARAL Pro-Choice California Reproductive Rights Voter Guide.

Anti-choice legislators have done all they can to undermine reproductive freedom in California. In the past few years, they've tried to promote abstinence-only programs, restrict access to emergency contraception and infringe on young women's right to obtain confidential medical services. The pro-choice majority in the California legislature has been able to fend off these attacks on our freedoms - but unless we dedicate ourselves to electing pro-choice candidates, they may not be able to in the future.

Click here to find out which candidates in your district are pro-choice. On November 2, protect your rights by voting pro-choice!

In my district, Peg Pinard (State Senate, 15) and Ira Ruskin (State House, 21) both score as Pro-Choice. Pinard has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice California, her opponent has refused to respond to the questionnaire.

Don't know what district you are in? is still my favorite general California election info site. Just put in your address and zip code and it will create a personalized page with your polling place and all of the races you'll have a chance to vote on. Plus it has links and information for all of the people and propositions.

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Visualize Winning

Lisa passed along this happy GOTV reminder

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October 18, 2004

High Stakes

How cool is it that Buffy creator Josh Whedon is doing a call to Kerry house parties for the group High Stakes 2004: Whedon Fans for John Kerry and John Edwards. (via CFA) Darn it, if I didn't already have two commitments for this Sunday I'd go to one of the house parties (the closest to me is in Saratoga) or invite you all over and have my own. Oh well.

Plus an interesting piece from Abu Aardvark comparing the 7th season of Buffy to Bush's foreign policy.

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Register Today!

VoteButton.gifA reminder from Get Out Her Vote that today's the last day to register to vote in many states (including here in California)

Today is your last day to register to vote in your state! It's easy to download registration forms online, which need to be taken to your local registration office or Deparment of Motor Vehicles today (or some states only require a postmark of today. Check with your Board of Elections.) This could be the most important election of our lifetimes.

Every vote makes a difference. Don't sit this one out!

And if you had any doubts, check out today's NY Times Op Ed about Imagining America if George Bush Chose the Supreme Court

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October 17, 2004

The Youth Vote

KidsForKerrybtn.jpgWe've all seen the Kids for Kerry folks, but apparently all my friends' kids are getting into the act as well. When I was talking to Paul the other day, he told me how every time Seth sees a 'W' written anywhere, he immediately says "No W!" and starts talking about Kerry. And Mike and Jen just sent along Arden's first political ad (takes a while to download but boy is he adorable).

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October 14, 2004

Too funny!

Ok, two funny things that cheered me up tonight:

I just love Howard Dean. Listen to this ad. (Via Change for America)

and a nice view of the VP debate via Feministing.

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The ultimate canvassing toy

Via Smart Mobs, how cool is this? Imagine going door-to-door canvassing for your favorite candidate and your cellphone tracking where the donors are? Kind of scary...

Phone Gravity Monkey Image 1 Gravity Monkey Image 2

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October 11, 2004


Via the DNC's blog, this video is an interesting piecing together of GOP convention footage.

I'm also glad to see that people picked up on the whole "internets" thing :)

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October 10, 2004


Saw this new ad, The Party from The Voter Education & Registration Fund tonight on TV during Trading Spaces Family. Their site explains that:

VERF is currently airing "The Party" in the Central Valley, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and San Diego.  The ad is designed to increase voter participation among Democrats who vote occasionally.  Contributions made to VERF between now and the election will help us continue to air "The Party" across the state.  Just because California is not a "swing state" doesn't mean there aren't important races for local and statewide office where an increase in progressive voter participation could make the winning difference.

Not sure how effective it will be, but its interesting to see these independent groups are doing.

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October 05, 2004

Brian in MediaPost

In Media Post's Media Daily News, Study Shows Online Political Ads Can Drive Likely Voters to Get Involved by Kate Kaye, Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The site visitation numbers should be a clarion call to campaigns, said Brian Reich, director of Boston Operations at public affairs communications firm Mindshare Interactive Campaigns LLC. He believes they indicate a need for more online advertising, marketing, and outreach by campaigns.

"Campaigns are doing this huge disservice by limiting their online presence to just this passive force," he contended. "They're trying to force their way into television [through TV ads]; why aren't they trying to force their way onto [voters'] computer screens?"


In order to gain insight into opposing views or help understand which messages strike a chord, Mindshare's Reich recommended that, "smart all the comments, even the negative ones -- very few campaigns do that."


Mindshare's Reich sees this as a plus for Web advertising. "You can't click on a newspaper, or take action immediately after you hear a radio ad. Worse, you can't measure how many people have responded through those mediums," argued Reich. "Campaigns and political organizations have tremendous flexibility online that just doesn't exist with the other mediums."
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Political TV

Sitting here in my snazzy "Iowans for Kerry" t-shirt that Carrie gave me watching a night of political tv. The VP debates are about to start (Brian was going to be Cleveland covering them but I just learned from his blog that he's home with a cold, poor guy), there were a ton of political ads in the minutes leading up to the debate (Ira Ruskin, Peg Pinard and Steve Poisner -- sadly only Poisner's mentioned his URL!), and then Tanner on Tanner is on Sundance tonight!

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October 04, 2004

Register to Vote!

Of course all of you handful of loyal readers are registered to vote, but if you know anyone who you suspect may not be registered, time's running out!

For many states, TODAY is the deadline to register to vote in this year's election:
OCTOBER 4: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia,
OCTOBER 5: Illinois, New Mexico,
OCTOBER 6: Missouri
and the deadline has already passed in Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington DC,

Here's a great resource with all the dates, how to register, etc. from Michael Moore and an interesting piece in today's NY Times about the surge of new voter registrations around the country!

Our library is also doing a big Register to Vote Campaign and you can find forms, voter guides, etc. at all our community libraries.

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October 01, 2004

Susan Bysiewicz for Governor in 06

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz announced today that she has formed a candidate committee to run for Governor of Connecticut in 2006. My guess is that there will be a number of Dems jumping into the race between now and then, but I've always been very impressed with her and wish her the best of luck!

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September 30, 2004

Debate #1

debate.jpgSo what did everyone think of the debate?

I'm still baffled by people who are undecided at this point, and I am admittedly too biased to be able to judge how each did tonight. I thought that Kerry did very well -- and really look forward to a debate on domestic issues! I'm also looking forward to the ribbing they'll both get on The Daily Show tonight (which I had hoped would be on immediately following the debate like it was on the East Coast, but I'll have to wait a few more hours) (Apparently his book is hysterically funny as well)

For those of you who missed the fun, the transcript is available here, and video here.

From the DNC Debate Center:

Why Kerry Won the Debate
* John Kerry staked out a strong plan to win the war on terror.
* John Kerry showed us a new direction for success in Iraq.
* John Kerry told the truth about Iraq.

Why Bush Lost the Debate
* George Bush stubbornly refused to face reality.
* George Bush failed to deliver a plan for Iraq.
* George Bush refused to accept responsibility for his failures.

And coming up...

Vice presidential debate:
Tuesday, October 5
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH

Second presidential debate:
Friday, October 8
Washington University
St. Louis, MO

Third presidential debate:
Wednesday, October 13
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

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Online Post-Debate Polls

After you watch the debates tonight (because you are all of course planning to watch the debates, right?), the Democratic party is urging everyone to vote in the various online polls which are part of the post-debate spin. From their action alert:

National and local news organizations will be conducting online polls during and after the debate asking for readers' opinions. Look for online polls at these national news websites, and make sure to vote in every one of them:

ABC News:
CBS News:
Fox News:
USA Today:

And be sure to check the websites of your local newspapers and TV stations for online polls. It is crucial that you do this in the minutes immediately following the debate.

So there's a good, quick way to take action tonight after listening to the debates.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Brian blogs about the debate since he's actually there in person covering it!

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Brian on Daily Kos

Brian's in The Portland [ME] Phoenix now talking about The Daily Kos, an extremely popular political analysis site (and in the Daily Kos post which talks about the article)

"[Cheers and Jeers is] all part of a heady brew that gives the Daily Kos community--they call themselves Kossacks--a bullhorn to be envied.  According to Brian Reich, of Mindshare Interactive Campaigns in Boston and a blogger for, Daily Kos had more than 7 million unique visits last month, nearly 2 million more than Fox News' Web site."
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September 29, 2004

Women for Farrell Event

Mom sent along this nice photo from her Women for Farrell event today -- sounds like it went really well, about 75 women from almost all of the towns in the District, lots of good food, and cool new pins with a Warhol-type image of Diane.

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September 28, 2004

Press Coverage for Mom

Not to be outdone by all of Brian's recent press coverage, today Mom's in the Norwalk Hour talking about her support for Diane Farrell for Congress. Go Mom!

"I've been a supporter of Diane's for a long time," said Sheffer, who will host the kickoff event. "I'm a supporter of Emily's List and Diane is on that list." Emily's List bills itself as the nation's largest grassroots political network for pro-choice Democratic women, according to its Web site.

Women were not the ones who traditionally made political contributions. They were not used to writing their own checks. Through Emily's List women were shown that if they network they can raise millions of dollars for women candidates, Sheffer explained. "In this district if women come out and support Diane, it will make a difference," Sheffer said from her home Monday. "There are a lot of Republicans and unaffiliated who will cross over and vote. Her appeal goes beyond the parties." The Women for Farrell initiative is also planning a reception with former Texas Gov. Ann Richards on Oct., 15 in Stamford. "We hope to call attention to the women's vote because there are still some issues that are constantly under threat," Farrell said.

"For example, if you believe in a woman's choice to chose (about abortion), you can't erode part of the choice and still support it," Sheffer said, referring to Shays' vote for the partial birth abortion ban.

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Wired Brian on ActBlue

Brian's quoted today in a Wired News story, ActBlue Lets Anyone Be PAC Man talking about ActBlue.

"I think it's unique, and I think it's very encouraging," said Brian Reich, editor of Campaign Web Review. "What ActBlue allows you to do is identify where you want (your contributions to go)."

Plus, Reich said, other PACs may require that a candidate raise a minimum amount of money before they will contribute to the campaign. "I think (ActBlue) is very empowering for the individual campaigns because the $5,000 they raise through ActBlue can help them meet the threshold that some other PAC has," Reich said. "It may create a situation in a very small race, a low-fund-raising congressional race, where the $5,000 or $10,000 you raise may allow you to put up some television or radio ads and may allow you to impact the actual campaign."

A reminder that you can help support 10 candidates I've chosen on my ActBlue page here (see 8/30 posting)

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September 25, 2004

Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail

Big piece in Sunday's NY Times, Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail by Matthew Klam. Brian's not mentioned, but he apparently talked to the reporter about it and helped line up some of the interviews I think. Diane Farrell isn't portrayed terribly well (of course if she had brought Brian along to the interview it would all be different, but who listens to us?)

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September 17, 2004

Jan and Joe

Jan Schneider is working hard to challenge Katherine Harris in Florida's 13th CD. Now, according to their press release,

Trippi Associates Joins Schneider Campaign

Building on the momentum of an impressive primary victory, Jan Schneider's congressional campaign is proud to announce that Joe Trippi has signed on as a strategic consultant. Mr. Trippi will also handle media communication, including television and radio advertising, for the campaign.

Mr. Trippi is a veteran of seven presidential campaigns, most recently managing Howard Deans presidential race. He has been a leading political consultant for the last 25 years and is a regular political commentator on MSNBC.

"Joe Trippi is an expert in building grassroots campaigns that return politics back to people", Schneider said. "We are tired of politicians like Katherine Harris putting special interests first. I will be a candidate for all the people."

Note: This race in 2002 was one of the first political web sites done by Election Mouse. We are no longer involved and not responsible for the bmp images on the homepage that do not show up on most browsers. Its exciting to see that she's doing well and very cool that Joe Trippi is working on the campaign.

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September 10, 2004

Michael Moore Column

Mom forwarded along this column by Michael Moore during the RNC Convention.

Political conventions have become predictable rituals, four-day cheerleading sessions for both parties. So USA TODAY is offering readers an alternative perspective. Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, director of Fahrenheit 9/11, is writing daily from the Republican convention in New York.
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More on women voters

Via feministing, an interesting piece in The Nation by Katha Pollitt about The Girlie Vote

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September 08, 2004

Raising Money for Candidates

Since this scrolled off the page already, I'm reposting it.

Here are ten great women who could use our support! These are candidates with strong, sound stances, running in races where your dollars matter most. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.
Learn More

Contribution amount: $

Here are the 10 candidates I've chosen. If you'd like, give $5 (or more) to each of them. Contributions are bundled by ActBlue and sent to the campaigns. Click to learn more about each, why I picked them, links to their web sites, etc.
10 Women

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The Washington State Dems have an online campaign where you can make a donation and have a bar of soap sent to Dick Cheney through their Cheney Come Clean campaign. (via comments on change for america)

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September 06, 2004

Labor Day Events

sweeney.jpgThis morning, I tagged along as Carrie worked a front-porch event in Davenport with AFL-CIO president John Sweeney (pretty cool to have the president of the largest labor union do your event on Labor Day morning). Then we hopped in the car and drove back to Des Moines in time to see Elizabeth Edwards speak at the big annual Labor Day lunch at the fairgrounds.

(I missed the paper yesterday, but there was a Q&A with EE in the NY Times Magazine)

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September 04, 2004

Iowa, Day 2


Still here in Iowa, back at party headquarters while Carrie makes press calls (2pm Iowa time). This morning, after stopping by her office and Starbucks, we saw THK address a group of seniors about health care and prescription medication costs. Carrie did a great job managing a healthy pack of tv camera crews and print reporters. We did seem to tire the speaker out (as later news coverage showed)


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September 03, 2004


A surprise visit by Teresa Heinz Kerry to campaign headquarters energized the field staff.



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Brian in the NY Daily News

BLOGGERS are bountiful at RNC
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA

Brian Reich, who was an aide to former vice president Al Gore and is now an Internet consultant, started the blog Campaign Web Review to share his views and report on how the candidates use the Net.

"I think it's important to show how the Net is being tapped by the campaigns for persuasion, community building and getting out the vote," Reich said.

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Carrie's Office

Made it to Iowa! Here I am in Carrie's office at Des Moines Kerry HQ.

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September 01, 2004

Slate on Laura Bush

Interesting piece in Slate today, Laura Bush: Why liberals shouldn't like her by Julia Turner (via LISNews)

It talks a lot about our fascination with a fantasy image of Laura (librarian, reader, smarter than her husband, etc.)

But this fascination with Laura's reading habits reveals more about what liberals think of reading than about Laura herself. The figure of the reader is everything liberals think President Bush is not: curious, reflective, intelligent, intrigued by words. When liberals note that Laura is a reader, they mean that she must be a sort of anti-Dubya.

61 days left and counting... are you getting involved??

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August 31, 2004

Daily Nonpareil

Nice Carrie quotes in the Daily Nonpareil

In fact, the whole article is about her!

Of the more than 120 people who will speak at the Republican National Convention, none are from Iowa, a Democratic Party spokesperson said.

Carrie Giddins believes the hard-right tilt of the Iowa delegation will expose the true colors of the Bush-Cheney ticket.

"The sad fact is the Republican convention is trying to cover up four years of right-wing policies with four days of moderate-sounding rhetoric, and they know speakers from the Iowa delegation would shatter that illusion," Giddins said. "It's kind of embarrassing."

Numerous Iowans, including Gov. Vilsack and First Lady Christie Vilsack, Dubuque nurse Teri Murphy and the Hamilton family of Waukee, spoke at the Democratic convention, Giddins said.

"John Kerry and John Edwards are proud of moderate, mainstream Democrats like Tom and Christie Vilsack, and that is why they asked them to speak at our convention," Giddins said. "It's a shame the Republicans are so intent on disguising their real record that they would insult an entire state just to hide its right-wing delegation."

And apparently the state's raising quite a fuss over being called the 'hinterlands' (USA Today)

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Brian's a guest blogger today at MSNBC's Hardball's blog, and is identified as "the lone Democrat credentialed as a blogger for the GOP Convention."

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August 30, 2004

Cincinnati Enquirer

Just got a google news alert that Brian's mentioned in The Enquirer

Monday, August 30, 2004
Convention blog watch: It's blogging in America

Encore, encore: You might think that since bloggers tend to be more ideological than professional as journalists, the ones who covered the Democrats wouldn't be caught dead with the Republicans, and vice versa. But at least a few repeat names are on the GOP list: Taegan Goddard's Political Wire (, a very newsy, well-balanced cyber-column; Alan Nelson of the Command Post (, which has a broader scope than partisan politics; Brian Reich for Campaign Web Review, which examines how candidates and parties use the Internet.
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B at the RNC

presspass-frontb.jpgBrian's started his coverage of the GOP convention over at Campaign Web Review and will also be continuing his column over at The Hotline (which is free during the convention week). Today's Hotline piece is BLOG WATCH: Can Someone Explain How Bloggers Get Better Credentials Than Us Hotliners?

I'm hoping he'll run into my friend Greg (my one Republican friend) while he's there.

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Act Blue

Found this great site, ActBlue which lets you create your own fundraising pages for Democratic candidates around the country.

Here's my list so far (click to see images, descriptions, links to their blogs, etc.), and you can contribute right away! I've decided to focus on women candidates -- here's ten great women who we can support. If we all give $5 (or more) to some or all of these folks, we could make a difference in some close races!


Diane Farrell (House, Conn.-4) $
Barbara Boxer (Senate, Calif.) $
Doris "Granny D" Haddock (Senate, N.H.) $
Betty Castor (Senate, Fla.) $
Allyson Schwartz (House, Pa.-13) $
Stephanie Herseth (House, S.D.-1) $
Darlene Hooley (House, Ore.-5) $
Lois Murphy (House, Pa.-06) $
Ginny Schrader (House, Pa.-08) $
Inez Tenenbaum (Senate, S.C.) $
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August 27, 2004

New Yorker on How People Decide

Via Alas, A Blog, the current New Yorker has an article on how most Americans decide who to vote for: THE UNPOLITICAL ANIMAL: How political science understands voters by LOUIS MENAND.

It begins by explaining:

To voters who identify strongly with a political party, the undecided voter is almost an alien life form. For them, a vote for Bush is a vote for a whole philosophy of governance and a vote for Kerry is a vote for a distinctly different philosophy. The difference is obvious to them, and they don’t understand how others can’t see it, or can decide whom to vote for on the basis of a candidate’s personal traits or whether his or her position on a particular issue “make sense.” To an undecided voter, on the other hand, the person who always votes for the Democrat or the Republican, no matter what must seem like a dangerous fanatic. Which voter is behaving more rationally an responsibly?"

That pretty much sums up the wonder we all have at the people who are still undecided at this point... and then it goes on to draw from the work of political scientist Philip Converse, who published an article on “The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics,” in 1964.

Converse concluded that “very substantial portions of the public” hold opinions that are essentially meaningless—off-the-top-of-the-head responses to questions they have never thought about, derived from no underlying set of principles. These people might as well base their political choices on the weather. And, in fact, many of them do.

The social aspect of it is really interesting though:

Man may not be a political animal, but he is certainly a social animal. Voters do respond to the cues of commentators and campaigners, but only when they can match those cues up with the buzz of their own social group. Individual voters are not rational calculators of self-interest (nobody truly is), and may not be very consistent users of heuristic shortcuts, either. But they are not just random particles bouncing off the walls of the voting booth. Voters go into the booth carrying the imprint of the hopes and fears, the prejudices and assumptions of their family, their friends, and their neighbors. For most people, voting may be more meaningful and more understandable as a social act than as a political act.
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Less than 10 weeks left

Moveon has a new series of ads counting down the 10 weeks until the election. The newest one was posted today.

"We've got 10 Weeks to change the course of history. Together, we can do it."

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August 26, 2004

Back in the WSJ

Brian's back in the Wall Street Journal again, this time as they profile the RNC bloggers. Same profile as before, but the other bloggers look a lot different than those credentialed for the DNC.

Meet the Bloggers, Part Two
August 26, 2004

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Women's Equality Day

suffrage.jpgOn August 26, 1920, the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote.

The 19th Amendment states:

"The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

An email from PPMM today explains, "Women's Equality Day celebrates the passage of the 19th amendment. We applaud the suffragists who fought for the right to the vote for women. However, the battle for equality in the voting booth is not over. In the last Presidential election, 22 million unmarried women did not vote."

Way to celebrate Women's Equality Day from The Women's History Project and and Teen Wire.

"On this special day, we honor the past by remembering the decades-long struggle of visionary and determined women and men who fought for women's suffrage." from 1999 Proclamation on Women's Equality Day

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August 23, 2004

Carrie the Vote

"We're fabulous because we have the power to decide this year's election. And everybody knows it..."

Via Feministing, we have another entry in the single-women-need-to-get-out-and-vote bandwagon. This one is, another voter reg site aimed at those Sex and the City Voters.

This is a female focused website dedicated to encourage voting among nearly 38 million unmarried female US voters. In a lightly sarcastic and humorous tone, CTV seeks to be a girlfriend-to-girlfriend guide to women on the voting process. The content is especially designed to help overcome challenges particular to women face in order to cast a vote during elections. There is also special emphasis on how women can try to reach out to other women to become regular voters. This website hopes to also enlighten our community that women’s busy lives are not easily conducive to participating in democracy, and so hopes to address this problem and offer positive practical solutions.

Their gimmick? "CTV also seeks to change attract new members by holding an exciting raffle to give away a pair of brand new ladies Manolo Blahnik shoes."

I'm still not sure who all these women are that didn't vote in 2000. Everyone I know voted (at least I assume they did!)

I think I like the Smart Women Vote message better (and I just received my election kit in the mail the other day)

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Funny ad

Emy posted this funny political ad, Mother in Park (with the warning not to play it too loud at work).


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August 19, 2004

So not the right list!

I just got phone-banked from the California Republican Party who, before I could get a word in edgewise, thanked me for my help in getting rid of Grey Davis and was starting to tell me about how I could help get rid of Boxer as well. I finally broke in and told her that I was so not her target audience and asked her what list she was calling from. Apparently I'm on some list of people who have registered to vote in the Republican primaries. Eegad. Shows how much they're working to target Boxer though.

Barbara Boxer for U.S. Senate

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August 17, 2004

Greg on CSPAN

My college roommate Greg was on CSPAN yesterday fielding calls about Bush's immigration policy. Shame he's on the wrong side of the election, but he did a great job.

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Political sites to vote on

From Politics Online: You can vote today on The 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics. Among those nominated are some of my personal favorites:

Joi Ito
Joichi Ito is in charge of international and mobility for Technorati and the founder, CEO of Neoteny, a venture capital firm that is the lead investor in Six Apart, and is on the board of Creative Commons. He has created numerous Internet companies including PSINet Japan, Digital Garage and Infoseek Japan. In 1997 Time Magazine ranked him as a member of the CyberElite. In 2000 he was ranked among the "50 Stars of Asia" by Business Week and commended by the Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for supporting the advancement of IT. In 2001 the World Economic Forum chose him as one of the 100 "Global Leaders of Tomorrow" for 2002. He was appointed as a member of Howard Dean's Net Advisory Net during the Dean campaign. [Note: Joi is one of the keynote presenters at our upcoming Online Social Networks 2004 online conference]

Joe Trippi
Joe Trippi-heralded on the cover of The New Republic as the man who "reinvented campaigning"-was born in California and began his political career working on Edward M. Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1980. His work in presidential politics continued with the campaigns of Walter Mondale, Gary Hart, Richard Gephardt and Howard Dean. In 2004, he was National Campaign Manager for Howard Dean's presidential campaign, pioneering the use of online technology to organize what became the largest grassroots movement in presidential politics. Through Trippi's innovative use of the internet for small-donor fundraising, Dean for America ended up raising more money than any Democratic presidential campaign in history, all with donations averaging less than $100 each. Trippi's innovations have brought fundamental change to the electoral system and will be the model for how all future political campaigns are run.
What started as a way to organize a local gathering of people on a global level, has become the key tool in building online support for politicians in the US. Meetup is an advanced technology platform and global network of local venues that helps people self-organize local group gatherings on the same day everywhere. Meetups take place in up to 651 cities in 61 countries at local cafes, restaurants, bookstores, and other local establishments. Over1.3 million people have already signed up for MeetUps to discuss over 4,000 topics. Currently over 500,000 people worldwide use MeetUp's for politics and activism. [Note: Our ALASC group is promoting the librarians meetup as a way for us to self-organize some local groups around the state to talk about library-related stuff. Sign up today so we'll have enough people to meet next month!]

The first online PAC, MoveOn.Org, gave us the earliest glimpse of the grassroots potential of the net to raise money and mobilize citizens to a cause. The International network now has more than 2,000,000 online activists and is one of the most effective and responsive outlets for democratic participation available today. In 2004 MoveOn has effectively used the web for online fundraising and mobilization in such a way it has became a household name. Zack Exley, an early team member of, joined the Kerry Campaign as Director of Online Communications and Organizing, where he has help the campaign reach new heights in online activism.

and via Alas, a blog, The Washington Post is running a contest called "2004 Best Blogs - Politics and Elections Readers' Choice Awards". (registration is required to nominate sites)

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August 16, 2004

B on Blogging the Prez

Brian has a new piece posted on The Blogging of the President:2004 called Online Fundraising and Campaign Finance Reform

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August 15, 2004

Will Ferrell from Crawford

Will Ferrell does an excellent GWB in his parody for ACT, A message from White House West. (via Doc Searles')

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Voter Reg at Fiesta de Artes

I registered voters this morning at the Los Gatos Fiesta de Artes down at the civic center green for the Santa Clara County Dems. We had a great spot outside of the fence of the event, but they made us move across the street (though we got three good hours of good visibility at the start).

Here's our booth at the start, and then after we had to move, two fully decked-out volunteers sat in our former spot to direct some traffic over our way.
I'm constantly finding people working at these things who have never done any political work before. This election has finally gotten them involved, after long lives watching from the side lines. I hope that's a good sign and that we're drawing in lots of new voters and activists... but pretty depressing that they all feel that this is the worse they've ever seen things.

The fair itself was pretty good too. Lots of nice arts and crafts and music. I did a quick sweep, bought an excellent grilled vegetable wrap and headed home to take a nap.

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August 14, 2004

Barbie for President

barbieforpresident.jpgVia feministing, I had to check out the site for Barbie for President.

Of course I'm both somewhat disgusted (her platform seems to be Think P.I.N.K. - Peace, Inspiration, Nature and Knowledge).... and have to have one! There was one in 2000 which I somehow managed to resist, but may have to pre-order one from Amazon today (funny, it comes out the same day as my required text book's new edition which I also just pre-ordered from them)

It got a bit of news coverage yesterday as well. (and an interesting piece in the Scotsman)

Hey, if it gets us closer to being able to elect a woman president, I'm all for it. I just still wish Barbie could be president (and good at math) without always sounding like a complete airhead. But I like that the site has her saying things like "Together we can change the world" and The White House Project has printable action sheets on the Barbie page for girls and adults with points like "Champion a cause you believe in. Change only happens when people take action!"

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Carrie News

Just got this google alert about Carrie!

Subject: Google News Alert - Carrie Giddins

PRESIDENT focuses on tax cuts, terrorism during campaign stop
Sioux City Journal - Sioux City,IA,USA
... Iowa Democratic Party spokeswoman Carrie Giddins said Kerry is glad Hussein has been removed from power, but criticized Bush for pursuing
a "go-it-alone policy ...

The article says:

Iowa Democratic Party spokeswoman Carrie Giddins said Kerry is glad Hussein has been removed from power, but criticized Bush for pursuing a "go-it-alone policy" in Iraq that has left the U.S. bearing 90 percent of the casualties and alienating allies.


Giddins said Kerry has a plan to cut back the Bush tax cuts for only those making over $200,000, which encompasses the 1 percent of Americans who own 45 percent of the wealth. She said Bush should pay attention to his weak job growth record, which has seen a net loss of 1.8 million private-sector jobs since he took office, while the new jobs created last month fell well short of the administration's goal.

"John Kerry's plan is to help the middle class, who is the group of people who make this country great," Giddins said. She said Bush speaks as if he understands middle class families, but actually "is turning his back on" them.

I reached spokeswoman Giddins by phone to get her comment on the story, and she was out at a Iowa Cubs game but seemed to like the quotes (though I did feel a bit like a stalker admitting that she was one of my google news alerts ... )

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August 10, 2004

Senate Debate

boxerpin.gifFrom an email alert from the CA Dems:

The latest polls give California Senator Barbara Boxer a big lead over Republican Bill Jones. Tonight's debate at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles is the first time these two candidates will square off in a debate. Tune in to see Senator Boxer deliver the goods and see why she will once again be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Tune in tonight at 6pm for the Boxer vs. Jones debate live. For a more in-depth comparison of the candidates, please visit or visit the Boxer Campaign Site.

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August 05, 2004

22 Million

Via (I just love that site!), is a 6-minute documentary video called One Vote about women and voting.

Their web site explains that, "Twenty-two million single women did not vote in the 2000 election. Had they voted in the same numbers as married women, 6,000,000 additional votes would have been cast. In Florida that would have meant over 200,000 additional votes would have been cast. The 2000 presidential election was decided by 537 votes in the state of Florida." She Votes has some interesting stuff as well.

There's more info at Women's Voices. Women Vote. They point out that these 22 million women are the largest group of non voters in our democratic process, and that "voting together, women on their own, could determine who wins and loses elections."

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August 04, 2004

Davenport Iowa, the place to be?

Who knew that Iowa was such the place to be? Tons of great news coverage today for Kerry and Bush's trip to the same small town in Iowa. Poor Carrie definitely had her hands full!

My favorite piece was from KTVO3 which reports not only that "Both President Bush and Democratic nominees John Kerry campaigned in the Quad cities today, just blocks from each other" but that "three bank robberies happened about the same time President Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry were speaking at separate venues in Davenport Wednesday."

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August 02, 2004

B's Hotline Quotes

Brian seems to have recovered a bit from the convention overload and is finally blogging about the experience there. To start, he's pointed to some of his hotline pieces (which were free during the convention but are password protected again). I like how they call him "our man in the trudging through the blogs." Here are some snippets from his coverage:

7/26: BLOG WATCH: If A Blogger Gets A Bit Snobby Or Even Snippy, Are They Snoggy?
"About 25 bloggers, including Tom Burka, Patrick Belton from Oxblog, Ezra Klein from and the boys from Campaign Desk gathered Sunday night at The Field in Cambridge. Mostly drinking and complaining -- about credentials (several showed up to receive their credentials and were not on the list)...
Quote of the day (so far) comes from OxBlog: "7:13 pm: Kennedy staffer: 'I love all these Democrats being here. It's like being a Jew in Israel.'"

7/27: BLOG WATCH: Is It Funny If You Are A Blogger?
I overheard a conversation at the Blogger Breakfast Monday morning that went something like this:
-- The first guy asks "What do bloggers eat for breakfast?"
-- The second guy responds "the media."
It is funny if you are a blogger... I guess.

7/28: Hotline's special web campaign columnist, Brian Reich asks, how many bloggers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I don't know, but there are now more than 100 bloggers writing about the Dem Convo. One of them is Joe Trippi, but he says he can't get into the Fleet Center. I guess he won't get his official blogger buttons! (7/28).

7/29: BLOG WATCH: I'm Thinking About It
Hotline's special web campaign columnist, Brian Reich, is getting just a bit punchier as he finishes up his week hanging with the bloggers.

7/30: BLOG WATCH: A Look At How He Played In CyberSpace
The experiment of credentialing bloggers for the Dem Convo seems to have worked. All week, bloggers complained about the Wi-Fi access in the Fleet Center and grumbled about "pushy Democrats with 'do you know who I am' attitudes". But on Thursday night, all keyboards were focused on John Kerry's acceptance speech. ... Of course, immediacy isn't everything in the blogosphere -- the best stuff from the bloggers may come next week. I'll have to let you know what they say when the hangover wears off.

Plus, using blog digger, I found a few more mentions of Brian on people's blogs:

DNC convention blog
Senator Schumer Speaks
Jul 28, 2004 from bostonDparty - 2004 Democratic National Convention Blog
Thanks to the good folks over at the Democratic News Service, Chris Casey and Brian Reich, I was able to have a quick conversation with the senior Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer.

How blogging at the convention will work
Jul 23, 2004 from
Brian Reich, the Deputy Director for Internet Operations at the Democratic News Service, will be coordinating the interaction between bloggers and others and shared some insights into how this process

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July 30, 2004

T-shirt pick?

tshirtpick.jpgI'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear it, but this is my favorite of the voter-related shirts I've seen so far. Ilona is modelling it here in our newly opened Urban Outfitters at Santana Row after we had a last-chance-before-Ilona-gets-married-tomorrow lunch with Emy.

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July 29, 2004

Convention Thursday

I missed all the coverage of today's convention, but luckily caught up on c-span later. Here are a few shots of Kerry's big speech. What did you all think of it?


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Political Cartoon and more blogging coverage

I guess you know you've made it when they start making political cartoons about you. (as seen on kaye trammell)

And Dan Gillmor asks, "If I write about coverage of the coverage of the bloggers' reporting at the Democratic National Convention, is that meta-meta-meta journalism?" Meanwhile, I'm blogging the coverage of the coverage of the coverage of the bloggers? Ack.

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July 28, 2004


bloggerpins.jpgUmm... Brian... if you're reading this... I'd really LOVE to have one of these pins (as seen in's photos) So if you happen to have any extras lying around there... Pretty please?

If not, can you at least take some clear photos of you wearing them? Thanks!!!

Hmmm... maybe I'll make myself a t-shirt that says "My brother blogged the Democratic convention and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" :) I'd like to add for the record that I'm enormously proud of my brother (and only a tad jealous...)

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Convention Wednesday

Watched convention coverage tonight with Alan and Margaret down in Santa Cruz, so not many screen shots tonight. The highlight for me was seeing my friend Donald Dunn, now state chair of Utah, annouce his state's delegate count during roll-call. Roll-call is always my favorite part of the convention -- I love hearing how the states introduce themselves! I totally forgot that Donald would be the likely choice for UT and almost left after New York! I'm so glad I stayed to the end -- plus I had a wonderful time and a delicious dinner with Alan and Margaret. And it is MUCH more fun to watch with other people and cheer along!


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B on Westport Now Again

More coverage of Brian at the convention. He showed up in Westport Now again in an article about how the blog doesn't quite fit the mould of the other bloggers. Gordon writes:

All the media attention on convention bloggers is no doubt satisfying to Westport's Brian Reich, co-director of Internet Services for the Democrats and one of the people in charge of making sure their needs are met.

But it's also meant a lot of 19 and 20 hours days getting things ready. Monday's opening day was especially trying for Reich, son of Westport Representative Town Meeting member Ann Sheffer.

When bloggers finally made their way to their assigned seats way up in the upper reaches of the Fleet Center, they found not enough tables and power outlets for their laptops and an Internet Wi-Fi connection that came and went – mostly went.

Reich was on the case, however, and by Tuesday's session bloggers said the situation was much improved. And Reich was much relieved.

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July 27, 2004

Live from Des Moines, IA!

Carrie was on the BIG screen at the convention as part of the satellite feed from a farm in Iowa! Here are some screen shots :) Go Carrie!


dncc-carriearrow.jpgShe's sitting at the table on the far back right corner. It's much easier to see on TV than on the webcast, but its definitely her! How cool is that!
dncc-mrsIA.jpg(oh, and then the first lady of IA spoke)

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Convention Tuesday

Let's see what we have tonight...


Plus, after Dean's speech you can send a thank you to Dean for all he's done for the party. As they're fundraising email explains, "Democrats in Boston and across the country are fired up to get out there and win this election. We know what we want -- and we will fight for it. And Howard Dean helped us get here."

Kids for Kerry
Representatives from Kids for Kerry, Boston chapter
Nubia Smith Whitaker, age 12, will speak on their behalf

Benjamin McKenzie
Actor, "The O.C."

City Youth Dance Ensemble

Tribute to Fannie Lou Hamer
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
 The Honorable Bennie Thompson
 U.S. House of Representatives, Mississippi

 Dr. Maya Angelou
 Poet and Activist

 Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Members

 Freedom Singers: "This Little Light of Mine"

The Honorable Mike Honda
U.S. House of Representatives, California

The Reverend Dr. James Forbes
Senior Minister, Riverside Church, New York, New York

Gavel to Order
The Honorable Jeanne Shaheen
Former Governor of New Hampshire

National Anthem via satellite from the Tohono O'odham Nation, Arizona
Michael Enis and Alicia Chiles
The anthem will be sung in the traditional Tohono O'odham language
The Honorable Edward Kennedy
United States Senator, Massachusetts
Honorary Chair, Democratic National Committee

Satellite feed from Chicago, Illinois

The Honorable Richard Gephardt
U.S. House of Representatives, Missouri

The Honorable Tom Daschle
United States Senate, South Dakota
Democratic Leader

Satellite feed from Des Moines, Iowa

The Honorable Carol Mosley-Braun
Former United States Senator, Illinois 
9:00 pm  The Honorable Howard Dean
Former Governor of Vermont

Satellite from the Tohono O'odham Nation, Arizona

Christie Vilsack
First Lady of Iowa

The Honorable Janet Napolitano
Governor of Arizona

The Honorable Richard Durbin
United States Senator, Illinois

Keynote Speaker
Barack Obama
Candidate for the United States Senate, Illinois

Satellite feed from Chicago, Illinois

The Honorable Jim Langevin
U.S. House of Representatives, Rhode Island

Ron Reagan

Kids for Kerry Founder Ilana Wexler
Age 12
Oakland, California

Performance by Children's Voices of Greater Boston

Chris Heinz

Teresa Heinz Kerry

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Seattle PI

The Seattle PI reports that Brian got invited to blog at the GOP convention! It says, "Brian Reich, a former aide to Democrat Al Gore, disclosed in an e-mail to The Associated Press, that he, too, got an invite." hmmm.... His site is non-partisan and all...

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Here's one more on Brian that I missed earlier in the week (perhaps because they spell his name wrong?)

How Blogging will work at the convention by Jonathan Dube at Cyberjournalist:

Chris Casey and Brian Reich, the Director and Deputy Director of Internet Services for the Democratic News Service respectively, will be coordinating the interaction between bloggers and others at the Democratic Convention. Riech [sic] shared some insights into how this process will work with
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More on Brian

Here's some more on Brian...

On Westport Now, Gordon reports, "Westporter Brian Reich, 26, is playing an important role at the Democratic national convention in Boston this week. Reich, son of Representative Town Meeting member Ann Sheffer, is co-director of Internet Services for convention organizers. This means he has charge of Internet bloggers at the convention. He is shown conferring tonight with blogger Jessamyn West of Bethel, Vt.whose blog is Reich is also covering the convention for his blog, Campaign Web Review."

Check out the awesome photo of Brian with Jessamyn West, one of my favorite bloggers!!

And, while they don't mention Brian in this, NPR had a piece called "Bloggers Offer Intimate View of Convention" which you can listen to online. It interviews a number of the bloggers.

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July 26, 2004

Convention Monday

I'll post some photos once Mom gets home and sends them along, but thought I'd at least capture of few images from the coverage.

Here's what we have tonight:


Terry McAuliffe
Chairman, Democratic National Committee

Gavel to Order
The Honorable Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico
Permanent Chair, Democratic National Convention

National Anthem - Bebe Winans

The Honorable Al Gore
Former Vice President of the United States

Satellite Feed from Canton, Ohio

Salute to Women Senators
Glenn Close

The Honorable Barbara Mikulski
United States Senate, Maryland

Children's Choir

Satellite Feed from Little Rock, Arkansas

9:00 pm to 11:00 p.m.

9:00 pm   The Honorable Jimmy Carter
Former President of the United States

Satellite Feed from Los Angeles, California

The Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones
U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio

The Honorable Tammy Baldwin
U.S. House of Representatives, Wisconsin

Satellite Feed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Honorable Robert Menendez
U.S. House of Representatives, New Jersey

Remembrance of 9/11

The Reverend David Alston
Columbia, South Carolina
Vietnam Swiftboat Crewmate of John Kerry
The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
United States Senate, New York

The Honorable Bill Clinton
Former President of the United States

Patti LaBelle

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Media Daily News

Continuing to collect Brian's press clips... here he is in MediaDailyNews, "Convention Coverage Could Boost Blog Traffic, Ad Rates, and Awareness" By Kate Kaye

Blogs could pick up the slack, albeit in a manner unlike that of mainstream news outlets. Although he acknowledges that people privately have worried about the lack of blog filters, Brian Reich, editor of Campaign Web Review, and the director of Boston Operations for Mindshare Interactive Campaigns opined, "It's time for some new voices." Reich will be distributing convention Web video content and organizing chats with congress people on behalf of the democratic convention.

dncc-rosa.jpgI have to run to a meeting, but plan to keep watching the cspan webcasts until the prime time coverage starts. Here's CT's own Rosa DeLauro introducing the party's platform.

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Wall Street Journal

Now Brian's in the Wall Street Journal!

Its an article that introduces each of the bloggers covering the covention. B's says:

Brian Reich, 26, strategic consultant and director of Boston operations for Mindshare Interactive Campaigns, Cambridge, Mass. Campaign Web Review. Describe your blog. CWR examines the use of the Internet in politics. How do you plan to cover the convention? What kind of content can readers expect? I'm going to look at how the candidates, the party, organizations, and media use the Internet in relation to the convention -- what they write about, what initiatives they launch, what special coverage they give. Why should people read your coverage? CWR is the only blog focused specifically on how candidates, campaigns and organizations, activists and the media are using the Web. What's the biggest gap in convention coverage by mainstream media in prior election years? Real behind-the-scenes coverage -- the personalities of the volunteers that make the show happen, the speechwriters, the drivers, the pages, etc. Moment/speaker/event you're most looking forward to covering. I'm going to cover those who participate in activities online. I'd like to see Kerry and Edwards participate in an online chat the day of their speech, but I'm not holding my breath. Whom do you plan to vote for in November? CWR is nonpartisan (hopefully). I am a Democrat and I will vote for Senator Kerry in November.

and it even has a picture of him from his wedding :)

And for those of you interested, check out how is aggregating all the feeds from all the official bloggers onto their site. Very cool!

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July 24, 2004

Convention Coverage Begins

And the convention blogging is getting underway!

Here, Gordon blogs about Brian, Mom & Bill being at the convention. (yes, the blogosphere is a bit of an echo chamber...)

To all my family members who are at the convention and may be reading this: Feel free to collect cool pins and things for me while you are there. [hint hint] (Oh, and if you could collect some for Carrie too, that'd be nice) And send lots of photos of you all with cool political and famous folks. Thanks!!

To any local folks, if any one wants to come over and watch prime time convention coverage this week, lemme know... [hmm... I think I'm going to have to go make more political friends out here...]

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July 21, 2004

T-Shirt Quest

I'm on a quest for a decent political t-shirt to wear doing voter reg and stuff in the coming weeks. There are a bunch of options at cafe press, but I haven't seen any I can't live without. I'm tempted by democratic underground's Pro Choice/Pro Kerry one or maybe the Put the smart guy in charge one? I wish I could have been a Dean delegate for Kerry.

I was hoping for a blogger-related tshirt maybe? If you guys see any at the convention, lemme know...

(Though the computer ate my vote ones are also kinda fun, but maybe not the right message for encouraging people to vote...)

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Really Scary

Check out this scary animation on the ACLU site about privacy and technology -- as shown through a creepy pizza ordering experience. Oh, and then take action! (thank you Joi for posting the link!)

Oh, and has some more poll data on young women and the elections from a Lifetime Television/Rock the Vote poll.

among the results:

-- Vast Majority of Women Said Neither President Bush Nor Senator Kerry Understands Women Like Them Very Well; Yet Women Believe Senator Kerry Knows Better than President Bush

-- Additional Results Show Importance of Empowering Young Women, Including Findings that More than Twice as Many Men than Women Were Told to Run for Office By Parents or Teachers and that Nearly Twenty Percent of Young Women Believe There Will Never Be a Woman President --

- Approximately three quarters of women 18-34 (78%) and undecided women (82%) do not believe the country is heading in the right direction on the issue of health care and insurance coverage. In addition, approximately two-thirds (65%) of women 18-34 do not have positive feelings about the direction of the country in the areas of jobs and the economy, quality of education, the environment and the policies on the war in Iraq.

I'm not sure why they asked questions like whether Bush or Kerry would be more likely to go to a concert with their daughters.

"Young women have the potential to change the course of American politics this year," said Young Women's Leadership Conference '04 Executive Committee Member and former Appointee to President Clinton's White House Women's Office, Robin Leeds. "There is too much at stake for women and standing on the sidelines of democracy is not an option."
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July 20, 2004

Brian Update

An update on my brother Brian (since I've taken it upon myself to blog his news :)). I found out that his official title for the upcoming convention is Co-director of the Internet division of the Democratic News Service. Is that cool or what? He sent the following blurb:

The DNS is a full-featured media facility created to help connect elected officials and candidates with voters across the country via television, radio and the Internet. Located in the Fleet Center, the DNS Internet team is available to assist bloggers who are interested in arranging interviews and guest blogging opportunities.

Plus I saw that his name was on the list of bloggers at and now his Campaign Web Review blog has an xml feed posted so I can finally subscribe to it on bloglines! Yay!

I've been reading's convention blog and can't wait to see what everyone posts during the convention. (yes, some pangs that I'm not going this time -- 1992 and 1996 were amazing to work at, but, alas, I'll be watching this year's from here)

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July 16, 2004

Not as blue as I thought I'd be

So Slate has a new Red or Blue—Which Are You? quiz you can take online.

(seen on Alas, a Blog)

But the background noise where you live plays a big role—the local news, what your neighbors talk about, how you get from one place to another, the kinds of culinary and artistic options available, what I like to think of as the "cultural soundtrack" that you can hum automatically because it's always on. If you're a blue-stater, you might happen to have learned how often Rush Limbaugh is on the air, but if you're a red-stater, chances are you know it off the top of your head. That instinctual knowledge is what this quiz intends to judge, not how smart you are about the other side. And there are many people who are purple—neither red nor blue, or both red and blue.

I ended up "Is it cold in here? You're a little blue." -- my own fault for living in the burbs I guess.

Speaking of blue vs. red, they've posted the 2004 Democratic Party Platform...

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July 15, 2004


emilyslistlogo.gifYay! Emily's List has finally endorsed Diane Farrell!

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July 12, 2004

Off to Iowa!

fieldofdreams.jpgCongrats to Carrie who is off to Iowa to be the state's Press Secretary for the Kerry campaign! I'm going to have to go do some research into what there is to do in Des Moines... and of course this will require a trip to the field of dreams... (after all, Dyersville is only 189 miles from Des Moines)

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July 11, 2004

Dean in Bridgeport

Mom sent along these photos of the Dean fundraiser for Diane Farrell that they had tonight at Katy's parent's house (where we were for Katy's wedding two weeks ago) That's Katy's Mom in black introducing Howard (and my Mom in red if you hadn't figured that out).


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June 29, 2004

Clinton's Life

I was going to go to Barnes & Noble and line up for Clinton's book signing, but its a good thing Emy warned me not to, because apparently they're turning people away (according to the SJ merc, the line formed at 5:30am YESTERDAY for tonight's 8:30 PM signing)

I really didn't expect that here in San Jose!!!

So I think I'll go to the 7pm show of Farenheit 9/11 instead...

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June 24, 2004

Kerry at The Tech

Have you tried Googe's "as-it-happens News Alerts" brought to you by Google News (BETA)? You can create news alerts on whatever you want, and then they email you news articles. So I have one about The Tech, and so here are some articles they sent about Kerry's fundraiser at The Tech last night (wasn't really at The Tech but at Parkside Hall, part of the Convention Center that is attached to the museum, but its still cool)

KERRY touts tech's future at fundraiser in San Jose
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) - San Jose,CA,USA
... Kerry, who has spoken only in vague outlines about his plan, said at
a fundraiser at the Tech Museum of Innovation that he would restore ``a
framework in which ...

KERRY: 'Greatest divider' is the current president
Contra Costa Times - Contra Costa County,CA,USA
... Francis in San Francisco. Later in the day, Kerry traveled to San Jose
where he was scheduled to attend a fund-raiser at the Tech Museum of Innovation.

KERRY rakes in support
San Mateo County Times - San Mateo,CA,USA
... Another fund-raiser Wednesday evening at San Jose's Tech Museum of
Innovation drew at least $1.1 million for his campaign and $850,000 for
the DNC. ...,1413,87~11268~2232155,00.html

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June 21, 2004

New CT Gov?

If the rumors are true, it sounds like CT is losing their governor! The AP is reporting that "Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland will announce his resignation Monday night, amid a federal corruption investigation and a growing move to impeach him," (in the NY Times) making Lt. Governor M. Jodi Rell the new governor. She may be a Republican, but she sounds pretty cool and a whole lot better than Rowland. It should be interesting to see what happens.

Mom -- any local scoop?

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June 18, 2004

More on single women voters

In today's NY Times:

Sex and the Single Voter
Published: June 18, 2004

I thought she raised some great points. Here are some highlights:

In response to tips to treat going to the polls like "a hair appointment we would not miss" or offering "Kiss Bush Goodbye" underwear, she writes that: "I get the message. The political players are not out to engage me in a serious discussion of the issues. As a single woman, I'm too preoccupied with lipstick, hair and underwear. They need to find a way to get me to the polls only this one time. Then, by the next presidential election, perhaps I'll be married and have a mortgage."

"No matter how many thousands of lives you may have saved with your lifelong, relentless advocacy for safer cars and workplaces, and purer food and water; no matter how doggedly you have pursued the causes of government and corporate accountability, and inspired countless others to do the same, you can still be dismissed as immature and irresponsible if you are not married."

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June 17, 2004

Granny D

doristoday.gifYears ago at NMP, Janine and I worked on a Common Cause web site about a woman named Granny D who was walking 3,200 miles across the United States to promote campaign finance reform. today links to an article in the Nation titled "Granny D Wants to be Senator D." Apparently Granny D, now 94, is about to annouce that she's running for Senate in New Hampshire! Go Granny D!

Here's her campaign site. She's having a press conference today at noon, and the announcement says, "Signs and banners are not allowed in the building. Straw hats are allowed and appropriate." Its going to be a fun race to watch!

She also has two books, Granny D: You're Never Too Old to Raise a Little Hell (2003) and Granny D: Walking Across America in My Ninetieth Year (2001)

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June 16, 2004

Political Stuff

For another look-how-cool-my-brother-is-post, his weekly column is out again in today's hotline (though I'm probably breaking his copyright by posting it for you here). Karen writes that she may start posting it on their blog next week.

and more from on Voting and the Single Girl, linking to an article in today's Village Voice.... "There's no question the candidates want single women. But do single women want the candidates?"

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June 12, 2004

Official End of the Campaign

thankyoubnparty.jpgStopped by a thank you party tonight given by Barbara Nesbet (in the blue dress), who I had done some princinct walking for before the March 2nd election. She was a great candidate and hopes to go back to work (but not back to law) and then run again for Assembly or something else again in the future. It was great watching her work the room and thank each person there for what they had done on the campaign. I met a Superior Court Judge who is thinking of running for county DA in a couple of years (a seat that's been Republican for the last 30-some years) and Barbara's web guy who is now very involved in Silicon Valley for Kerry.

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June 09, 2004

Brian's Hotline Column

hotline1.gifKaren sent a note today announcing that, "WOWSERS!! Brian's weekly column in the Hotline, THE online source (published by the National Journal) for political news in Washington, not only debuted today but is featured on the LEAD Column on the front page! This is a HUGE deal and a fabulous write-up if I do say so myself." Congrats to Brian!!!

At the start of his column, the editors wrote: "Beginning this Wednesday and following up each week, we've asked web campaign consultant Brian Reich to track the internet campaign and observe the more interesting trends, be it on a candidate's web site, a 527 site or a blog. This week's inaugural edition is, not surprisingly, heavy on Reagan."

and at the end: "About Brian Reich
      Reich is the editor of Campaign Web Review -- a blog examining the use of the Internet by candidates, campaigns and organizations, activists and the media during the 2004 cycle. Brian has spent much of his life working with campaigns and political organizations, helping to direct dozens of campaigns across the country. He also served as VP Gore's Briefing Director in the White House and during the 2000 campaign. Brian is now a strategic consultant and Director of Boston Operations for Mindshare Interactive Campaigns. Did your web campaign tactic catch our eye? If not, email Reich at and let him know. Remember, this is a column, so email compliments and complaints his way."

Shows you what I know! Not only did I not know he was writing a column for the Hotline, I didn't even know that he was the editor of Campaign Web Review until I read about it in his bio paragraph!


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May 20, 2004

Voter Registration

bettysusanmayor.jpgAs her senior project, Betty and a friend are working to register all the eligible voters at Loomis (yes, it runs in the family). As part of the project, they had CT Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz come and speak today to encourage the kids. Since we were up there for Betty's play last night anyway, Mom & Bill & I stayed over in Hartford, took Betty out to breakfast, and stayed to support her assembly. Here's Betty with the Secretary and the mayor of Windsor.

I think that its pretty cool that on google right now, the top hit for Loomis gives you:
Registered and Ready to Vote. 5/19/2004 - As part of their senior project, seniors Betty Stolpen and Lynnie Moore want every eligible ...

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May 10, 2004

ABCs of Women's Issues

From the feministing blog today:

The National Council of Women's Organizations has a great new voter guide that every woman should have, "The ABCs of Women's Issues." [Download PDF File]

She also posted a piece about single women as the hot new swing voter block (hey! we're up there with Soccer Moms and Nascar Dads now!)

United Press International reported today that more than 21 million single women didn't vote in the last presidential election.

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April 25, 2004

March for Women's Lives

march.jpgI wish I could be in DC today for the March for Women's Lives. My friend Heather's there marching. There's a vigil here from 12-2 at the corner of Hamilton and Bascom, but if I'm going to be able to justify going to knitting group, I'd better stay home and do homework until then (eegads, i sound like a terrible feminist). :( I'll try to catch some of it on CSPAN at least (if they get their live feed fixed)

(There are a great set of links to blogs writing about it on Alas, a Blog)

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Patriot Act Game

Check out this new board game.

The Seattle PI writes: "For those of you who think the Patriot Act is less about protecting the U.S. from terrorism and more about The Man violating what's left of our civil liberties, there's good news: Now you can turn your disgust to a board game the whole family can enjoy!"

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April 12, 2004

Take Action

seal.gifAccording to, "some 12,000 sealers armed with rifles and spears headed for the ice floes and islands off eastern Canada on Monday in the world's largest seal hunt, followed by protesters condemning the $20 million harvest as barbaric." It really is just a gruesome practice -- the images they show are always heartbreaking.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), a former client of mine at NMP, is asking us to take action to Support US Senate Resolution 269 - Call for an End to Canada's Seal Hunt. Both the Connecticut senators have signed onto the bill, but our California ones don't appear to be on the list yet.

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CNN Piece on Amherst

Thank you to Brian who sent along this CNN Piece on politics at Amherst,: "Steering past the apathy undertow: Amherst College students find ways to make politics a priority" by Rebecca Allen '90. I was excited to see that the Amherst Feminist Alliance was still going. I spoke to my dear friend Heather '99 (head of the AFA when we were there) last night who had also reported that bus loads of Amherst folks were coming down to DC for the March for Women's Lives.

I also like in their little profile of Amherst the 4 prominent alums they pick to feature:

Prominent alumni
- Melvil Dewey, inventor of the Dewey Decimal System
- Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code”
- Calvin Coolidge, U.S. president, 1923-1929
- Francisco Flores, president of El Salvador

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April 06, 2004

March Meetup

Stopped by the National March for Women's Lives Meetup at Armidillo Willy's in Sunnyvale (yes, the feminist meetup was at a BBQ joint... hmmm) where people were getting ready for the march in Washington on April 25th. I wish I could go (and in fact I'll be in DC just a few days before), but wanted to make sure I was on the mailing lists for any post-march local action.

Related to that, Heather sent me this fantastic site yesterday -- Check it out!!

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April 03, 2004

Lunch with Hillary

hillary.jpgAlso from Mom today comes this photo of she and Bill at a fundraising lunch event today with Hillary Clinton.

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March 15, 2004

Diane for Congress

diane.jpgWestport First Selectwoman Diane Farrell officially announced for Congress today at four locations around the district.

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March 03, 2004


Here are the updated results:

100.0% ( 375 of 375 ) precincts reporting as of Mar 3, 2004 at 8:36 am

Candidate Votes Percent
Ira Ruskin 17,417 37.4%
John Carcione 17,075 36.6%
John Barton 6,755 14.4%
Barbara Nesbet 5,419 11.6%

And while in this and other races I'll support my party's nominee... I'd like to point out that the winner in the race has misspelled HIS OWN NAME (and other things) on the front page of his website, where it says, "San Fransico Chronicle Endorses Rusking." That race came down to just 342 votes.

Measure B-County Library District
364/364 100.00%
  Vote Count Percent
YES 41,401 60.65%
NO 26,859 39.35%

The Yes on B website explains that 41,401 people voted yes. An additional 4107 yes votes would have made the difference.


Some scenes from Election Night

My festive election night cookies

My still cheerful candidate

Waiting for results

Campaign manager Cameron Day sneaks in a quiet moment on the phone

Campaign manager for Measure B, Lynna, and a supporter check the results online

Back at Barbara's, Internet access is back up and everyone is gathered around Larry's awesome spreadsheet that graphs all of the pricinct returns as we get them.

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March 02, 2004

Not looking good...

Well, right now at 11:40 pm, things are not looking good in either of the races I've been working on.

For state assembly, district 21:
John Carcione 39.5%
Ira Ruskin 36.1%
John Barton 13.5%
Barbara Nesbet 10.9%
70.9% ( 266 of 375 ) precincts reporting as of Mar 2, 2004 at 11:32 pm

and Measure B
with 355/364 97.53% reporting
YES 60.69%
NO 39.31%
but we need 2/3 to pass...

Plus I'm still seething that they announced that Edwards was going to pull out with THREE HOURS OF VOTING LEFT here in California. First NBC said that they weren't going to reveal the results of the East Coast primaries until the polls closed here (but that you could see them on their web site if you really wanted to know) -- and I was just about to email them thanking them for their restraint -- and then they announced as breaking news that "sources" revealed Edwards was quitting. It was bad enough that so many of the choices in the race pulled out before the majority of the country got to vote -- but then they can't even let us have a whole day without rubbing it in that our votes don't actually matter all that much. As it was, it screwed up all our local races to have the primary moved up so early, and then we have record low turnout and they wonder why.

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Touch Screen Voting!

vote1.jpgMy county is one of the ones to switch over to touch screen voting for this election -- still quite controversial since it doesn't give a paper record of your vote. I was the 36th voter this morning in my precinct and am happily now sporting an "I voted by Touchscreen" sticker.

I also want to highly recommend (which was a Tech Awards Laureate in 2003.)

Did some last minute phone banking for Measure B this morning and tonight I'm hoping to go watch the returns with one of both of the campaigns I've been volunteering on.

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February 28, 2004

Door to Door Again

nesbet.jpgI did one last day of door-to-door campaigning today before Tuesday's election. Here's Barbara Nesbet (left) and Roberta as we walked around Palo Alto. We covered a whole princinct and then Barbara went on to do more (I came home and crashed). It was an absolutely beautiful day to be out walking though, and the neighborhood we were in (up in Barron Park) was lovely. We even worked the crowd briefly at the Juana Run community event.

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February 24, 2004

'American Idol' Could Affect Hawaii Turnout

I heard this on the radio this morning and had to laugh.

Hawaii's state Democratic party chairman said because a well-known Hawaii contestant will be on "American Idol" tonight, many voters may stay home to watch the show instead.
The AP Wire seemed to carry the story but I couldn't find it online in many places.

And yes, I'm watching American Idol now (which I TIVOed from earlier... so it didn't get in the way of my stamping, much less voting...)

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February 20, 2004

Donald in the Times

Photo from today's NY Times
Brian sent along this link which has photos and quotes from our friend Donald Dunn who is now the Democratic State Chair in Utah. Donald worked in Public Liaison while I was at Political Affairs, and then I worked for him at the '96 Convention.
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February 18, 2004

What we're up against

Friday's local Gilroy paper ran this rather scary editorial against Measure B.

No on Measure B: For pornography and hours


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February 08, 2004

Dean Delegates

delegates.jpgI ran to be a delegate for Dean today! I had to leave before they counted the ballots, but I don't expect to have made the top 3 women -- and even then, we would only get to go to the Convention if Dean wins over 15% in our congressional district. But it was fun to go and to meet new Dean supporters and feel good about the campaign.

My camera batteries died, so this was the only picture I was able to take. Of the 49 eligible voters, I think 23 of us were running for the 5 delegate spots.

Here's my little speech:

My name is Emily Reich and I'm running to be a Dean delegate because I believe that we'll all remember this campaign as an important turning point in Democratic politics and I would be proud to be a small part of that. button.jpg

I believe that I can represent the young people who have played such an important role in this campaign and whose energy and faith we need to carry our party through to the White House.

At the early Meetups I attended and on the blogs and email lists that have fueled the movement, I have been continually struck by the numbers of new voters and activists who have for the first time understood that they too could make a difference if they got involved.

I believe that we need to take the message of the Dean campaign to Boston -- to stand tall on the convention floor and make sure that the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party has a strong voice.

I've worked at two DNC conventions-- I've been on the floor with the delegations and behind the scenes, and I hope that you'll vote for me today to be one of those voices.

It was definitely an interesting experience -- and hey, you can't win if you don't run!

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January 31, 2004

Vote Yes on B

yesonb.gifIt was a beautiful afternoon here (about 55 degrees... sorry East Coasters...) and I spent it going door-to-door up in Milpitas for Yes on B. Here's a snippet of the script:

"Passing Measure B is necessary to continue the hours, books and reading programs we currently enjoy at our local Milpitas library. The Measure is a continuation of a funding mechanism voters passed overwhelmingly 10 years ago, which makes up 21% of our local library budget."

It needs a 2/3 vote to pass -- so Vote Yes on B on March 2nd!!

I went to 108 houses -- but then ran out of literature, so I'll have to get more so I can go and finish my precinct.

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January 25, 2004

Door to Door

Spent the day walking door to door (57 doors I think) in Palo Alto for Barbara Nesbet, who is running for state assembly in my district (21). It was a lot of fun (lots more fun than it was 12 years ago (this week?) in the New Hampshire cold for the 1992 primaries (for Harkin)), but definitely exhausting!

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January 17, 2004

More CA Dems

pass.jpgI'm home watching the coverage of the convention now on TV. Its always so much fun to come home and see the work we did all day reflected immediately in the media. Many of the news people that I credentialed, signs I had taped up or passed out to delegates, elected officials I escorted around (I was part of a "flying wedge" to escort Nancy Pelosi from the main exhibit hall to her press availability), were all nicely shown on the NBC 11 news.

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January 16, 2004

CA Democratic Convention

Spent the day working at the California Democratic Convention working as a volunteer press assistant. I'll be back there tomorrow at 7am and then may watch some of the later parts on their webcast.

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September 24, 2003


Watched the California Recall debates and the season premiere of West Wing. My friend Greg's writing a Law Review article on the use of the 25th amendment in West Wing and 24. Politics are just insane -- fiction and reality...

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September 07, 2003

Howard Dean for President

Howard DeanI just got back from a party for Howard Dean. He is a great guy and definitely has my vote. If you haven't already, sign up right this minute at!

The party was at Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and John Marshall Collin's house in San Jose. There were over 1000 people there in their backyard!

crowd2.jpg crowd3.jpg

dean.jpg crowd1.jpg

Speaking inside before the big garden party
dean3.jpg inside1.jpg inside2.jpg

Joe Trippi is actually from San Jose!
Joe Trippi

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