June 25, 2006

Refgunt, 6/25

Another busy Sunday. 2 Hours A, 4 Hours J. Here are some of the questions/requests:

The Confident Hope
The Custom of the Sea
Unknown Soldiers: The Story of the Missing of the First World War
videos in German
do I need a password for the computers?
someone actually called out time management a "brilliant system" for its ability to let you use your time in small increments -- I don't think I have EVER heard anyone say that
books about transportation
books featuring the letters T and W
On Liberty
do I have to go back to the reservation console each time? (no, just the first one unless all the computers are occupied, and then you go there to get on the waiting list)
Building Wealth
The Last Unicorn
What is brought on the picnic in the song?
found Polly, get a frog x7+
drugs and alcohol (362.29)
Dear Dumb Diary
The Kid Who Ran for President/The Kid Who Became President
Biscuit (the dog)
teen reading club x4
High School Musical sound track
damaged copy of Osmosis Jones, hold another copy (oops, can't -- too new a feature film for holds)
sign onto Internet x4
Vampire Mountain
sequel to Magyk
Beatrix Potter
age 13 daughter, ok to read these teen books? (umm... we suggested the 8th grade list instead since she was concerned about content)
4th grade boy picks (ended up with Stuart Little)
earthquakes and seismic waves
Anne McCaffery scifi
BoxCar Children
Harry Potter in paperback
how to get a library card x3
_easy_ easy readers (yellow dots)
Clique series
Around the World in 80 Days DVD
5th grade math and English
Sweet Honey In the Rock
Tripping Over the Lunch Lady
old movie about the Brothers Grimm? think it was the 1962 The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, but we don't have that
rules for attendance for Wednesday's program? (school kids 5+, kids only)
card won't work (13 yr old, kids computers are for 12 and under)
instrumental music for gymnastic routines

Jean and I also tried to sum up the different types of reference questions we get (in prep for upcoming interviews) Here are the categories I came up with (how handy to have all these refgrunts handy!)

Technology Questions -- useing our system (since it isn't exactly self-explanatory, and using the Internet, Office, etc.)
Readers Advisory -- recommendations, requests for reviews, handing out book lists, etc.
Service (hours? wifi? do you... ? can you...? )
Local Resources/Referrals (I love these and get fewer than I expected)
Trivia/Facts -- song lyrics, spelling, content entry help, elevation, state flowers, etc.
Subject -- I'm looking for books on...?
Specific -- title, list of titles, author, etc... do you have....?

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June 24, 2006

Refgunt, 6/24

A hot and quiet day on the J desk this afternoon (5 hrs) but it was fun to be there and catch up with some folks. Weeded most of the 'N' picture books since it was so quiet. Here are some of the (few) questions/requests today:

replacement summer reading sheet x2
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut
NYC and Washington DC travel guides
3rd grade math
Twighlight (Warriors New Prophecy Series -- doesn't come out until Sept)
Chinese DVDs
page job?
Summer Reading Signups x10
comic books
All American Girl (Meg Cabot)
11th grade reluctant reader sci fi, not too scary
Ready or Not (Meg Cabot)
how to use powerpoint (from a kid who couldn't have been more than 6yrs old!)
The Elvenbane
Double Fudge
wireless? (no, sorry)
Shonen Jump Magazine
Jane Eyre
princess books (JE)
Anne of Green Gables
Full House Michelle series
Full House Season 3 DVD
Jigsaw Jones
do you have these in a bigger type size?

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June 18, 2006

Refgunt, 6/18

4 hours J, 2 hours A today. Lots of kids signing up for the summer reading program and finding the picture of Polly the Parrot that is hidden each week in a different spot. Had a lot of fun catching up with the other Sunday afternoon regulars since it seems like its been ages since I've had hours at this library.

Here are some of today's questions/requests:

Pursuit of Happyness
CD Rom on trains
Memory stick issue
internet sign up help x3
log in problems
how do you log off
Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance
How to Teach Your Baby Math
How to Teach Your Baby to Read
How to Teach Your Baby to be Physically Supurb
retaining walls
logic, critical thinking and semantics
endangered species encyclopedia
summer reading signups x8
I Spy Christmas book
delete a hold
Trickster's Choice
Tin Tin
lost lady bug toy (found it!)
An Ideal Husband
wifi? (not yet...)
books in Chinese
schedule of hours
sheet music
En Vogue
Sloppy Firsts
En Vogue Song My Lovin (You're Never Gonna Get It)
Bob the Builder DVD - Build it and they will come
The Ghost of Blackwood Hall
Nate the Great

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May 27, 2006

Refgunt, 5/27

3 hours J, 4 hours A today. Pretty quiet with the holiday weekend and the big downtown mushroom festival going on. Here are some of the questions/requests:

joke books
pictures of stomachs
famous buildings
tooth care
coloring sheets
princess books
siberian huskies
german shepherds
books with Star Wars characters
DMV info
other movies the girl from Runaway Jury is in
Johnny Cash CDs
what's going on downtown?
silk flowers
who played the flather tht was killed in Runaway Jury?
Congressional Rep's address
Kid Galahad

and a few more but I seem to have left the last page of notes at the library (along with the two books I had checked out, doh)

And Dad and Jane are here visiting and got to see my library and we ducked out for my lunch hour and checked out the mushroom festival.

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May 13, 2006

Refgunt, 5/13

Busy day at the library because of the ground-breaking and what-not. I was on the adult side all day (8 hours) and found out that I only have one more Saturday booked with them which is very sad because I absolutely love working at this library. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find other things to do with my Saturdays. I did get the opportunity to draft a proposal arguing for a MySpace profile about the libary which was fun to work on.

Here are some of the questions/requests from today:
Child Abuse and Neglect video
use laptop to print? (no, but if you have a flash drive that might work-- it did!)
what is EDT?
help printing x3
use own paper in copy machine? (no)
how do you see the number in the catalog (you have to click on the title -- I was remembering a great quote someone blogged yesterday somewhere about if people had to be trained to use Amazon or NetFlix, they'd be out of business... so why does our catalog have to be so darn non-intuitive?)
disk full, lost changes
city job postings?
Driving Miss Daisy
Sleepless in Seattle
Adrian Mole: the Cappuccino Years on CD
Music of the Sun/Rihanna
Cookbook/Missy Elliott
Curtis Brown CD
Korean DVD dramas with English subtitles (turned out to be much harder that I though, most were in Korean with Chinese subtitles! Ended up sending them to CU for Christmas in August)
St. Petersburg
Raggae music (under INT)
town map
modern art
abstract art
art techniques
Stephen King books and DVDs based on his books
Elvis Presley CDs
"walk slower!" (I apparently go to fast when taking people to the stacks)
tissue x2
Runaway Jury
cost of pianos (but they hung up on me)
CA gold rush
1982 Mercedes transmission repair manual
local driving directions
Children's DVDs
The Sun Also Rises
Layer Cake (DVD)
2 books off the Chinese book list
directions to address in downtown SJ
Hello! magazine current issue

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May 03, 2006

Refgunt, 5/3

At the last minute I filled in for a 3 hour shift tonight on the J desk (someone had jury duty). It was a pretty quiet night, but a few fun queries. Here's some of the questions/requests:

WW2 google image from a site that was blocked (could still save it)
Newbury bookmark
use phone x4
Da Vinci
Joan of Arc
Bear's Day
computer problems
Dinosaurs A to Z
Halloweentown High
harbor seals
flour and salt maps
topo maps of California
Viking Easy to Read Level 1 books
Argentina maps
Colorado Rockies picture books, etc (we found fun stuff for that one)

I thought it was pretty funny that they asked me today, because I had a really strange dream about the library last night...

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April 29, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/29

4 hours A, 4 hours J. Weeded mysteries in between questions. Busy for some stretches but quiet overall (it was a gorgeous day outside). Here are some of the questions/requests:

book sale today? (no, first Saturday of each month)
new card not in Time Mgmt system
catalog computer? x3
Association (the musical group, sang Along Comes Mary)
Lizzie McGuire
WWE (not WWF) wrestling movies
computer crashed x2
can I download an application? (turned out to be a pdf of an application that she wanted to print, not one to download and run)
forgot pin x2
True Crime books
Elvis documentaries
Elvis country music CDs
author of Kay Scarpetti books?
help printing x2
check hold status
Sweet Home Alabama
build a volcano for science project
maps of our town and help making sense out of them
Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark
Spy Kids
Castle in the Sky
plain paper
Narnia, book 1
Zack Files
confirm class visit -- its not next Friday, we're closed all day
do the printers print in color? no
AR list
coloring pages, more flower ones
Draw 50...
what instrument is on the coloring sheet? (i think it was a lute)
California Gold Rush
Rosa Parks

mysteries I was tempted to take home while weeding but have too many books checked out already: Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia and Too Dead to Swing by Hal Glatzer.

Found while weeding:
2 receipts
1 amazon.com bookmark with the Groucho Marx quote about it being too dark inside of a dog to read

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April 23, 2006

Refgunt, 4/23

Here are some of the questions from 12-6 on the A desk (I finally found my notes and am adding these in a week late)

global warming
The Art of Loving
living wage
Escape from Freedom
Ranch-style interior design
Warren Buffett
the sequel to Terms of Endearment
Titan AE
scholarly articles arguing for Scott Peterson's innocence (???)
postings for bulletin board x2
Clinton's domestic policy
printing help
carport canopy reviews
interview strategies
Earth, Wind and Fire
Mortown DVD
gays in the military
readalives for A Breath of Snow and Ashes (tried Sarah Donati, recommended by a great article in Novelist, and a Revolutionary War mystery that looked like fun to him)
printer paper
World Journal
Lamaze DVD
Auditor-appraisal exam prep
environment effects of titanium mining
CPR videos
Lions by Susan Schafer
Bill Nye
Zeus: Master of Olympus PC game
Tech Museum history

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April 15, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/15

A nice mix today -- 4 hours J, 4 hours A. Quiet in the morning but a busy afternoon with some major computer stresses (first the time management, then the print management). In between I selected new Easter books for next year (a huge number of popular ones are out of print though) Here are some of the questions/requests:

Ice Age
Chronicles of Narnia DVD (154 people on waiting list!)
country books on France (944)
returned book but still on their account
movies about frogs
printing problems
is D in?
Mary Kate and Ashley movies
Parent Trap
The Case of the Blue-Ribbon Horse
tax forms for an extension
what does "transit request" mean in catalog?
farming in Mesopotamia (great stuff in our Daily Life db)
UCLA catalog
Willmaker CD
Mary Higgings Clark - No PLace Like Home
help printing
how long a wait for a computer?
Malcolm X
Full Metal Alchemist DVDs
Christian Rap
Like Water for Chocolate (under DVD Spanish Como for Como Agua Para Chocolate)
Queen music or books about the group
Blaine Larsen CD
are the disk drives broken on both computers or just the one with the sign?
another word processing computer?
check book on hold
tax table and forms
get rid of decimals in excel cell?
word wrap problems in Word
microfiche of 1906 papers?
got library card stuck in copy machine (our copy machine doesn't actually take copy cards, and certainly not library cards, but she found a slot and tried)
major printing problems
patent books (had author's name spell wrong though)
why is word capitalizing things for me? (don't hit return, let it wrap itself)
Miracle Cure -- the one copy in the system is unavailable
Lamaze DVD
found memory card
help setting up microfilm machine, looking for 1906 earthquake coverage in local paper (but couldn't find any?!?!)

May 13th is the groundbreaking for the new building!

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April 09, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/9

A lot of fun today on the desk -- got to work on a cute craft project for the upcoming volunteer thank you party (little hands holding a thank you message), met a new intern and got to chat with her about life on the desk (and came away with some great restaurant recommendations from her), had a couple of good reader's advisory queries, a long conversation with a fellow Connecticut-transplant, etc. Here are some of the questions/requests from the day (4 hours J, 2 hours A)

Caroline Cooney paperbacks
Earth Day picture books
self-check machine problem
Intuit taxonomy job -- where should she look for candidates (I suggested SLA)
Buzz Lightyear (the kid was so excited you could hear him saying Buzz, Buzz, Buzz for ages after finding the book)
Elmo books x2 (and we didn't have any)
Red Scarf Girl
poetry books like Silverstein
Magic Treehouse
SAT Prep
Powerpoint 2003 (they were all out, but there are two ebooks available so she was going to try them from home)
books on CD
confirm password on print mgmt question
Room Service (Marx brothers)
Teen biography section
Red Lexus with the door open
Beloved on CD
Snow Falling on Cedars on video
Age of Empires II
funny books for a 3rd grader
fantasy books, had read all the HPs, Redwalls, Pullmans, etc. Wouldn't try Charlie Bone (my new fav), Gave him some Nix and a Pendragon to try
Lassie Come Home
Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy
mysteries for a third grader (didn't want any of the fun suggestions I made though :( )
importance of movie sound effects
problem DVD return
how many computers do we have (about 21 on the adult side for people to access the internet from)

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April 02, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/2

Happy National Library Week (4/2-/4/8)!
3 hours J, 3 hours A on today's rainy Sunday. Here are some of the questions/requests:

new library card
books on chess
audio media section
info on the House Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management
help printing
large type section
Twelfth Night
sunny days/year by city in California
sign on help
cancel computer reservation
hours for Streetlight Records in SJ
Homelink Readers
Nell Brinkley
help with computer reservations
phonemic awareness
help logging in
Bill Moyers videos
1040 EZ form
catalog search x3 (there really need to be more dedicated catalog terminals)
Cuban missile crisis
end of the cold war
help printing from online tutorial
where are the audio books
help printing
King Lear on CD
The Namesake on CD
Hawk Highway in the Sky
Weird Stories from the Lonesome Cafe
dragon books for 4th and 2nd grader
The Book of Dragons
Owl Moon
Harald and the Great Stag
Dragon Keeper
Magician's Apprentice
Sky High
books about animals
missing wallet
phone call for staff member
Wringer by Jerry Spinelli
forgot PIN
Holocaust books
Among the Hidden
Golden Compass
Dale Carnegie books on CD
books on CD
The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945
trouble logging in
when do we get wireless?
weird computer errors
directions to a place down the street
rubber band

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April 01, 2006

Refgrunt, 4/1

After a long stretch away, I was back on the J-desk today (7 hours, plus 45 minutes on the A side) Worked on restocking the toddler board book collection from best-of lists, etc. Here are some of the questions/requests:

coloring pages
Wiggles video
more copies of the knight coloring sheet
eraser x3
The Princess Test
scissors x3
how do you spell pimp
science experiments on motors and electricity
potty training books
Barney books
Thomas and Friends books
board books
picture books
paper x2
use the phone
use the kids computer (sorry, out of order)
help logging on (why in the world does it make you click "finish" to start)
getting to games online
Jackson AR list
spell Wednesday
help getting disk out of drive (it was already out)
fairy tales for 6th grader
earth day jokes (harder than I thought!)
Final Destination
Fantastic 4
Feingold Diet
printer out of paper
max # of books you can check out?
forgot pin
Monterey Bay Asian art
help with catalog
more truck coloring sheets
help with printing x2
colonial hats
Nordstrom AR list, level 5 books on animals
Beetles, Lightly Toasted
black rhinos
Cesar Chavez

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February 18, 2006

Refgrunt, 2/18

7 hours J plus an hour off-desk to make new signs for the children's music section... Here are some of the questions/requests:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Facts about Mexico
food in Ancient Rome
Guiness World Records
new book section?
Destiny's Child
call to be picked up by parents x3
Robin Hood video
Evil Knieval bio
other current bios
Foals in the Field
Calvin and Hobbes
MH history Golden Threads?
Artemis Fowl
Ready, Freddy!
Pee Wee Scouts
Digimon movies
Queen of Shaba (missing)
other leopard books
Accelerated Reader list
dragons, unicorns or animal JEs
how to draw cars
dragon stories for a girl who liked Eragon and couldn't find anything new that she hadn't read already (I gave her Dealing with Dragons because I had enjoyed it so much)
photos of cars
Old Man and the Sea
how to make the browser window bigger
The Wringer
Danny Kaye movies
filters were selectively blocking myspace.com oon some of the computers but not others
Gold Rush
Missions x2
1st Nancy Drew (Secret of the Old Clock)
crayons x5

Found when weeding:
2 receipts and a sticky note (i know, not that interesting)

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February 12, 2006

Refgrunt, 2/12

6 hours J today, lots of weeding of the parent's section -- here are some of the questions/requests:

books for 1st graders
where is J fiction?
Black Ships Before Troy
science fair projects
spanish dictionary
anatomy for artists
Esperanza Rising
power ranger videos
King Arthur comic?
The Hobbit
Olivia books
Arthur books
I Spy games
Bluestars/ Pretty Ricky rap cd
paper x5
RA romance for a 9th grader (wanted Nicolas Sparks, I gave her Weezie and Hard Love to try as well)
Pink Panther movie times
Cinderella Story
Famous Five on tape
3rd grade books
Thomas the Tank Engine videos and books
Rio de la Plat
Magic Treehouse books
Jawaharlal Nehru or other Indian leader bios
book about going to the doctor for the first time (which I had just seen while weeding JParent)
where are there nearby baby storytimes (Saratoga, San Jose branches)
CDs of books by Jean Craighead (George)
shelf check for a bio of John Adams for SA patrong
Katie's Angel (nope)
Clue Jr. series (don't have any)
President's Day x3
Valentine's Day x2
illustrated classic versions of Ivanhoe

Found while weeding:
3 receipts
1 hold notice
1 Reader's Digest subscription card
one letter to Santa: "Dear Santa/ I want pokenom COLOSSEUM for NINTONOO GAMECUECUBE. and Pokemon Box RUBY and SAFFHIRE for GAMECUECUBE. From Matthew,"
one full page drawing which we think is of a princess and a dragon with little mice running around... or something...

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February 05, 2006

Refgrunt, 2/5

A pretty busy Sunday -- 5 1/4 hours A, 1/2 hour J. I thought it would clear out for the superbowl, but it didn't seem to make a dent. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Catholic Saints videos
Spanish literature
piano purchasing guide
1920s fashion
What Hearts
The Moves Make the Man
Tien Phong magazine back issues
help reading from disk
tax form questions x4
new car so can't log in
paper x12
frozen computer
book of The Last Empress in Chinese? Mingchen Huang Hou
English grammar videos
Bargain Network phone #
look up pin#?
Conversations with an Executioner (closest copy was Santa Clara)
cancel print job
CA college guides from Prowler Series
Webster's 3rd Edition
idioms - but not the expression kind, the one on the new SATs
help signing on
find 'able' in the dictionary
can't log into catalog
Alicia Keys book?
which one is computer #2 (really, it needs a new sign!)
World Journal
Gun, Germs and Steel
CDs to learn Hindi and Spanish
Reinventing Your Nursing Career
biographies of scientists
A Thousand Days in Venice
talking books for toddlers
affordable housing research (there's some great stuff at huduser.org)
trick to get reservation on the 15 minute machine (press enter instead of clicking)
scratch paper
US Weekly from December
Uncle Tom's Cabin
are the career books reference only? (some are)

And I was looking for Tween program ideas and found out the following movies are coming out in 2006 (all based on books):

Alice (with Buffy as Alice -- is that cool or what??!?!?!?!!?!), Aquamarine, Charlotte's Web, Eragon, Hoot, and How to Eat Fried Worms.

I also learned that children's author Karen Beaumont lives here in MH! And the plog entries today when I log onto Amazon are by Donna Andrews and Sylvia Engdahl -- that's pretty darn cool.

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January 31, 2006

Refgrunt, 1/31

My last Tuesday night at this library -- I've been doing regular Tuesday night shifts there for over a year and I'll definitely miss it -- but its just too hard to get there after work and then a long drive home. But I'll be there on Sunday so I'm not giving up this library entirely. Here are some of the questions/requests from tonight:

paper (x 11)
use the computer?
FAFSA form (I think you can only fill it out online now, but we do have hard copies of the prep worksheet)
The Day My Butt Went Psycho
Chicken Soup for the Child's Soul
Anne Frank's diary
articles on Sadaam Hussein and Scott Peterson's trials
Goosebumps videos
Grim Grotto
tetragonal crystals (that was hard!)
paper jam
Digimon books
Freaky Friday (new version)
Planet of the Apes
other Mark Wahlberg movies
Legally Blonde 2
Babysitter's Club
Giver on CD (had to send them to Fremont since he had to have it tonight)
Tech Pass (yay! i love giving those out!)
potty training videos
a lot of info on asthma
medieval Japanese medicine (another hard one)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Arthur books (JE Brown)
toddler books
Chinese and Vietnamese New Years books
Red Train
Trouble is my Beeswax
Blues Clues and Leap Frog DVDs
Pokemon chapter books
Can I access the catalog from home (why yes!)
info on building a wind powered race card (turned out to be a hard one too)

Found when weeding:
2 notes: "Susanna's death", "married/new home" in Abbigail Adams bio

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January 24, 2006

Refgrunt, 1/24

Pretty quiet night on the J side, lots of time to weed the biography 800s. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Alien in a Bottle
Ghost of Cutler Creek
The 7th Knot
Battle of Gettysburg
kangaroo rat
Chinese New Year video by Schlessinger
harp seals
video of I Have A Dream Speech
Historic Speeches of African Americans
Amistad: A Long Road to Freedom
lyrics to songs in "High School Musical"
crayons? (no)
graphic novels
2 adults who wanted to get online
transatlantic ocean liners
I Spy books
Spanish language learning for kids
swift foxes
turned in a cell phone

found when weeding:
one 'Read' bookmark
4 receipts
2 notes: "continuing on w/ life" and "after the incident w/ rape" (in a Maya Angelou bio)

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January 22, 2006

Refgrunt, 1/22

Another crazy Sunday - I haven't worked at this library on Sundays for months and haven't been on the adult side in ages (I switched back and forth each hour) and they'd moved a lot of things around when I wasn't looking (like the language learning tapes and cds...) Here are some of the questions/requests from today:

a book she had been reading about a princess with Orchid in it somewhere? Empress Orchid
What is FOML (on book sale bookmark) -- it's the friends of this library
Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby
science project, no idea on what
last week's Merc Guide Section
Japanese Internment books (I gave a plug for our Silicon Valley Reads choices while showing her the nonfiction area)
Always Running
medicine in colonial America
science quiz books
Dragon Heart (book?)
Korean DVD All About Eve (Ibu Ui Mod Un Kot JA-5)
Erin Hunter, Warriors The New Prophecy series
got interviewed about my job by a 1st grader
Blair Witch
The Promise (Black Stallion book)
is Godspell in yet (from last Tuesday's hold -- it was)
trouble reading disk
diagram of an eye
4th grade historical fiction
2nd and 3rd Sisterhood books
The World (chinese newspaper)
which computer is #2?
paper x5
Norton Anthology of Poetry
Adventures in Babysitting
persian videos
language tapes
video game
SAT and CAT prep for 3rd and 7th grade
brain teasers
math word problems, 2nd grade
Street Magic (Tamora Pierce)
8th grade sci fi (I gave them Ender's Game and the Golden Compass along with our sci fi list)
Drowned Wednesday (Nix)
can this be checked out?
Morning Star x2
AutoCad 2006
geometry textbooks
DMV handbook (showed him it online)
World Music documentaries
did this java programming book come with a CD?
business statistics text
The Fountainhead
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (still 10 on waiting list)
Ready to Write (no)
Even More True Stories (no)
Tokyo travel guides
Bhajan CDs
parenting videos
Rita newspaper coverage (had to be print source not from database)
1040 schedule C instructions
CA State Employment form
what is a pdf? why can't I read them at home (yes, I enjoyed explaining that one)
more science fair projects
killer paper jam
someone crossed their name of the computer sign-up list
The Santa Clause
Supreme Court
Yao Ming
Shakespeare biography
paper clip
Eyewitness Video: Amphibian (got to call Lisa at L.A. and say hi while asking her to look for it)
can you check out this encyclopedia (yes, has orange dot)
water, wood science materials books
PhD Phantasy Degree (manga) (no)
Blade of Heaven (manga) (no)
Qua ngon dat que Nam Tap 1

and I restocked the science fair project books display

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January 17, 2006

Refgrunt, 1/17

Crazy night on the j-desk. It took me an hour or two to realize that it was because the library was closed yesterday. Tuesdays have been relatively quiet since the library started having Monday hours, but this was like old times. For the first three hours I didn't have a second to weed (biographies of pilots and astronauts tonight) but luckily it quieted down a bit for the last hour and I got through one stretch of books. Here are some of the questions/requests:

WWII x5 (class projects)
historical fiction for a 5th grader
Battle of Midway
chemistry problem (luckily he found a friend who could solve it since I was too crazed to focus on it and it's been a long time since 10th grade chemistry class)
Lemony Snicket #4
Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe x2 (still a waiting list)
Bluff Master
why flowers change colors
Sign of the Beaver x2
experiments with water and evaporation
Wind in the Willows video
Aladdin Jr.
The Rumpelstiltskin Problem
info to study for GATE test? not really
paper x2
Holocaust x2
storytime questions x2
Disaster Blasters: A Kids Guide to Being Home Alone
Atlas of the US
Mission San Miguel Arcangel
Stand Up For Your Rights
The New Way Things Work
ecotourism impact questions
"297 What" (What is Islam video)
eraser x2
Briar's Book (Tamora Pierce)
sign up for computer questions x2
food prep books
Pokemon videos
more Mission help
help printing
paper jam
Dictionary x2

Found while weeding:
Curious George fruit snacks wrapper
library receipt
cool school photo luggage tag
sticky notes

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January 15, 2006

Refgrunt, 1/15

A long Sunday afternoon at the library. I miss the days when it was still light when we get done -- it feels like the middle of the night even though the shift ended at 6. Pretty quiet overall... helped to pick books for a Chinese New Year display on the J side and chatted with my favorite Sunday buddies. Here are some of the questions/requests from today:

Pixie Tricks series
"bibliographies for 8th graders" said the dad, but turned out to be biographies of anyone from Hitler to Pocahontas
XTC album Fossil Fuel (we didn't have it)
Robertson's statements about Sharon
Design in Nature NY Times editorial
Assisted living options in the county -- we found a good a good list of them at seniormag.com which details how many Independent Living Units, Assisted Living Units, Nursing Care Units, and Alzheimer Care Units are at each location.
paper x3
login help x3
guitar playing
toner (from a very demanding patron)
consumer table
Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazzette archives (we only keep the last 5 years, and apparently only 3 libraries in the state own them at all)
spell 'Sistine'
want computer 21 not 20
lost metal cane
Point and Figure Charting
mismatch type error on timeout software x2
out of paper, printing dozens of pages from patron before
biographies of presidents and entertainers
Joan of Arc
problems logging in
Taj Mahal
pay phone
Dr. Seuss, books and cds
celebrity fan club addresses
Gossip Girl Series
Second Summer of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Grapes of Wrath
learn cursive
what USB drive models actually do work with our system (one day we need to provide a list for patrons, this is getting silly)
romance reader's advisory -- good staff picks here (I don't really read romance, but recommended Jennifer Crusie off the list) and a list of good ra sources from Bartlesville, OK so I printed out the The Romance Writers of America's RITA award winners
Lance Armstrong bios
Nancy Drew Notebooks series
children's books in French
Inu Yasha videos
computer shut down while printing

and Lisa set up her very first blog (yay!) and Rick reported working with someone at another library last week who was reading my blog!! So hello to you if you're back reading it again.

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January 10, 2006

Refgrunt, 1/10

A relatively quiet Tuesday night on the J desk, lots of weeding of paperbacks. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Rave Master #1,2,3,5
Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
pick up a hold
The Cat in the Hat movie
Croching Tiger, Hidden Dragon books
kids DVDs x2
Michelle (Full House) series
any Narnia book
Memoirs of a Geisha
Chicken Little movie
The Witches of Worm
The Pigman
Mules & Men
Anne of the Island
Ane Frank: Beyond the Diary
Soourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman
The Amusement Park Mystery
add back in a book returned 2 years late?
Thomas & Friends
Baby Einstein DVDs
Leapfrog DVDs
A to Z Mysteries (Roy)
personal hygiene in Shakespeare's time
4th grade math
science fair projects on plants
Spot books
The Forests of Silence (Emily Rodda)
The Wizard of Oz
peanut butter and jelly song
alphabet song
Can I print?
Can I type something?
Horrible Harry
Internet help
finding images
how to spell Power Rangers
inserting an image into Word
how to sell postopia

found when weeding (fewer things than when weeding adult books, because kids generally just turn down the pages I guess)
1 pokemon card
stickers that say "test" and "assignment due"
2 library receipts

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January 08, 2006

Refgrunt, 1/08

A lovely Sunday at the library. Here are some of the questions/requests:

out of town visitor for 3 weeks, can he get a card? (yes)
how to log out of time management session
Russian music history
Lady Hamilton
children's new books
Series of Unfortunate Events #12
Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
Guy Wire
poems for 3rd grade
turned in wallet
New Jersey
pictures of Paul Revere
program room
3rd grade books
Thomas Edison
Lemony Snicket #1
Puffin Classics
Oliver Twist
self-check machine issue
a book to write a report on today
Albert Schweitzer
adventure stories
Sex and the City, Season 3 video
duplicate log in issue
AP Computer Science
To Kill a Mockingbird
How long can you take out a DVD?
Look up an ISBN#
Rich Dad's Advisory
The Eighth Continent
traveling in Alaska with kids
post office exam prep
Artemis Fowl
mysteries over 100 pages
Chinese mythology
Island of the Blue Dolphins
book they were making a movie about featuring a boy and a leopard (turned out to be Duma, about a cheetah, and the book was How it Was with Dooms: A Truel Story From Africa)
Kristi Yamaguchi
chemistry for 2nd graders
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (still a long wait for it)

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December 20, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/20

Another quiet Tuesday night on the J desk. Here are some of the questions/requests:

The Upstairs Room
wireless? (not yet)
JE books from a list
Narnia book? (nope, all out)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
books from the stepfamilies list
any Harry Potters?
Mary Kate and Ashley Sweet 16, book 2
Gilberto and the Wind
Blues Clues books
Penguin Pete and Little Tim, 4 copies
other penguin books
song with lyric of babbling brook

and lots of picture book weeding in the V's

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December 17, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/17

1 hour J, 5 hours A. More mystery weeding. Here are some of the questions/requests:

videos about Nixon
help getting online
Word help x2
Out of the Ashes
local directions
history of football
how to build a catapault
documentary about a Russian keyboard inventor who disappeared (a call from NY), "Theremin"
numlock issue
motorcycle repair manuals for Kawasaki
Cats (the movie of the musical, like yesterday)
PC games
where do I check these out?
low toner
more disk problems
how to copy and paste (again)
print directions
CA maps
Stacy's Movie

found when weeding:
City of MH bookmark
angels bookmark
2 receipts

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December 16, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/16

5 hours A today (with more mysteries to weed), here are some of the questions/requests:

borrowing historical photos of the town
consumer reports magazine falling apart (I restapled it)
where do you pick up holds?
fellow library school student came to chat and recommened The Norton Anthology of Children's Literature
how to get to Homail
Symptoms of Withdrawl: A Memoire of Snapshops and Redemption
paper jam
Star Wars Episode 4 (the kid had seen the others, how weird to not see the original)
Blood In, Blood Out
Sponge Bob Square Pants movie
Star Wars books
disk help
Celestine Prophecy
weird filter problems
I Love Lucy on DVD
help with holds
What Color is Your Parachute on CD
Po Bronson's What Should I Do With My Life
The Sims: Doule Deluxe
Introduction to Geology
Rookie of the Year
CATS (the movie of the musical)
Angels in the Outfield
The Sandlot
California Landlord Forms

and a new feature (if I remember to write them down), fun things I find in the books I'm weeding. Here's a sample from today's:

3 receipts
1 of those cards the hotel maids leave from Inn By The Sea
used airplane ticket from Des Moines to St. Paul
and the paper that sits under a packaged cookie

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December 15, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/15

A quiet three hours on the A desk, mostly weeding mysteries. Here are the questions/requests:

Real Estate Investor's Pcoket Calculator
Suzie Orman CD
real estate
Eleanor Roosevelt
MLA Handbook
Kelly Bluebook RV Motor Homes
Chumash Indians
Oscar De La Hoya
paper jam x2
how to use the copy machine
mouse came unplugged
Paradie Kiss #5
copy machine ate quarter

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December 13, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/13

Tonight's questions/requests:

help printing
princess stories
Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays
The New Way Things Work x4
Mking Sense: Animal Perception and Communication
The Little House Cookbook
Best Friends: The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary
Rosa Parks
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
a short myth
Bob the Builder
LeapFrog DVDs
Summer of the Swans
4th grade fiction
Cheaper by the Dozen (movie)
African American biographies
Meet the Parents
Printing problems
Inspector Gadget
Ricky Ricotta
Sailor Moon videos
Historic speeches of African Americans
Inch by Inch
number books

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December 09, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/9

5 hours A, 1 hour J. Weeded mysteries which was great fun (if a bit dangerous since I want to take many of them home with me -- I decided what I really would like would be little stickers on the first book of series so you could show some one a new series to try and immediately know which book to hand over to them, instead of having to hope it says "the first so-and-so adventure" or have an easy to find list in order on the inside jacket, which not all kindly provide) Here are some of the questions/requests:

how to print just one page of a web site
artist info on La Fontaine and Dominic, from recent auction purchases (turned out to be an awful stumper)
print in color? (no)
address for the American Broacasting College in Tulsa
All About My Mother (spanish video)
12 Angry Men
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (if you haven't already, check out the cool Narnia pages on the library web site)
The Bell Curve
Inequality by Design
2002 Marc article on customer service (can I say how much I love our full text newspaper databases?)
Lemony Snicket movie
College Catalog section (its in the teen section, but I had drawn a complete blank since I don't think anyone had asked me for it at this library)
El Club de la Buena Estrella (The Joy Luck Club in Spanish)
Mere Christianity
The Midnight Club
Remember the Titans
Clockwork Orange
psychology journals (luckily we had the one they wanted in our database, since the only print copy was at a different library and they of course needed it today...)
The World is Flat
Anne of Avonlea on tape
Fun historical fiction (I really need to do some J historical fiction reading outside of the middle ages, which is what I read in bulk in class, since that's the only period I seem to be able to advise easily)
CA Mechanical Code

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December 06, 2005

Refgrunt, 12/6

Tuesday night questions from the J desk:

paper x4
Cat Mummies
Jackie Robinson
scissors and glue
sign language
12 Angry Men
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
a sharpie
ruler x2
Bermuda Triangle
RL Stine Mostly Ghostly series
beginner readers x2
SAT 9, 7th grade
printing problems
how to double space
the earth's power (wind, water, etc.)
antonym of eloquent to describe Christian in Cyrano
New York

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November 29, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/29

Another quiet Tuesday night on the J desk. Some class seems to be doing disease reports since there were a bunch of those requests coming in tonight. Here are some of the questions/requests:

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (all checked out with a waiting list... I can't wait to see the movie!)
The Pinballs
Marro of the Winter Caves
Naruto (on order)
Rave Master
Ramona and Her Father
Cancer, genetic diseases
Inu Yasha
pro tennis lessons video
Polar Express
Miwok Indians
3rd grade Xmas books
Restless Legs Syndrome (there was one book on it in the system, and it was in right here!)
Sailor Moon
videos to learn to play piano
multiple sclerosis
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle on tape
thyroid disease
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Mulan II

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November 22, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/22

A slow night on the J side. I showed Diana all my old refgrunts and poked around for information on camping in preparation of our trip tomorrow. Here are some of the questions/requests:

music for a kid's birthday party
how to draw scenery
local maps
rubber band
Ella Enchanted
The Storyteller's Daughter
Midnight Pearls
Gossip Girl
Beauty Sleep
1st grade books
Artemis Fowl in paperback
children's DVD section x2
The Great ___ Search (a series of puzzle books)
Dora the Explorer DVD
Two of a Kind and Two of a Kind Diaries series
Harry Potter permission slip
Secret Seven books
"Count the Stars" (Number the Stars)

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November 18, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/18

Mostly quiet today on the J side (5 hours) with a few bursts of busyness and a lot of weeding of Western States and California Misssions. Here are some of the questions/requests:

books for parents of kids with heaving or vision loss
pokemon chapter books
Harry Potter slumber party signups x4
The Complete Peanuts: 1957-1958
Google's E. Encyclopedia Science
math books
something like The Railway Children (Masterpiece Theater DVD) -- found Pollyanna
Star Wars Episode II DVD
Ohlone Indians
mysteries of space
green turtles
CA endangered species
Indian in the Cupboard
Deadly Decepton
Oregon Trail (video game -- we used to play that in school!)
holiday stories
2nd grade books
Nancy Drew
Roald Dahl books
George Washington
Mother Teresa
Cirque Du Freak
Artemis Fowl
Friends on DVD
chess pieces x2
St. Michael the Archangel

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November 17, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/17

A pretty slow evening on the J desk (4 hours) but interesting conversations with Paul in between. Here are some of the questions/results:

science fair projects
Star Wars books
optical illusions
fruit concept books
glue stick
Native Americans
how to draw a turkey, how to draw a "herd of corn"
Rainbow Valley
The Littles series
scissors x2
self-check machine problems

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November 15, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/15

A quiet afternoon at the library (3 hours A, 1 hour J), got to see Paul in his new haunts and cut out more turkey feathers for the preschool craft time. Here are some of the questions/requests:

diabetes and carbhydrates
The Shadow of the Wind
The Five Stages of the Soul
New David Hawkins?
stickers on DVDs unbalance the disks and may hurt her DVD player...
SJSu college catalog
Cathering the Great: A Lust for Art
Miwok Indians
paper x4
non-responding mouse
request for a 2 minute lesson on Dewey, though I couldn't figure out exactly what he wanted to do with it
Their Eyes Were Watching God
frigates and battleships
text book?
history of Rock & Roll
mathematica olympiad practice questions
Marie Antoinette (the same kid from last time who wanted royal diaries)

And since both Paul and I are working Thursday night, we went ahead and cancelled the librarian meetup that was scheduled, but if any of you want to visit us, we'll be on the desk...

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November 13, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/13

A pretty uneventful Sunday (4 hours J, 2 hours A) except for the last ten minutes when some poor kid threw up all over the children's area of the library. Joy. Here are some of the questions/requests:

books on fire science/conflaguration
Come Back to Afghanistan x2 (apparently it was on the front of the Chronicle's book reviews today)
music in the catalog? yes
expired hold
book sale? just yesterday
printing problems
Spanish language learning tapes
1906 SF Earthquake
easy easy readers (yellow dots)
picture books with Native American life (not legends)
science experiments on yawning -- cross-species contageon?
tapes to learn French
net access on the laptop (not yet, but coming soon!)
digital art
why is there a finish button when you log in but not a start (have a mentioned that I hate our user interface?)
John Le Carre movies (same guy as before)
Clint Eastwood movies
Dave Pilkey books
Ovre the River and Through the Woods
Pokemon Advanced DVDs
Lemony Snicket #12
biographies of Clinton over 350 pages
Waters of Sorrow
new books
biography of Rue McClanahan?
Rendex-Vous (1985 Juliet Binoche movie)?
Black Sunday
check on holds
A Great $ Terrible Beauty on tape (just had CD)
new Nicolas Sparks, At First Site (which turns out to be a hard title for me to say for some reason)
copy of To Kill a Mockingbird (all out!)
That is Mine, PB Keller

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November 12, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/12

A lively day on the A desk working with the brand new teen librarian there who is great fun (and one lucky duck to have landed a nifty job). Here are some of the questions/requests:

topographical map of California
picking up an ILL hold
putting books on hold at another library
stuff on hanging clothes without getting hanger marks, etc.
crashed computer
printing problem x2
Angels and Demons in pb
login problems
printer jam x2
Horizon Storms on CD
construction of doors
found keys
awesome mystery reader's advisory where she wanted ones without too much violence, sex or gore -- turns out that's pretty much the criteria for winning an Agatha Award ("The genre is generally characterized by mysteries that contain no explicit sex, excessive gore, or gratuitous violence; usually featuring an amateur detective, they have a confined setting and characters who know one another.") so I got to talk about Carolyn Hart , Donna Andrews, Diane Mott Davidson, etc. (plus Dorothy Gilman and Alexander McCall Smith thrown in) It was tons of fun and makes me want to go read more mysteries!
The Wizard (1989 movie with Fred Savage that we don't seem to have)
did someone call his cell phone? guess not
I am not sick...
When someone you love has a mental illness
journal article and ILL book for a fellow library student
court forms
videos for adults (he corrected himself after asking for adult videos...)
help formatting a craigslist posting
Reader's advisory for an 8th grader who liked Treasure Island and wanted something "grateful dead weird" -- the new teen librarian gave him Feed
Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD
Metallica, Slayer
lost mom

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November 10, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/10

A long day, 5 hours A, 1 hour J, not helped by the fact that I was definitely under the weather (and it was pouring rain, so the actual weather wasn't helping any). Here are some of the questions/requests:

address in Berlin for Konigliche Porzellan Manufacktur
how to log out
9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions
where to pay a SJ parking ticket if you've lost the ticket
Shogun in a version bigger than a paperback
whiteout (for the typewriter guy)
filmn by Victo Villa Senior?
Illicit: How smugglers, traffickers and copycats are hijacking the global economy
Hoop Dreams
Who's Pushing Your Buttons
Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life
baby names
help using Internet
Fried Green Tomatoes
rabbits (as pets)
Blue Highway (Diane Tullson)
printing problem
copy machine
Ferrari: The Man and his Machines
And the Earth Did Not Devour Him (found in the complete works of Tomas Rivera)
mouse stopped responding
obesity and children guidelines
help with email address error
Magic School Bus
Scary Stories
citizenship interview videos
Always Runing: la vida loca, gang days in LA
magazine and news articles on jevenile delinguency

and we had a long discussion with a guy about filters in the library. It's interesting, the question of filters or porn or whatever often comes up in interview questions and things, so I was all ready to talk about respecting people's right to access materials as long as they're not showing them to other people (and this library has very effective privacy screens which help), etc. I was not prepared to answer questions about what exactly is filtered (I didn't even know the name of the vendor we get our filtering software from -- I learned later it is Sonicwall) and to deal with the questions from the perspective of someone who wanted more filtering and basically was bemoaning the decline of civilization in general. He wanted to know what we were filtering and why we weren't going around telling people they shouldn't be looking at those bad things (or something like that, it was hard to figure out his point at times, there was a whole thread about letting underage kids into R rated movies...)

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November 08, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/8

Pretty quiet night on the J side. Storytime was cancelled because the room was being used as a polling place, so there were fewer people around than usual. Here are some of the questions/requests:

books for a fourth grade boy, ended up with How to Eat Fried Worms, The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Charlotte's Web off our 4th grade list
a book where people fool monsters for a 3rd grader... tried Monster of the Month Club by Dian Curtis Regan
Tom Sawyer
lost cell phone
Rumblefish (Hinton)
Martin the Warrior, Mossflower (Jacques)
Alien vs. Predator DVD (seems to be missing)
Friday (DVD with Ice Cube)
cricket video games, cricket books
chess pieces
sign up for the Harry Potter Sleepover (how cool is that?!?!)
Lemony Snicket 4&5
Harry Potter ##4
books from the stepfamilies list
harvest books x2
nonfiction readlike for Rascal
Dragonsong (McCaffrey)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Archie Comics? (no)
Corrector Yui #1 & #3
how to spell Runescape
J parent section
books in Spanish about friendship

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November 06, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/6

A busy Sunday, 3 hours A, 3 hours J. Here are some of the questions/requests:

picture books on trucks (JA remembered there was a list!)
How to Train Your Dragon
order of the Wizard of Oz book (Reading in Series reference book)
CDs of Diane Ferlatte and Jim Weiss, storytellers
model rocket science experiments
doll and plate collecting
Chester Cricker's New Home
computer crash
local transportation schedules
gift crafts to make
where are today's Sunday's circulars? (in a box on the table)
My FBI by Louis Freeh
Regg's Recommendations on the Colleges
ILL for The Spirit of the Mountains
Can I check out here? x3 (no, front desk)
JE nonfiction
KQED film on Chinatown
John Le Carre movies
Len Dayton movies?
printer paper x3
The Journey (Michener)
The Deep (Benchley, no copies anywhere in system)
potty training (another good booklist)
how to subscribe to National Geographic kids
industrial revolution
Dino Defender video game
Mexican cooking
picture books about getting rid of pacifiers (Little Bunny's Pacifier Plan by Maribeth Boelts)
can her dauther read to little kids? (try Mt. View's big reading day coming up)
In the Ice Caves of Krog
Roald Dalh books
printing problems
sample ballot
do kids need their mother in order to get a library card?
On Liberty by John Stuart Mill
scooby doo
Dora the Explorer
JE beginners (have yellow dots)
Maya Indians
copy machine issues
Island of the Aunts
book by guest on today's Bob Brinker show?
Captivating @ other local libraries
royal diaries: Elizabeth I, Red Rose of the House of Tudor; Clopatra VII, Daughter of the Nile; Mary, Queen of Scots; Isabel: Jewel of Castilla; Marie Antoinette; Anacaona: Golden Shower

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November 04, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/4

5 hours A, nothing too crazy. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Jennifer Crusie books, Tell Me Lies, Charlie All Night
Whaere are there plugs in the library? (something we'll get more of when we go wireless!)
info on Prince Charles visiting the Bay Area
check on the status of a hold
ambulance came (I seem to attract disasters to this particular library, last time I was there, someone set fire to the garbage can outside)
how long until a hotmail account expires (I think its 30 days according to old articles online, but couldn't find anything new about it)
WWII/US home front
Spanish Bible, movies about Jesus in Spanish (had some cartoons)
Is Ed working today?
SAT Prep book by Nova (but she's taking the test tomorrow, so we couldn't put it on hold for her)
Geronimo video
USB drive questions
Playstation Games: Tekken 3, Street Fighter, Driver:Reflection, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon
Pokemon 4Ever
MLS formatting questions
how to blockquote in word
post office jobs
plant cells
waiting list questions
CDs by Shelly Fairchild in Spanish
collecting glass baskets
From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkal

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November 03, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/3

First time back at the first library I ever worked at after almost a year and a half. It was fun to be back, though things didn't seem at all familiar. It was a pretty quiet afternoon/evening (5 hours A, 1 hour J) and except for some really annoying firewall problems, things went pretty well. Here are some of the questions/requests.

help with microfilm (turned out the whole tray thing had been removed for repair, which seemed like what was wrong but I wasn't sure)
violence in the workplace
call from an organization publishing a document wondering if we'd take it
paper jam
help logging into hotmail
the work of Julia Mogan, architect
learning disorders
death penalty
auto repair
horse farrier (we had a ton! videos even!)
English-Spanish dictionary
stumper: information about a WWII memorial in Palermo, Sicily with two tall columns. Couldn't find anything about it anywhere :(
how high can a jumping spider jump (40x its length)
Goosebumps movies
how to breakdance DVD
phone number for Arnold Schwartzenegger's office
auto repair books in Spanish
Inu Yasha #28 replacement cost
firewall problems
copy machine alignment
playstation games?
Playtime Maisy DVD
Count with Maisy DVD
draw on the computer
Miss America by day
Napoleon Dynomite
online games to play
Leaving My Father's House

+ weeded a lot of diet books

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November 02, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/2

A slow Wednesday evening on the A desk. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Smart Women Finish Rich
books by Victoria Holt
IRS Form 706 and instructions for it
printer/computer problems
teen classic area
sticky keys (everytime the patron tried to write an @ sign, all sorts of windows popped up. turned out he had turned on the sticky keys feature accidentally (that happens if you click shift 5 times))
Singapore (for an amazing woman -- and former library school prof -- writing her memoires)
Growing A Girl
The Thorn Birds
Reading Lolita in Tehran
The Rules of Engagement (Anita Brookner)
ancient Egypt
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

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November 01, 2005

Refgrunt, 11/1

A slow night on the J desk, here are some of the questions/requests:

Good Luck and Other Poems (had to call two other libraries to track it down)
A Wind in the Door
Teach Me -- Spanish
4th of July books
A Wrinkle in Time video
pop-up books
Looney Tunes
halloween books
Lizzie McGuire
Junie B. Jones x2
2nd grade chapter books
kindergarden books
stumper: Mesopotamia "Iron Girl", some sort of defense to keep invaders out? I'm hoping her teacher clarifies it a bit more
huge 1st grade list
Thomas the Tank Engine
nonfiction Thanksgiving books
fall books x2
magic schoolbus videos
Corrector Yui (anime)
Brian Jacque's Salamandastron

... and lots of good wishes for Kelly, who is getting married Saturday! Yay!

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October 29, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/29

A slow Saturday afternoon on the A desk. Plenty of time to weed fiction and try to scrounge up titles for a thanksgiving display. Here are some of the questions/requests:

news coverage of Hurricane Katrina (showed her our cool full text newspaper databases)
books about computers for a woman with a new computer (PCs for dummies, etc.)
new books
paper x3
MLA citation with no author
A Lycanthropy Reader" Werewolves in Western Culture
Magician's Nephew
college directory
Sisterhood of the Traveling Parts
Day of the Dead
easy readers
1970 Mustang parts source locally
how to double space in Word
South Park soundtrack
computer froze up? (the mouse had come unplugged)
Day of the Locust
Edgar Allan Poe short stories
adult music CDs
Brave New World on tape
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on tape
Captain Underpants
Wicked on CD
Vanity Fair
time limit on the word processing computers?

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October 27, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/27

A pretty slow 3 hours on J today. Lots of teenage boys hanging around trying to adjust the computer monitors so I couldn't see what they were looking at... Here are some of the questions/requests:

are the computers filtered (a mom looking for photos of women with her son for a school project who wanted to make sure they weren't going to get scary things in a google image search)
check place on computer waiting list x2
Piggie Pie movie (no)
Midnight for Charlie Bone
Wayside School books (Sacher)
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
A Quiet Place
Cat and the Hat video
Halloweentown High
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
info on town history
Proud family video (no)
You Got Served
Once Upon a Potty:Girl
lined paper
White Chicks
AR list for local school
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on tape
Shredderman (by Wendelin Van Draanen of Sammy Keyes fame)
Makah indians
dog, ghost, and pumpkin coloring sheets
Cinderella with Whitney Houston

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October 26, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/26

5 hours A and one hour J in the middle. Some busy stretches, but they were mostly getting people set up to use the computers so they don't count as questions. Here are some of the questions/requests:

where are the audio books? (back wall)
can I get my library card # if I forgot my card? (front desk)
help putting book on hold
Trifle recipes
request that the library carry more *new* Chinese DVDs (noting that our list on the web site has July-August videos listed)
latest version of the Writer's Market
R is for Ricochet
colored photos of Mexico (sent them to J972, which I knew from weeding yesterday!)
Mexican American culture
adolecent pychology and immigrant children
corn snakes
4 year old with behavior problems, books for mom to figure out what to do
guitar instruction videos
National Electrical Code
info about 1984's Measure B (a hard one! the full text newspaper databases go back to 1985, I found state measures online but not county-wide ones, I called the registrar of voters and they didn't have it on hand... so I set him up with the local paper on microfilm from Nov '84 and after a while he did find it)
Time Out software troubles...
stand-up comedy CDs (we really don't have much)
parent's corner
The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets (called GI to expediate the hold)
meridians of the body
anatomy books
Sandra Day O'Conner biography
a teen classic over 250 pages
look up obituary in SJ Merc
The Warriors (about fighting cats)
2003 MH Times microfilm
learn Spanish
Sudan genocide
look up a phone number
The Dog Who Cared Too Much

and back again tomorrow for more.

I should be at ALASC's Jessamyn West lecture tonight, but I was too tired and we had to take down the Sukkah and I really should work a bit more on these darn papers...

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October 25, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/25

Pretty quiet on the J desk tonight (except for one crush in the middle). Here are some of the questions/requests:

what are vertices (yay! math questions!)
clerical exam practice test
Fraction Action
The Donner Party
Fourth Grade Rats
drawing x3 (we really really need some good JE drawing books, most of the J ones are pretty advanced)
puzzles (sorry, we don't have toys and puzzles like her last library)
Cheaper by the Dozen (poor girl ended up in the text version of the catalog, which is pretty hard to deal with, and then kept ending up with the large type entry for the book, which I think is only available on the bookmobile, but the book was easy to find once we sorted all that out)
Haloween (book on tape)
help opening one of the plastic shopping bags
JE fiction
Jigsaw Jones (Preller)
JP Carle

and I weeded the books on Mexico

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October 18, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/18

4 Hours J, here are some of the questions/requests from tonight:

Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank) x2
2nd grade books
The Cay
Tom Clancy books
A Chirstmas Carol
Princess and the Valley (? couldn't find anything that seemed to be what she was talking about)
bunch of books from a book list, with score of 3 or 4 including Amber Brown, Bunnicula, Aldo Applesauce, Adaline Falling Star, 26 Fairmont Ave, etc.
Anasazi (Pueblos)
ABC videos
Penobscot (Maine tribe)
June B. Jones x2
biographies of courageous people
videos and DVDs
Monsters Don't Scuba Dive (Bailey's School Kids)
word formatting help
"I need a computer"
The Dark is Rising
Alice in Wonderland
Summer of the Monkeys
Frog and Toad (Lobel)
Wind and the Willows
Snow White DVD
Sleeping Beauty
Cats, 636.8
Artemis Fowl 3 & 4
Carry On, mr. Bowditch
Roald Dahl
Grammar CDRoms
Lemony Snicket

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October 16, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/16

Ugh. That was a long day. 4 hours A and 2 hours J, but for most of it the time-out software was down and the catalog was doing crazy things like not giving any results for keyword searches. My favorite error message on the timeout software was "It is illegal to call out from inside the message filter." Somehow that seemed just right at the time. We were all totally ready to go home by the end. Here are some of the questions/requests that didn't have to do with the system not working at all...

Katherine Blackwell (? - couldn't figure out who it was -- thought she might have meant Elizabeth Blackwell but she was going to check with her teacher and come back another day)
special election advertising analysis (found some good stuff at the Sac Bee and Jean reminded me that bugmenot.com is a quick way to get passwords for sites like that)
MacBeth cliff notes
US Government textbook
American History quiz questions
consumer reports x2
hold status check x2
Christopher Columbus
Flush (no copies! crazy, that should be a popular one since it's by the author of Hoot)
Frigg (Norse goddess)
Shoshone Indians
Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919
Left Behind Kids series
Rich Dad Poor Dad
copy machine stuff x2
Cradle of Filth
email problems due to pop-up blocker
Japanese DVD .HACK//
Yo Yo Ma 50th birthday performance CD (?)
Everyday Italian
To Life: A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking
Under the Banner of Heaven
Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
South Beach Diet
long phone question about hold expiration dates and portable audio players
The Barbary Plague
Chinese cooking videos
readers advisory on mysteries like Laurie King and Dorothy Gilman (my favorite question of the day since I LOVE Emily Polifax)
find the source of a quote about exposing and opposing arbitrary power by speaking and writing truth for a history quiz -- turns out to be from John Peter Zenger's 1st amendment trial (actually by his lawyer Andrew Hamilton, but that wasn't one of the multiple choice answers, so we're feeling pretty confident that the answer was Zenger even though the quote wasn't absolutely exact) - and for that the other librarians gave me a gold star -- or actually a yellow dot sticker, but the point was the same :)
Oliver Twist
prehistoric animals
picture books on pirates
1 teen survey got turned in (teens who complete it get a $10 certificate toward paying off fines and card replacement fees, a very cool promotion for Teen Read week)

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October 14, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/14

4 Hours A this afternoon. Pretty quiet, but here are some of the questions/requests:

growing mandarin oranges
check hold status
help using copy machine
Monster Inc.
Debate over daycare
videotapes of city council dropped off
Napoleon Dynamite
Bad Boys II
Shiloh II
For Whom the Bell Tolls (we have no copies!)
a short-ish classic from the reading list (ended up with Jane Eyre)
learning Italian
freshwater biome
phone number for a local business
scary DVDs
help finding a hold
Donde las Aguilas ce Atrevan (or something, which we didn't have)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants DVD
growing strawberries

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October 11, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/11

4 Hours J, here are some of the questions/requests:

Lemony Snicket
Bill Clinton
Season of the Sandstorms (Magic Tree House)
Pride & Prejudice
Diega Rivera
I Can Hear the Sun
Charlotte's Web
Polar Express (x2)
James & the Giant Peach
Molly's Pilgrim
Velveteen Rabbit
Train to Somewhere
Princess and the Baker
John Henry
Spider Brings the Sun
Birdie's Lighthouse
Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
Oprah Winfrey
dragons, 4th grade, stories
Around the World in 80 Days
The Great City Search
other puzzle books
Castle in the Sky
five different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Christmas Carol
Music Man
Magic School Bus Videos
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Amazing Grace for Couples (no)
Amelia Bedelia and the Baby
A Mother's Rule of Life (no)
E. Nesbit books on tape and the book together
June B. Jones
Benjamin Franklin
Homer Price

and I helped collect books about fall for a "Fall into Great Books" display.

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October 08, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/8

7 hours A (with a break for lunch). I'm so used to working 12-6 on Sundays that I almost slept through the beginning of today's 10-6 shift -- luckily I was working at the library 5 minutes from here instead of one of the ones 40 minutes away so I got there with time to spare. Here are some of the questions/requests:

help putting something on hold
how to change your password in hotmail
reverse directory (the Haines directory was sitting out, but I completely missed it)
car information
write out credit card number for someone who didn't bring her glasses and was trying to buy something online
GRE prep
checking out magazines
directions to Easy Street (really a real street)
current newspapers
info on computer processors
geography of SF
tax info
long telephone call (50 minutes! good thing it was slow) on findhing information on a college paper about seniors and AIDS
Men in Black 2
The Negotiator
lyrics to Eternal father, Strong to Save
USB drive?
Best of Mike Myers
use the magnifier
history of TV news
consumer reports year report
help printing in frames

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October 06, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/6

No refgrunt tonight because I'm completely traumatized by one of the questions I got and how hard it was to answer. A patron needed emergency shelter tonight to escape a really terrible home situation. I called every number in our community resources book and on the county's web sites and every shelter I tried was completely filled. I spent time on the domestic violence hotline and the shelter-bed hotline, got numbers from shelters of other shelters to try, and still had no luck. We're talking shelters that house women who are victims of domestic violence in the San Jose area, home to almost a million people, and every bed was full. So either our area is woefully unprepared to help people in these situations or the numbers of people who need this type of help right now has outpaced all the available resources. Either way, it is really a bad situation. First, I can't believe how hard it was to get through to people and try to find a place -- I can't imagine being scared and alone and trying to deal with the runaround. I was completely traumatized by it and I was just trying to help a patron.

When I get home, I'm making a donation to the Support Network for Battered Women. They weren't able to help her, but they were nice about it and gave it a good try.

There was a relatively happy ending. The other librarian who came in when my shift changed called the non-emergency number for the local police who apparently, at their discretion, sometimes give people vouchers for a local motel. No guarantees that it will work out, but at least it was a place for her to go next when all the tries we made had failed. I hope that she finds the help she needs and can safely get out of danger.

This shouldn't have been so hard -- there are so many local resources who are there to help... I was completely confident that I would be able to find something and get her help. I never expected to have to try so many places and end up not being able to connect her with someone who could swoop in and handle the crisis. I'm proud that the library is the place someone can turn to when they need to be referred to the right community resources to help, but wish the result had been more encouraging.

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October 04, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/4

Another Tuesday night on the J desk (4 hours). Here are some of the questions/requests tonight:

5 books from a lexile print out
Harry Potter #4
The Twits
short stories
The Black Stallion's Courage
House on Mango Street x4
book on hold
illustrated classics series
800+ page book
Zebulon Pike (American South West explorer)
Captain Underpants
books from a responsibility book list
CD with songs about teeth brushing
where is storytime?
The Borrowers Afield, Afloat, Avenged, etc.
Incredible Crosssections
Bums in the Attic (a chapter from House on Mango Street)
printing problems
Mia Hamm
Henry Hudson
Pirates Don't Wear Sunglasses
nutrition for kids (wanted USDA's Go, Glow, Grow Food for You)
info on encouraging her kid to keep a journal (there was a book for girls, but this was for a boy)
Sailor Moon videos
A Stolen Life
how do you spell picture, color, explore, wild, mother, father, alone, crying, dead (kids were writing their own books)
Junie B Jones

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October 02, 2005

Refgrunt, 10/2

Busy day, 4 hours A, 2 J. Fun catching up with Jean and Lisa who I had missed after being away the last 2 Sundays. Here are some of the questions/requests:

A Pirate of Exquisite Mind: Explorer, Naturalist, and Buccaneer: The Life of William Dampier (which I need to call on Tuesday and have GI expedite the fulfilling of the hold for the patron)
other information on William Dampier
Woodside phone book (I love Which Phone Book, listed on our telephone books and directories page) which makes the process of figuring out which book that would have been in a snap
banned book list
The Gates of Heaven
are we wireless (sadly, no)
new book section
Start Late, Finish Rich
Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
new travel books
Chernyi Voron, Vol 3-4
seasonal poetry x5 (school assignment -- love the full text searching in Granger's online)
Shall I Compare Thee to A Summer's Day sonnet
Animorphs #3
Jounral: Nature Biotechnology
5 ILL requests
help using craigslist
Investors Business Daily
Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know
Real Moments
Your Sacred Self
If Life is a game, these are the rules
Are You the One for Me
Wayne Dyer
web site construction
cost of living in CA
magazine backissues
The Choice
All Quiet on the Western Front cliff notes
Charlie Chaplin movies
USB drive pricing comparison
how to use electronic resources (a bad name for our downloadable audio books since the patron thought he'd get an e-book)
home theaters
Harry Potter DVDs
USB drive issues
lost checkbook
Tale of Despereaux Read Alike (found three recommended by the author on bookbrowse.com)
Calvin and Hobbes
Get Fuzzy
Narnia Books

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September 27, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/27

A fairly busy night on the J side, here are some of the questions/requests. A couple of parents coming in with long lextile ranked lists of books they wanted to get for their kids and three very ambitious 4th graders working on the DAR essay contest who wanted anything and everything we had on Ben Franklin (though we had been cleaned out already)

Ricky Ricotta
Declaration of Independence
The Umbrella
Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing
Rat Teeth
Star of Fear, Star of Hope
sequel to Little House on the Prairie (Farmer Boy)
3rd and 7th grade books
The Witches
Wrinkle in Time
Wizard of Oz
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Spirited Away
More Spaghetti Please
Green Eggs and Ham
reading comprehension questions to go with JE books?
Space Jam
Where the Red Fern Grows
chemistry, biology and physics
golden retrivers
Mia Hamm
Sailor Moon
1421: THe Year the Chinese Discovered America
Shoshone Indians
a date?
The Power of Oil article from Time Kids

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September 15, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/15

2 hours J, 3 hours A, but I lost the first little page of notes, so this is just some of the questions/requests:

historical fiction
Number the Stars
the future
migrant labor
mental retardation
movies with The Rock
independent contractors
real estate law
magazine exchange
Holland travel videos
how many copies of Regis Philbin's CD where he sings Frank Sinatra songs have sold (stumped me)
Catcher in the Rye
The Bluest Eye

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September 13, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/13

A busy 4 hours J. Here are some of the questions/requests. School assignments are definitely back in force.

Junie B Jones
Chinese language learning tapes
books from 1st day of school book list
Capital Mysteries series
pop-up books
JE's and JE's with tapes x2
Reading Counts lists
Initial D
sci fi
The Ear, the Eye and the Arm
Walt Disney
You Be the Jury (no)
other books by Marvin Miller (no)
100+ page animal books (ended up with Stuart Little and Babe)
Word Bird
teen pregnancy
Disney princess books
Ricky Ricotta's new book
Arthur's Family Treasury
Geronimo Stilton (question was the book with the rat and the mouse in glasses or something but it took a lot of trying)
Lemony Snicket movie
The Pacifier
Meet the Fockers
Charlotte's Web DVD x2
Maine Pyor Kyon Kiya
Olympic Games DVDs
The Secret Life of Dust
Queen Isabella
Patrick Henry
Christopher Columbus
volley ball
printer problems
Harry Potter

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September 10, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/10

5 hours A today, lots of computer time-out software signups and more heavy fiction weeding in the T's. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Jeeves & Wooster, 1st and 3rd seasons
Sept 2005 calendar
The Women Who Broke All the Rules
scary stories
political rant
Renaissance Europe
books on tape
Should We Burn Babar?
Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Catholicism
Rastafari: Roots and Ideology
DVDs of TV shows
pencil sharpener
Gone with the Wind on DVD
Gandhi on DVD
Gunga Din
guest card x2
info on Samoa, CA
poetry books
dance instruction videos
Where Banda el Recodo is playing in Richmond, CA tonight and directions to there

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September 09, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/9

Ooops, no refgrunt today since I can't seem to find the little piece of paper I wrote my notes on today. Maybe it'll turn up later. But it was 4 hours A and some fiction weeding but nothing too exciting.

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September 08, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/8

Steady but not overly busy tonight, 3-9 on A (with an hour for dinner) Here are some of the questions/requests today:

Wolves (100+ pages)
800# for Australian tourist board
Schindler's List (book)
outboard motor repair books
Perricone Weight Loss
book by someone who was on the Daily Show earlier this week (False Alarm: The Truth About the Epidemic of Fear) (there's a great list on wikipedia)
cds x2
chapter books
African American authors
Beach Girls
Of Plymouth Plantation and Sinners... from an Interactive Reader text book
lyrics to LeAnn Rimes's version of Amazing Grace (for an American Idol audition in Chicago on 9/16!! so cool!)
The Book of Three
Napoleon Dynamite
Pride & Prejudice (video)
photos of Senators and district map of CA11

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September 06, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/6

Busy night on the J desk with Ann. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of Flight 54
9 + 18 / 6 (order of operations algebra homework)
The Ohlone Way
law/civil rights/human rights
chess pieces x3
help using the dictionary
scary stories x3
science experiments about light and rainbows
Bill Nye movies
video games
princesses (looking for a series like Meg Cabot but for younger kids - gave her one of the Jewel Kingdom series to try)
"a novel" (gave him the 'guys read' YA list)
Dragon Ball Z and Hello Kitty coloring sheets (they had their own crayons)
Night of the Living Dummy 2
Hanted Mask
Pokemon 2000 DVD
Mexico info (books and finally a good printout from the CIA World Factbook)
Peng Ren 26 Fa vol 1, 2, 4
book lists
Swiftly Tilting PLanet
Case of the Twin Teddy Bears
biographies of doctors
June B, 1st Grader, Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (not out until 9/27)
Invisible Island
A Toad for Tuesday
CAT6 for 2nd graders
Homer Price
Space Jam
How many Friday the 13ths are there in 2006 (2: 1/13/06 and 10/13/06)
Miserable Mill
Wizard of Oz on CD
Guiness Book of Records
printing trouble
Island of the Blue Dolphins
building garden ponds (there was the perfect one about building garden ponds in 10 easy steps)
Karl Marx

lots of trying to explain to people why they really shouldn't run in the library and one fantastic picture-perfect moment when I was talking to a kid about working in the library and we started talking about the new SJ library and how it was partly a university library. She asked what a university library was and I explained to her about college/university and how you go after high school to study more and then become anything you want to be... and she asked, "Can I go?" and I just about teared up and told her that of course she can if she studies hard and keeps reading all these books, etc. Sigh. I hope she comes back (she also told her friends that I was cool -- but I think that was more to do with the coloring sheets than the science experiment books, but still.) I want to be one of those librarians that ends up making a big difference in kids lives and they end up going to college because we were there giving them the tools they needed and the encouragement they weren't getting anywhere else...

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September 01, 2005

Refgrunt, 9/1

5 hours tonight on the A side and they just zipped by. Here are some of the questions/requests (though i missed a lot of them and had some long rambling book conversations with various people that I didn't write down titles for)

Nutrition textbook
max # of books you can check out?
Laura Crum mysteries
The Moon is Down
Haunted Mansion
The Afterlife
Franchise Bible
The Lady or the Tiger
books in Spanish

and I put more books out on the banned book week display and checked a pile of new /Fiction books to see if they should go with the teen books or the adult books (and found a bunch that needed changes to their catalog entries so I have to write them all up and send them to HQ). I played around with the microfilm some more for the woman who had requested things last week and will fax her a few more articles tomorrow.

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August 30, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/30

Quite busy tonight on the J desk. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Spy Kids
science experiments
parakeets (esp. eggs)
American Sisters series
Berenstein Bears
Arnold Lobel books (Frog and Toad)
Emily Lindsay Dreams Come True? (never did find that one)
book with tape
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Princess Diaries
Freddy in Peril
Don't Date Naked
lost password help
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
3rd grade books
Ultra Maniac
A Boat to Nowhere
Vince Carter, Slam Dunk Artist
The Invisible Island (and other A to Z mysteries)
Icy Igloo Inn
Zombie Zone
Alexander and the terrible...
Star Wars CD Rom game
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of Flight 54
Seed of Chucky books?
picture books about everday things

and I got to mark 'void' on a huge pile of weeded paperbacks which made me wish I could think of some creative way to reuse them (like this woman did) since they were too beat up to give to the Friends' Book Sale. Speaking of booksales, I'm so sad I'll miss the upcoming MH one, Saturday, September 3 (10 am - 5 pm) - but of course I really don't have room for more books right now... and I'm working at the wrong library the weekend of the big Los A. one (September 9, 10, 11, 2005 ), and then the MI 3 day one is coming up on the first weekend in October...

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August 28, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/28

It was hopping there today (partly because of the picnic) and I don't think I managed to write down all the questions, but here are some of them:

help with finding the downloadable audiobooks in the catalog
Rashomon video
resizing graphics to print
historical US fiction 9th grade (x3, must be a school assignment)
Chinese DVD list
The Greatest Generation
monologues for young actors
directions to the Cupertino library
presidents, white house
W4 forms
senior computer classes
pdf questions
Dewey numbers for Italy and Switzerland
The Great Smith House Hustle
The House with the Clock in its Walls
Spy (Eye Witness)
Magic School Bus videos
human body
Harry Potters
Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus (which I know well, thanks to Julia)
Austria and Switzerland travel videos
unlock the display case
The Kill Angels
SAT writing test prep
directions to Tower Records (teens get a gift card there for completing the summer reading club)
Into the Forest

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August 27, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/27

A quiet Saturday, 2 hours J, 2 hours A. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Megan's Law database
exercise videos
help with Word formatting
book on really basic how to use the Internet
Directions to the Gilroy DMV from Walmart
Consumer Reports Buying Guide
Alexandra Nicole Smith Bone Series? (i really think she meant Alexander McCall Smith, but it took some negotiating)
historical photographs of the town
Washington Crossing the Delaware (picture of the painting in a book)
Nickelodeon web site
Destiny Deoxys (Pokemon video)
concept (ABC, 123) books

Plus I got to work on a display for upcoming Banned Books Week (Sept 24-Oct 1) -- if you read one of the "banned" books (they have big red signs on them), you can be entered in a drawing for a prize.

I also volunteered to make a web site for the Friends' of the Libary and their big upcoming fundraising campaign -- though not until after Nov 1 of course.

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August 26, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/26

A lovely Friday afternoon at the library. Not too busy but a couple of interesting questions to work on...

Here are some of the requests/questions from today (2 hours J, 2 hours A):

The Hobbitt
Teen section
USB drive
Muzzy Spanish Level 1
new baby brother books
Princess Diaries
Reader Rabbit phonics
Hunter's Best Friend at School
Duck on a Bike
Old Turtle and the Broken Truth
TV shows on video
find and mail an obituary from the local paper from 1971 (the joys of microfiche)
civil war newspaper templates
summer reading club pickups
John Muir texts
Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy
The Circuit

plus I got to make a display of Dummies books

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August 23, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/23

A relatively quiet night on the J side -- with a nice musical accompaniment outside in the park of Hawaiian music. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Dr. Seuss
Around the World in 80 Days
Helen of Troy (we didn't own the 1956 movie she was looking for)
Peter Pan
Stuart Little
The Borrowers
The Zombie Zone
Nguoi Mau (which we didn't own)
Hades' Daughter
Cyclops Doesn't Roller-Skate
Magic School Bus butterflies
postal exams (all the books were out, but you can take practice exams online now)
9th grade Eragon read-alikes
magazines to use for collages
Secrets of Droon
Magic School Bus
Very Hungry Caterpillar
beginner reader books
YA Historical fiction, Us pre-1865
Harry Potter #3 movie
Robinson Crusoe

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August 16, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/16

A pretty quiet Tuesday night on the J desk. Paul S. came by and visited though, which was great fun and a nice distraction. Here are some of the questions/responses:

Barney CDs
poetry books
Vietnamese video "Nang"
The Count of Monte Christo
Alici: My Story
Fairy Realm series
Rainbow Magic series
National Geographic videos
Blues Clues, Teletubbies, Barney and Dora the Explorer videos
toddler books
Henry and the Paper Route on tape
The Tattletale Mysteries
Arthur books
childrens' books in other languages
all sorts of statistics about the city

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August 14, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/14

Quiet Sunday for the most part, 4 hours J, 2 hours A. Here are some of the questions/requests:

adult new books
how to pronounce Flaubert
Letters from Ripka
Norman Tuttle on the Last Frontier
The Junkyard Dog
disk or disc?
Fodor French guide book on Charming Inns
John Connolly books
articles about the EU
The Fig Eater
Becoming Justice Blackmun
SF phone books
Optimist's Daughter
North America
Yu-Gi-Oh! cards
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
The Known World
My Jim
Under the Blood-Red Sun
Jackie & Me
Half Magic
The Lima Bean Monster
science books on rocks
New York
London/Paris travel for kids
benefits of hiking
series like Dragons of Blueland

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August 09, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/9

Some of the questions/requests from 4 hours on the J desk. The highlight was a kid who needed the lyrics to Putting on the Ritz. After I handed them to him, he sang the entire song for me right at the reference desk (including a bit of tap dancing).

Star Wars comics
Baby Einstein videos
alphabet DVDs
JE's (x 4)
Number the Stars
Super Fudge
My Side of the Mountain
Microsoft Word instruction
Blue's Clues video games
Power Ranger videos and video games
A Boat to Nowhere
Sweet Valley Twins
original Freaky Friday movie
Marvin Redpost series
Junie B Jones
Feng Shui
Tarzan DVD
books that "teach me how to fold" (aka origami)
plus a handful of summer reading club prize pickups

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August 07, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/7

Another Sunday afternoon at the library, 4 hours A, 2 hours J. Lots of time-out software signups and summer reading club prize pickups. Here's some of the other questions/requests:

Lord of the Flies
learning English from Farsi (ESL videos)
print off a USB drive
Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays
Fodors France and Switzerland
collection of biographies of famous people
Zoombini's Mountain Rescue
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
Pippi Longstocking video (not the animated version)
Myth-to-Mania series, #4 (which we don't seem to own)
The Million Dollar Strike (which we also don't seem to own)
Into the Forest
musical performances on DVD
Mona Lisa Smile
law school rankings
zip disk? (no)
help with holds
where locally is there free wireless
Elvis Story
Glenn Miller Story
Makeovers by Marcia
trash can?
teen book recommendations
poems for weddings
Prophecy of the Stones
Unauthorized Autobiography of Lemony Snicket
Paris travel videos

and I managed to get my cataloging assignment done (though I did manage to misclassify the 1939 New England travel guide... grrr)

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August 02, 2005

Refgrunt, 8/2

4 hour J shift -- not too crazy except right after storytime (and the regular storytime librarian was home with a migraine so my regular desk partner filled in there so I was on my own). I seem to have lost the second page of my refgrunt notes, but here's the first set of questions/requests from tonight:

Michael Jordan biographies
Earthsea series #3&4 (and since I've been meaning to read these for a million years, I took home #1)
My Best Friend's Wedding
Can You Keep a Secret
books by Gail Carson Levine
readalikes for Babysitter's Club
Harry the Dirty Dog
6th grade books
basket for the books?
Bill Nye videos
Warriors series
handed out a ton of book club prizes (paperback books) and certificates
CDs with 'Oh Susannah', 'Down by the Bay' and 'God Bless the USA'
JE on American history
rubber band art?
Joy Luck Club
calendar x2
questiosn about the library being open on Mondays starting 8/29
Guiness Book of World Records

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July 31, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/31

A lovely Sunday at the library, mostly because I got to be on desk with two of my favorite colleagues which makes the day just fly by. Tons of kids turned in their summer reading forms, a bunch found the hidden dragon (and won a bendy toy). The timeout software was plugging along but it still requires a lot of assistance to get people started. Here are some of the questions/requests.

Harry Potter
story time info
Once Upon a Potty (girl)
Pippi Longstockings
Horrible Harry
diet books and tapes
ILL request
Jitterbug Perfume
Do You See A Mouse?
Look Again! The Ultimate Spot-the-difference book
alphabet books
Philip Glass music
Mad Money
books by Jim Cramer
graphic novels
Don't Think of an Elephant
Why the Jews Rejected Jesus
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Kill Angels
print something from their disk
Myron Floren obituaries
A Cinderella Story DVD
Amelia to Zora: twenty-six women who changed the world

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July 26, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/26

A 3-9 J shift today. Lots of people turning in their summer reading club logs filled with a summer full of fun books. The Bubble Lady performed for story time and rev'ed everyone up as well. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Flat Stanley read alike (but needed a book without any pictures (?!?!) so wouldn't take Cap't Underpants)
anime x2
Replica series
Miyazaki books other than Spirited Away
Dinoverse series
Adult New Reader section
Casper the Friendly Ghost
dinosaur mobies
DK book on spies
Vietnamese DVDs
Captain Underpants and Dr Poo (actually Professor Poopypants)
Harry Potter videos
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Stupid...
New RL Stine book
George Orwell biographies
Judy Moody
The Great Brain
Spiderwick Chronicles $5
Wee Sing Classic Songs
Mary Kate & Ashley videos
Jacob I Have Loved
The Pearl
The Miracle Worker
Ella Enchanted
Watership Down
Kathryn Lasky's Guardians of Ga'Hoole series
Troll Treasure
fishing for trouble?
catalog help
My Five Senses
the do-a-deer song from the Sound of Music on CD
Invisible Stanley
August calendar?
Scooby Doo series
videos for 2 1/2 year old

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July 24, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/24

This was the first Sunday that this library had the Time Out Software, so most of the questions were about that, signing people up, etc. Here are some of the other questions/requests from my 12-6pm shift:

assistance ordering a used book, zipcode lookup, walk through process, etc.
Birth of Venus
The Glory Field
pin #
Harry Potter #1 on tape
Tarantula Scientist
lost mom
Cirque du Freak, #5
Feltora Quest #1,2,3,4
printer issues (printing wrong frame)
Kitchen Confidential
Come into my Trading Room
book by Sporch
Alaska travel info
Norweigan language info
Tale of Two Cities
Acrobat form problem
Lima Bean Monster
books by Avi
The Crucible
furniture refinishing
hold issues
Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Austria and Switzerland travel videos
Cam Jansen
Halo: The Flood
Rocky & Bullwinkle DVD
found the dragon x6

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July 22, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/22

Another 4 hour shift, here are some of the questions and requests, not including a lot of stuff re the Time Out Software:

The Virgin's Lover
The Subtle Knife
A Room with a View
Because of Winn Dixie
volunteer tasks?
Summer Reading Club
fish picture books
Fences (the play)
use personal computer and get online? (no)
Edward R. Murrow's radio broadcasts
nonfiction DVDs
printing problems
Value Line B
Moscow Vector
language CDs for Spanish and Italian
Cinderella, Fantasia

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July 21, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/21

A very quiet evening for the most part, 2 hours A, 2 hours J (this is a different library than my busy Tuesday nights). Most of the questions revolved around the new "time-out" software that regulates Internet access. Here are a few of the other requests:

USB drive issues
building code
funny fantasy for a 6th grade boy
lost summer reading form
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
volume on headphones

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July 19, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/19

4 hours J -- some really busy stretches and some times that were nice and quiet so I could spend a long block of time with various patrons. A bunch were things that were over on the adult side -- which was unfortunate since I was still limping from Monday's softball injury and was not enjoying running back and forth to the other side of the building. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Land Before Time videos
books of a summer reading list (a particularly good list actually)
Calvin & Hobbes
check if their copy of Harry Potter they put on hold 2 months before was ready (it was! there are 517 people on the waiting list now, and 270 copies in the system!)
history of African American education
One Up on Wall Street
Return of Jafar
biographies of corporate CEOs
lost summer reading club forms (x2)
electrical and ndustrial engineering career information
Aladdin movies
2nd grade books
"dk anoted art" (they even spelled it out for me, but I eventually realized it was Annotated of course)
"ogamay" (figured out it was origami and decided that I needed to clean out my ears)
Vietnam War
funny kids movies
New Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley
W.I.T.C.H. series (which I learned from last week has those periods between letters)
Dolphin Diaries
School Tycoon
Cheerleading Camp Mystery
dental assistant programs
Phil Jackson books
CISSP study guides

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July 12, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/12

Questions/requests from my Tuesday night shift, 4 hours J:

To Kill a Mockingbird (x2)
whales (je)
teen classics (any that are funny?)
Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge by Kathryn Reiss
X-Men 2
Pokemon Readers
ancient wonders of the world
Mud City
Is today the 12th?
arts and crafts
Amelia Bedelia Helps Out
Pokemon comics
Cadet Kelly
Cinderella Story
buy a world book? (try the book sale in October)
check holds
land forms
protractor homework help (somehow I always get the math homework ones)
W.I.T.C.H. series
Star Wars movies
My Uncle the Alien
crop circles
meaning of he name Gidalti (my favorite question of the day -- we didn't find it in any of the name books, but it was online here)
Spongebob Squarepants
Star Wars books
Geronimo Stilton series
National Audubon Society First Field Guides

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July 09, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/9

A pretty quiet Saturday at the library, 4 hours J, 1 hour A. Here are some of the questions/requests:

pokemon (chapter books x2, comic books x2)
Dr. Seuss
Blue's Clues
The Case of the Sleepy Sloth
summer reading club questions
Tales of Troy
Love Actually DVD
reset pin?
Chicago Review Press NCLEX RN Practice test
where can I buy boxes? (that was S)
The Color Purple (DVD)
parking questions (x3)
Washington Mutual Bank nearby?
reading comprehension practice
Rachmaninoff sheet music
how to remove ink stains from the dryer (sadly, I've washed pens as well)
reading club sign ups
Riverdance videos
Calvin and Hobbes (x2)
are the books in the new books section for display only? (no)
found Darren the Dragon (x7)
The Wizard of Earthsea
how many books do I have checked out?
lost child
lost book
community room reservations (x2)
damaged book (all the pages were stuck together)
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
"more anchovies please" (actually Hold the Anchovies)
The Pet Store Sprite
recommendation for a non-US YA author
Star Wars Visual Dictionary
"I'm 12, can I check out books from the teen section?"
The Mystery of Mr. Nice
Teen classics

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July 05, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/5

4 hours J tonight, not too busy but steady. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Safari Friends
Dear Zoo
immigration questions
reading club questions and signups
Roots, Pt 4-6
other books in the Indian in the Cupboard series
White Fang
Freight Train
The Baby's Lap Book
Here Comes Mother Goose
Big Fat Hen
Baby's Boat
Where does the brown bear go?
More more more, said the baby
Goodnight Moon
Bumpety Bump
Jan Ormerod's to baby with love
Island of the Blue Dolphins video
The Great Brain
The White Mountains
Dragon Rider
Spy Cat
Ruby Electric
language books
reading comprehension
pop-up books
Spiderwick #5 (and is there a number 6?)
Boy of the Painted Cave
peanut butter song
On the Run Series (nope, but found others by Gordon Korman)
National Treasure
Barney books (nope)
Maisey books
The Indian in the Cupboard
Greek Gods
Music CDs
The Marker
Michael Baisden books (nope)
George Harrison CD
The Pacifier
Power Rangers
Kicking & Screaming

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July 03, 2005

Refgrunt, 7/3

A quiet holiday weekend Sunday at the library, a mix of J and A (I was supposed to go back and forth each hour, but found that I wasn't scheduled with any time with two of my favorite colleagues, so they were nice enough to switch with me so I got to work with each of them a little bit). Unfortunately I seem to have left my first page of notes in my locker there, but here are some of the questions:

Kids finding "Darren the Dragon" poster which is hidden in a different place in the library each week and if you find it you get a prize (this week was a little plastic dragon).
The Whistle, The Grave, and The Ghost
Heartbeat by Sharon Creech
New Kids at Polk Street School series
PeeWee Scouts series
Magic Treehouse series
Madeline Says Merci
a recommendation for someone who liked Secrets of Droon? (Dragon Slayer's Academy maybe?)
children's songs on CD
Calvin & Hobbes
The Once and Future King
A Bone From a Dry Sea
Taking Sides
Do the dragons glow in the dark?
Lord of the Deep

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June 28, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/28

A busy 4 hours on J tonight. Summer reading sign ups are well over 800 now (after just one week!) so it looks like we'll easily beat our goal of getting at least 1000.

Here's a sampling of the requests and questions from tonight's shift:

Math CD-Roms
Spirited Away
Princess and the Pea
picture books about families (human, not animal characters)
Magic Tree House
SAT9, 8th grade
Scooby Doo videos
Number the Stars
The Grey King
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Angelic Layer
Newberry Award Winners
Rugrats in Paris
remove someone's pending holds
Little City by the Lake
Railroad Toad
Pigs in the Mud
My Father's Dragon
No Fair!
Peanuts Classic
Monster Math
Merlin and the Making of the King

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June 23, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/23

3 hours J, 3 hours A. It was crazy on the J side -- there was a special summer event with snakes (yes, snakes) which drew a crowd of about 200. By the time I switched over to A it was pretty quiet though.

Here are some of the questions:

Influenza 1918
Computer books
Magic Treehouse
fiction about snakes (following the event)
Akiko Series #2 (Akiko in the Scrubly Islands)
Maroo of the Painted Cave
Tunnels of Blood
4th and 6th grade math
famous speeches
Rave Master
To Kill a Mockingbird
Lemony Snicket
Ned Mouse Breaks Away
CAT6 and SAT9 prep
American Empire
algebra I & II
Chinese newspaper

And I signed up another 50 or so kids for the summer reading club (and two teens, since they sign up at the adult desk)

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June 21, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/21

3-9 on the J-desk and since it was the first day of summer reading club signups, the place was mobbed. We signed up 241 kids for the reading club and 35 for the good listener club -- until 6 pm there were nice teen volunteers taking the sign ups, but from 6-9 Kelly and I signed people up and then helped them find books to start off their summer reading. At least 70 of the signups came in those last three hours (especially right before and after family story time!) And this was just the first day of sign-ups!

Here are some of the (non-summer reading) requests and questions from tonight:

Forgotten Fire
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
English pronounciation and grammar
5th grade girl books
The Enchanted Chocolate Pot
Japanese gardens
The Giving Tree
The Outsiders
Where the Red Fern Grows
Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule
a song where they sing the names of all 50 states
boomerangs (fiction, which we weren't able to find)
Magic Treehouse
Flat Stanley
books with the corresponding tapes
Harry Potter
The Little Prince
Walk Two Moons
other books from pretty much every one of the grade-specific reading lists
Saint Tail (anime)
My Side of the Mountain
There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom
Big Surprise in the Bug Tank
1st grader
Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen Soul
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (on tape)
The Meanest Hound Around
potty training books and videos
O Brother Where Art Thou
Are We There Yet?
Backyard Baseball (on DVD, which we don't have, only VHS)

and despite telling myself that I really should stop taking the 3-9 shifts (5-9 is just right and gives me a chance to go home for an hour or two between jobs), I'll be back there again on Thursday for another set.

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June 14, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/14

A relatively quiet 4 hours on J. Some of the questions/requests tonight:

storytime questions (phone call)
computer questions
Life or Something Like It
music for kids
Captain Underpants
paper x3
The Alamo (2004 film)
learn to draw
summer reading questions x4
5th grade boy who liked Roald Dahl
Lemony Snicket #6
O Brother Where..
JP Fox
Perfect Princess, Meg Cabot
book on tape with bird in title (Homeless Bird)
Tale of Despereaux
math and English
Star Wars books
June B Jones
Child Called It and The Lost Boy
Fantasia 2000
In the Ice Caves of Krog
The Search for the Dragon...
The Isles of Mists
The Riddle of Zorfendorf Castle
Wizard or Witch?

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June 07, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/7

6 hours J today. Here are some of the questions/requests:

Peter Minuit
Cardcaptor Sakura
classics on tape
2,000 [sic] Leagues Under the Sea
My Blue Boat
Railway Children on tape
Jesse Bear
Power Rangers x2
videos about cars
hot wheels
Dora the Explorer
Where the Red Fern Grows
books about learning to draw x2
My Fire Engine
Hero's Song
use AIM on the library computers? (unfortunately no)
books in Spanish
Freak the Mighty
Spanish dictionary
The Grouchy Ladybug
My Five Senses
gene mutations
Chicken Soup for the ...
Shark Tale
Fantasia 2000
Blue Planet video series
Messenger (Lowry)
summer reading club questions x5 (sign ups start June 21)
Japanese comics
Sailor Moon videos
biographies in the "Who Was..." series
Michael Jordan
Spy Kids series
toddler books
Did I just turn this DVD in or is this a different one?
Guinness World Records 2005
Start Wars novelizations of movies
Bailey School Kids series
Scooby Doo cartoons
house remodeling
comic books
Food Chain Frenzy
mysteries where you get clues to solve (like the Clue series which we don't carry)

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June 05, 2005

Refgrunt, 6/5

5 hours A, 3/4 of an hour J today. Sundays are always pretty zooey at this library and the new "time-out" computer software that signs people up to use the Internet was feeling particularly buggy today which didn't help. Here are some of the questions/requests:

books on tape
Barron's (now in the regular newspaper section and not with the business magazines, but it still says they're there in the catalog)
World Journal (chinese newspaper) x5
access for laptops? (no)
SAT Prep books
Opportunities in Retail Careers
language and linguistics
videos in Russian
horror movies
English language tapes
typing books
fiction, Danielle Steele, etc.
5th in a Chinese series
wedding showers
volunteer opportunities?
pronounciation of a Bengali movie title (as if I could be of any help there)
use earphones with the computer? (no)
showing people around (there were a TON of first-time users today)
paper x10
nursing test study guide
Life of Pi
California State University writing proficiency exam prep
Tuesdays with Morrie
complaint that someone was typing in the quiet study room (it is posted that you're not supposed to use laptops there)
business school rankings, finance speciality
print a SW boarding pass
interor decorating
Colin Powell
Toothpicks and Logos
The Inmates are Running the Asylum
20 Greatest Hits
Pomp & Circumstance on CD
Starlight Express CD
Cirque du Freak Series #2 (The Vampire's Assistant) and #3 (Tunnels of Blood)
rainbows (what colors)
music for kids
Hawaii Ultimate Guide
boyscout manuals
adult paperbacks
Da Vinci Code in Spanish (El Codigo Da Vinci)
housing boom article from Business Week (hurray for full text magazine archive searches)
learning English from Russian
listing of local ESL classes
Glacier National Park
computer science books (had a great conversation about different comp sci classes since the guy was pretty much working through my entire undergrad major course work -- algorithms, data structures, etc.)
Chinsil (Korean DVD)
reader's digest

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May 31, 2005

Refgrunt, 5/31

4 hours J tonight, not too busy. Here's some of the questions and books:

sign language
Japanese immigration
Artemis Fowl and the Artic Incident
questions about storytime x3
Surf, Sand and Secrets
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (which reminded me that I should reread them all before the movie comes out)
Sarah Plain and Tall
The House of Dies Drear
The Outsiders
comic books
proof reading for the guy I typed for last time (I declined to type more though)
Lemony Snicket #2
Sweet Valley Twins
my opnion on a series about horses (hadn't read them)
Diary of a Young Girl
Magic Tree House books (x2)
When 2nd Graders Attack (which had this great description in the catalog: "Horace Splatty must find the recipe for his sister's superpower cupcakes in order to save Blootinville from Chef Niblle's disgusting Snoodles and Cheaze."
Roald Dahl books
Where's Waldo
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Harry Potter
Abby Hayes
weeded the 636s and pondered why ice cream is at 637.4 (turns out processing dairy is filed there)

Now I'm going to stay up and watch my recording of the second half of Empire Falls...

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May 28, 2005

Refgrunt, 5/28

Work today started out feeling like a final exam. I walked in and ALL the computers were down (Internet, Catalog, Circ, you name it) Now I know I'm spoiled and that I rely on computers a bit too much, but doing reference without the catalog is a challenge for me because a) I wasn't a librarian in the days before computerized catalogs so I haven't practiced all that much using the off-line tools and b) because I jump around between 4 libraries, I don't know where everything is by sight like I would be able to if it was my regular job (and this library is the one I work at the least of all of them) But, given that, I felt I managed remarkably well. Luckily I was on the J side for the first two hours, and by the time I had to go work on the A desk, at least the Internet catalog was up so we could use that interface (even if we couldn't use the more useful staff-pac.) The other saving grace was that the library pretty much cleared out when the patrons realized that they couldn't get online (or check out more than a maximum of 5 books each because the circ system was also down) so there weren't that many questions to field.

First, here's some of the sources that turn out to be very useful to have on hand when the systems all go down:

Abridged Subject Catalog
- this is a handy print-out of a ton of different subjects and the corresponding dewey numbers. Of course most of the things I was looking for weren't in it, but it got me close in most cases

Children's Catalog
18th Edition
Edited by Anne Price and Juliette Yaakov
(It was from 2001 -- so it doesn't have the latest books and series)

Best Books for Children
by John Gillespie
7th edition, 2001
This turned out to be the best resource of the bunch, and helped me out in a number of cases.
I like how it divides the materials into categories: P (primary): pre-3; PI (primary/intermediate) 2-4; I (intermediate) 4-6; IJ (intermediate-jr. high): 5-8+; and ALL (all readers): pre-8+.
Its not terribly helpful for biographies though, because it puts them all in 921 and we have them pulled out in a separate section but with the subject number

A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books

Middle & Junior High School Library Catalog

Some of today's questions/books::

pirate mysteries
XP Printing problems (the patron came in with a transciption of the errors she was getting but I don't think I was able to be much help)
dog sledding (sled dogs, 798.8 in Best Books for Children)
Harriet the Spy
3rd/4th grade girl books
Scooby Doo series (this one stumped me but the in-charge Librarian knew I should look in the G paperbacks, and there were a ton under Gelsey)
worms and composting
auto repair
Madeline L'Engle
Lois Sachar
comic books
Artemis Fowl
books by local school kids on display
"Saga of the Seven Suns" series
Fahrenheit 451
The Thorn Birds
Value Line
Alameda County Fair horse racing schedule
Stalin biography
Tales of the South Pacific
Empire Falls
Where is Orchard Hall?
Fairy tales
Native American folktale illustrations
fur elise and Sonata Pathetique by Beethoven on CD
Don Quiote
dropping off books to donate to friends' sale (x2)

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May 24, 2005

Refgrunt, 5/24

Another busy shift (3-9, J) Here are some of the questions/books requested:

Anne Frank
The Beginning by K.A. Applegate
oceans (x2)
home remodeling
Friendship Ring series
5th grade mystery
bamboo rats
Lemony Snicket #5 (x2)
Artemis Fowl
Trojan War
Too Many Secrets
Stolen Bones
The House with a Clock in its Walls
Calvin & Hobbes
Japanese mythology
Helen Keller (x2)
history of chess
Cornelia Funke books
Cheaper by the Dozen
Human Comedy
Incident at Hawks Hill
Locked in Time
Gammage Cup
Trumpeter of Krakow
Mary Kate and Ashley biography
Princess Diana
Michael Jackson
To Kill a Mockingbird
other books like Pat the Cat and Mig the Pig by Colin Hawkins
wooden boats
Ranma 1/2
Filipino families
Dragon Slayers' Academy
Charmed series
photos of Utah
photo of kids sitting on giant lily pads
Lindsay Lohan biography
reading comprehension
piano sheet music
what is the latest Redwall?
The Conch Bearer
2nd grade boy mysteries (ended up with the Mystery of Mr. Nice by Bruce Hale, recommended by Kelly)
Scooby Doo movie

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May 17, 2005

Refgrunt, 5/17

A long shift (3-9) and another busy night. Here are some of the questions/books:

Secrets of Droon
Arthur chapter books
The Cay by Theodore Taylor
Vietnam War
Anne Frank
anime x3
Uncle Tom's Cabin
toddler books by Sandra Boynton
renewing via the cat
Renaissance, Age of Exploration, etc.
Helen Keller
Dragon Ball Z
map of Seattle
Fast Food Nation
Magic Treehouse
Super Diaper Baby
4th grade boy books
Ben Franklin
One Day in the Life of...
Creating Cool Web Sites w/ HTML, XHTML...
praying mantis
CDRom writing tutor
alphabet tapes
Bailey School Kids
Pippi Longstocking
The Gold Dust Letters
Empire Strikes Back
Dragon Rider
HW help on rock worksheets
DVDs for toddlers
gold rush
peanut butter sandwich song
As Far as the Eye Can Reach
case worker exam test prep
James and the Giant Peach
Draw, Write, Now Book 2

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May 10, 2005

Refgrunt, 5/10

Another busy night on the J desk. Here are some of the questions/books people were looking for:

The Outsiders (once again, the first question of the night was for a book I read for my YA class this semester)
Clint Eastwood biographies
Panda bears
Boys Against Girls
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
3 Pandas Planting
kakapo parrots (there are only 50 left in the world)
Fire Arrow
carpi sun and Hi-C product history and ingredients
Call of the Wild
The Sleeping Murder (actually the patron showed me a piece of paper with 3 ISBN #s, I wish our catalog made it clearer that that is not the information that will help you actually find the book)
The Vile Village
loggerhead shrike (an endangered bird)
Their Eyes Were Watching God
America Girl videos
Lemony Snicket x2
Smantha's Surprise
Cinderella 2
Dairy farms
Miserable Mill
Ancient China
Chasing Redbird
Darren Shan, Vampire Mountain
Miyazaki Movies
Magic Treehouse series

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May 03, 2005

Refgrunt, 5/3

Another busy Tuesday night (which was good, because it distracted me from waiting for the election results) 4 Hours J, here are some of the questions:

books for 1st graders
Mark Twain on tape and matching book (ended up with The Prince and the Pauper)
interviewed about teenage drug use (I ended up passing her off to the teen librarian because I didn't know the answers to the questions she was interviewing me with)
Junie B. Jones
The Lost Boy
"mettle" which wasn't in the dictionary she was using
coral reefs
The English Roses
Frederick Douglas
And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie)
Sponge Bob
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Helen of Troy
Dragon Slayers' Academny
Help I'm Trapped... series
Artimus Fowl
Goddesses series
Cinderella (many versions from different countries/cultures)
Shonen Jump
easy readers x2
3.6 value books from a list (I hate those lists, they're a jumble of fiction and nonfiction, JPs and JEs, and you have to look each one up separately and the parents always want 12 of them)
Scary Stories 3
printing things
Peanut Butter and Jelly song they played in storytime on CD
iSpy books
paper airplanes
The Giving Tree
Spirited Away (they're having a film festival of his works)
Wayne's World
Little Red Riding Hood
Devil's Race by Avi
Dealing with Dragons
Short & Shivery
Ancient Greece

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April 27, 2005

Refgrunt, 4/27

A quiet Wednesday night at the library -- 2.25 hours A, .75 hours J

Some of the questions:

arts and crafts fairs in San Jose
nursing career info
community room reservation
paper x4
unlock DVDs
mother-daughter conflict, Chinese American family psychology (working on a paper based on themes from The Joy Luck Club)
Measure A & B info (no, you can't vote online)
paper jam
$ for paper
yesterday's Merc
Jell-o - A Biography
Check out problem (didn't know his wife's pin)
and that was pretty much it unfortunately...

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April 26, 2005

Refgrunt, 4/26

4 Hours J -- busy night (Tuesday nights generally are since we're closed all day Monday, plus there's a family story time at 7 which draws a big crowd)

phone questions about storytime
Dan Brown books
Ann Boleyn
Harriet Tubman
Booker T. Washington
bibliographic info from a book the kid had left at home
Wayside School is Falling Down
world records
SAT9 for 2nd grade
Lemony Snicket audio
Hellen Keller
Dragon Slayer series
The Cat Who Went to Heaven
Fellowship of the Rings
Where the Sidewalk Ends
shapes and colors
Bil Keane
War of 1812
short stories for kids
SAT9 for 3rd grade
1950s x2
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Sequel to Spy X
long question on resources for bored kids who need challenges outside of school
a book called "dragon" (turned out to be Eragon)
Greek myths
Mary Poppins
Noodlebug DVDs
Tale of Despereaux
Ella Enchanted
lost library card
... and others I forgot to write down

(BTW, people keep asking me why I call this section refgrunt -- it's not just me, there are many others out there, but the one most referred to is probably this one)

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April 19, 2005

Refgrunt, 4/19

Not too busy tonight. Here are some of the questions (4 hours J):

Annie's Baby
Da Vinci Code
leopard geckos
wind turbines
Secrets of Droon
Lord of the Rings Return of the King
Vietnamese dictionary
Inu Yasha #2, @19, #20
Breaking Through
That's Ghosts for You
Because of Winn Dixie
Charlott's Web 2
address check by phone
how to use the catalog
library card applications x3
beginner easy readers x2
lost child
children's DVDs
I Spy books
Battle of Yorktown
Vietnamese/English stories
very basic spanish language book
Fever 1793
biographies x3
King George III
Hindi DVDs
California earthquakes
alphabet videos for toddlers
Circle of Three series
Homecoming series
DVD's for toddlers
Scary Stories 2

and I was weeding JE's and found this great one called The Bow Wow Bake Sale by Judith Bauer Stamper where a group of kids (including an Emily) want to adopt a puppy and figure out how to raise the money to keep it (by baking bone-shaped dog treats and selling them in the park). I thought it would be fun to do a booklist of lemonade-stand type stories for summer. Here are a few:

Lemonade for sale by Bettina Ling
Maisy makes lemonade by Lucy Cousins
The Lemonade Raid by Carolyn Keene ("When her lemonade stand is threatened by a lemon-stealing bandit, Nancy wonders who could possibly want to steal a box of lemons and searches for clues in a surprising place.")
Lulu's Lemonade (though the library doesn't seem to have it, there's an adorable Reading Rainbow review)

I found one video, Lemonade for sale from GPN/WNED-TV. On the practical side, there's The lemonade stand : a guide to encouraging the entrepreneur in your child by Emmanuel Modu. I'm sure there are more but I should stop procrastinating, finish my fundraising letters and work on my booktalks...

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April 17, 2005

Refgrunt, 4/17

It was such a gorgeous spring day here that the library was pretty quiet. Here are some of my questions and the books people were asking about (4 hours A, 2 hours J):

hybrid cars
issue with their disk
drivers ed video
stapler x2
phone listing for a business in florida
books by Oswald Chambers
biographies of astronauts
mystery for first grader (gave them Cam Jansen)
teen classics
Native American folk tale picture books (that would be a great booklist)
Reign of Fire
Eat Yourself Thin
death penalty, economic aspects
Mrs. Polifax
mystery with an archaelogist (Elizabeth Peters/Amelia Peabody)
Mind Over Mood
DVD documentary about lightning
Queen Bees and Wannabees
50 Firs Dates
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
US News college rankings
history of comeitive swimming, figures about #s of people participating
change location of a hold pickup
audio books
Bernard Cornwell books
videos on National Parks
Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon
Diary of Anne Frank

... plus a librarian I hadn't worked with before showed me some new features of the Ancestry geneological site, where they now have WWI draft registrations from 1917. So I think I found my great-grandfather, but I'll have to check some of the data with Mom to make sure its the right guy.

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April 12, 2005

Refgrunt, 4/12

4 hours on J tonight, here are some of the questions/books:

Tom Sawyer
Princess Diaries
By the Great Horn Spoon (and I swear I heard biodegradable spoon and was completely stumped)
Sahel (region in Africa)
scifi for 6th grade girl
Mission San Juan Bautista
The Long Patrol
Because of Winn Dixie
Face on the Milk Carton
sea turtles
Mission San Juan Capistrado
Magic Shop series
The Cay
blue morpho butterflies
building a lunar base model
2nd/3rd grade action book, 100+ pages (ack)
Indian dance
Flat Stanley #3
Barney videos
Baby Einstein videos
toddler book about fruit
whale sharks


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April 03, 2005

Refgrunt, 4/3

Another busy Sunday at the library. 4 hours A, 2 hours J. Here are some of the questions:

R is for Richochet (on tape)
computer help
Great Escape
photos of the town for a paint the town event
town history
books on Beiking
Stephen Spielberg
Visual Dictionary of Ancient Civilization
Sloppy Firsts
Sisterhood of the Treveling Pants
library card number
Walt Disney biographies
looking for a free computer
equation of a wave (* best question of the night, found a great site that had ocean waves in the world of physics)
biographies of Bill Gates
scrap booking
books in Chinese (x2)
phone number for a neighboring library
Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Nancy Lopez
bread baking
history of Turkey
Nordstrom's phone number
Forgive for Good
yahoo mail attachment problems
biographies of Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey
Michael Jordan
Cardcaptor Sakura
plant life cycle
Caldecott Medalists
Feida Khalo
biography of 150+ pages for a 7th grader
Pope John Paul II biographies
gauss rifle
Spy Fox in "dry cereal"
and more...

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April 02, 2005

Refgrunt, 4/2

hmmm... can't seem to find my notes from today, but I'll add them if I find them. 3 hours A, 3 hours J

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March 29, 2005

Refgrunt, 3/29

Another Tuesday night on the J desk... it was extra busy because the library had been closed Sunday (and is always closed Mondays). Some of the questions:

"do you have books on famous people?" (ended up with a biography of Sally Ride)
arts & crafts
The Great Gatsby
Betsy Ross
Elizabeth I video
SAT 9, 7th grade prep book
graph paper
leadership quote from MLK
trans-saharan trade
why do things float?
Pokemon chapter books
Tycoon video games (Zoo Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon, etc.)
Hindi DVDs: Tum Bin, Mission Kashmir (and 2 others we didn't seem to have)
SAT 9, 2nd grade prep book
Christian books
A to Z Mysteries
printer paper
printer paper
Vietnamese children's CDs
Lemony Snicket #7
veterinarian, pediatrician
Lemony Snicket #6
Sojourner Truth
SF Private Schools
South Carolina (state report info)
Magic School Bus videos
Fushigi Yugi (same girl from last week)
biographies for 4th graders
George Washington Carver
George Washington
10 Carrot Diamond CD
help finding picture books from recommended list
Ricky Ricotta books by Dav Pilkey
Magic School Bus books

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March 22, 2005

Refgrunt, 3/22

4 hours J:

information on the seven capital (aka deadly) sins for a 5th grader (a tough one!)
how monkeys communicate with other monkeys
sign language
Frenchtown Summer
To Space & Back
James Forten
Fushigi Yugi videos
career information on being an accountant
20th century music
Captain Underpants
cursive handwriting
10 Carrot Diamond CD
Something Upstairs
nonfiction for 2nd graders
Wht is a baby anteater called (another tough one!)
geology homework help

and since it was World Water Day, I pulled out some interesting sounding water-related books for a display, and worked on weeding JEs.

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March 20, 2005

Refgrunt, 3/20

Busy Sunday afternoon on the reference desks (4 A, 2 J)

Some of the questions:

Bud, Not Buddy
last week's Mercury News
books about gardening in California
Nat King Cole
FireArms by Winchester
lost computer file (note to self to email mgmt about signs reminding people that files saved to the hard drive will be erased when the computer restarts)
Japanese Internment
Within the Context of No Context
Microsoft Excel 2003
Little Prince in Spanish
Hardy Boys v. 86
Hawk Moon
Ella Fitzgerald
puppy training
today's NY Times
computer paper (x12)
tango music cd
flood map of the town
Diary of Anne Frank on tape
literary criticism of Sherwood Anderson
CD w/ I Know Him So Well (from the musical Chess) but not on the Chess soundtrack (Whitney Houston covered it)
Zeffirelli's Romeo & Juliet soundtrack
Shakespeare in Love educational guide
short story anthologies
check on hold status (x2)
phone number for a neighboring library
videos by Stephen Quillen
article from Science magazine about robots walking
The Lion Sleeps Tonight song on a cd
cursive handwriting instruction
science fair experiments about cleaning glass
complaint that the number of holds before being charged should be raised to 5 (currently 3 and then its $1 each) (note to self to pass the comment along)
and two of the librarians signed up to help table for the campaign at the farmers' market

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March 15, 2005

Refgrunt, 3/15

4 hours J tonight, here are some of the questions/requests:

Ku Klux Klan
Neberry Award winning books I'd recommend for 6th graders
Children's Bible
Easter books
Dear Mr. henshaw
lyrics to a Christmas song where I gave you my heart and the next day...
Double Fudge
Ireland, St. Patrick
Clifford's First Snow Day
Harry Potter
Katie Kazoo
SAT 9, 5th grade study guide
Pixie Tricks series
books about baby animals growing into adult animals (life stages)
Stregga Nona
Happy Birthday Felicity
Escape from Fire Mountain
Doctor Coyote
Seven Sleeper Series
Day of the Blizzard
Brocolli Tapes
Citizen study guide
Goodnight Moon
books about reasons to become a doctor/what to expect if you become a doctor (for an eigth grade career day project)
and others

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March 08, 2005

Refgrunt, 3/8

4 hours J. Not too busy (especially since family storytime was cancelled because of the local election) so there was lots of time to work on weeding.

Some of the questions:

The Lovely Bones
4th grade boy books
scooby doo videos
poverty and health insurance
sailor moon videos
Benjamin Franklin
2nd grade math
Stanley, Flat Again
the languages of Trinidad
Magic Treehouse books
Asterix comics
Katie Kazoo series paperbacks
CD with "The Mitten Song" on it
Lemony Snicket x3
Cam Jansen, Juni B. Jones
Mission San Antonio
On the Beach
cocker spaniels
Kiss the Bride
Nancy Drew on tape
Rosa Parks biography
kids books in Spanish
Irving Berlin
science fair projects

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March 05, 2005

Refgrunt, 3/6

5 1/4 hours (oops) on the A desk

Some of the questions:
Kelly Blue Books
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Out of Africa soundtrack
books like Grisham (but she doesn't like Turow or Martini)
check on people's holds
The Unknown Profofiev
large type books
Rule of Four
World maps
images of Croatia
back issues of the NY Times
The Color Purple
help finding a book in the hold room
consumer report information on waterheaters
printer jam
Thirteenth Fllor
reach something from the top shelf for someone
Saturday Night Fever video
scissors, tape, stapler, whiteout
fast food advertising and kids
Greece travel
Argentina history
Priest graphic novel #6
history of the Redwood Grove in Los Altos
aviation (to settle a bet about Lindberg and Admr Byrd
A Real Moment
foreign films
Dragon Ball Z #18
Foyle's War
Mickey Rooney movie about Edison (Young Tom Edison)
magazine back issues
nonfiction films about relationships
Dan Flavin
StarWars paperback series

plus a great surprise visit from Emy & Ray! Yay!

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March 01, 2005

Refgrunt, 3/1

Busy night on the J desk, here's some of the questions:

ethiopian wolf (endangered species are in this week apparently)
Hector's Dolphins
Falling Up
A Pizza the Size of Heaven
giant squid
women in sports
magic school bus butterfly video
Inu Yasha
Cardcaptor Sakura #2
recommend something to read (like Redwall), gave him Narnia and some other fantasy stuff
Lemony Snicket #2
Zia on tape
Alice in Wonderland disney film
how are stars different from the planet earth
history of Italy
3rd grade math
Chocolate Fever
atlas of Asia
polar bears
5th grade math
picture books about rainbows
St. Patricks Day
the sheet music for Slippery Fish (failed to find it though :( )
educational software for kids with autism or other special needs (didn't do so well on that one either)

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February 15, 2005

Refgrunt, 2/15

My regular Tuesday night shift, 4 hours J. Some of the questions:

Mission Santa Barbara
All the members of the cabinet
Mary Kate & Ashley
Charlie Bone book #2 on tape
3 Little Birds by the Brothers Grimm
Schwarzenneger (of course the only J-bio was from 1994 so it missed a few things)
Christopher Reeve
Jennie Hanaiali'i Woodd
Diego Rivera
George Washington
Paul Revere
Neil Armstrong
Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great
Asian countries
Stone Fox
Caroline's Year (little house books)
President's Day
care of chihuahuas

and, surprisingly enough, I realized that I like tutoring math. It was pretty slow and a girl came over for help with her math homework. That's not really my job, but she needed the help and I spent a lot of time with her (despite some looks from the librarian on the desk with me) We tried to work on adding and subtracting fractions (finding common denominators, simplifying the answers, etc.) It was really great fun (fleeting thoughts of teaching math... quickly dismissed) and I realized what an art it is to be able to help with homework without giving too much away or without getting in over the kid's head (since I guess some of my explanations bordered on algebra instead of 4th grade math without realizing it). I didn't get anywhere near the right balance but it was fun to try -- to be aware of what I was saying and how much I was helping (or failing to get my ideas across). I admit I was rather horrified when she said that the teacher doesn't check or collect the homework (when I had asked if it shouldn't be a bit neater before turning it in). I wish we were one of those libraries with a staffed homework center where there were always tutors and resources on hand to help with situations like this -- a) If it hadn't been so quiet (the weather seemed to keep people at home) I would never had had the time to spend working so long with her on the problems and b) I don't have any training in this, no relationship with the schools to find out what the assignments and things are and c) helping with homework isn't really a supported activity on the desk. Anyway, like I said, I really enjoyed it (and really really hope she'll be able to take something away from it and be able to do the problems in class tomorrow)

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February 08, 2005

Refgrunt, 2/8

5-9pm on the J desk, some of the questions:

Zach's Lie by Roland Smith (again, the first question of the night was from a YA!)
learn to play the guitar
"What year did Shakespeare die?"
Caldecott medalists
Thomas Edison
Phonics Pathway
Elizabeth I
Greek Gods and Myths ("you know, the one with the wings on his feet)
any mystery (I gave her Sammy Keyes and some others)
The Runaway
Wright Brothers
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Farm
Ben Franklin
Langston Hughes
Encyclopedia of the solarsystem
Harry Potter DVDs
CDroms for toddlers
SAT9 2nd Grade test prep book, newer edition
Spy Kids movies
Mists of Avalon
Lizzie McGuire movies
biography of someone - anyone
valentine's day books w/ tapes
Lemony Snicket #4&5
King Tut
In the Hand of the Goddess
Poems about weather or water

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February 06, 2005

Refgrunt, 2/6

4 hours A, 2 hours J. Some of the questions:

Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and biographies on Shakespeare (I was very excited that my first patron of the day was a teen so I could practice what I'm reading in "Connecting Young Adults and Libraries," the text for my YA class)
Malcolm X
Indian movies
Writer's Digest
Francoise Sagan
Resume books
Where to put salary requirements when applying for a job? On your resume? In the cover letter?
Uncle Tom's Cabin on video
Pendragon books
Star Wars books
Ink Heart
Thomas the Tank Engine books
love poetry
Body for Life
Eat, Drink and Be Healthy
The Road Less Travelled
Julius Caesar (the play)
DC phone book
sending email from Word
Primal Leadership (on tape)
Newsweek article from last Sept
addresses for French companies
The Tortilla Curtain
What vitamins are in what foods?
Lewis and Clark expedition map
Florence travel videos and books
Chinese language materials
Taxes for Dummies
Biographical Literature (its a Chinese language periodical)
Pay it Forward (book and movie)
DVD Demystified Vol 3
Strictly Ballroom
science fair projects on the flammability of fabrics

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January 30, 2005

Regrunt, 1/30

2 hours J, 4 hours A
Some questions:

Elf (video)
blue jays
Lemony Snicket on tape
biceps and hamstrings
magazines for kids
historical nonfiction
Jane Silver's Ideas of Heaven
copy machine issues
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Millionaire Next Door
intelligence Wars, Intelligence Matters, Ghost Wars, Against all Enemies, Imperial Hubris
difference between abridged and unabridged
A night in Copacabana
Consumer Reports - refrigerators and washer/dryers
A Light of Other Days
printer issues
pregnancy books
beginner chess
Nathan Oliveira, Neri, scuptors, Bay Area Figurative movement
Emperor of the Air
Chung-Kyu Li Shin Ku shih (book on prehistoric China)
HG Wells, The World Set Free
Palo Alto Daily articles
SF Examiner Classifieds
tax forms
Fiber Optic Test and Measurement
Vogue, Feb issue
poetry about nature
TOEFL test prep
Lora Roberts mysteries
rhyming poems about weather (found a great one about "Its raining pigs and noodles")
videos of Mrs. PiggleWiggle (I didn't even know there was a video! i'll have to check it out)
chinese photographer Yinxian Wu
Semnants series by KA Applegate
History of Alaska
Syn Yat-sen
basketball kid movies

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January 26, 2005

Refgrunt, 1/26

Some questions from my shift (3 hours A-side, 1 hour J-side)

Mary Kate & Ashley, So LIttle Time #17
Pride and Prejudice, BBC video
Almanac (things that happened in 1969 and 1995)
books that have been made into movies (found this great resource for that: Based on the Book)
3rd book in the Series of Unfortunate Events (long waiting list)
Artic Tundra
Guide Dogs
Polar Bears
Magic School Bus books on tape
Alabama (state report)
lost cell phone
Alan Parsons Project cd's
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Chinese periodical from November
F. Scott Fitzgerald biography videos
video of recent council meeting
information on poetry reading

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January 25, 2005

Refgrunt 1/25

Here's some of the questions from my 5-9pm shift on the J-desk

Charlie and th Great Glass Elevator
Curious George
Vietnam (current/travel, not history or war)
The Outsiders
Into the Labyrinth
books from the 6th grade recommendation list
Leonardo Da Vinci
Animal Farm
7th and 8th grade reading lists
What's tonight's storying topic? (it was a guest performer, Randel mcGee & Groak)
Oprah Winfrey biographies
American Sign Language
books about grandfathers telling stories to their grandchildren

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January 23, 2005

Refgrunt, 1/23

Some of the joy of getting a nice long Sunday shift was lost when I realized that I have to get up tomorrow and be at work bright and early, but it was a good day with lots of interesting people are questions. A sampling:

best sellers
America: The Book
Epitaph for A Peach (that's the Silicon Valley Reads book this year and its been sitting on my pile for weeks now)
Edith Piaf biographies
South Beach Diet
comparison of wireless routers
read alouds for 9 year old girls (ended up with Wrinkle in Time, Narnia, Ramona and some others)
Snippets, a gathring of poems, pictures and possibilities
Shel Silverstein book about a lion hunting (Uncle Shelby's Story of Lascadio, the lion who shot back)
Bailey's Kids Super Specials
Jennifer Weiner books
lost pin numbers
The Mask
Topsy Turvy
printer jam, new toner cartridges
Steinbeck's To a God Unknown
Asterix and TinTin comics
The Book That Saved the World (its a play, and I ordered a copy of the book that its in for myself since it sounded so intriguing)
"Is this in?" handing me a piece of paper that said 794.809
comparison of SAT prep courses
articles on the practice of hiring a tutor to help with your college essays
books to study Japanese
Leo Lioni books
Albert Einstein biography

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January 19, 2005

Refgrunt, 1/19

After talking to a number of librarians, I've decided to go back to writing my refgrunts again. Of course I appreciate the comments left on one of my earlier postings reminding me to watch out for the privacy of the patrons, but these questions and searches are completely anonymous and really are just a chance for me to keep track of some of the interesting (and mundane) kinds of things that happen at the desk. One of the things I like best about being on the desk is how each question can really be about anything and each shift can cover all sorts of topics. I often want to read the books I find for people (as if I had the time!) or research the topics further, so this way I can at least look back one day when I have some more time and have some little notes.

That said, here are some of the things from today (1 hour A, 1 hour J, 2 more hours A):

educational requirements for different careers
Wright brothers
Nintendo magazines
Junie B Jones
the pirate Bartholomew Roberts
cheat codes for Zelda
California wolverines (in Yosemite, specifically)
the US capitol building
books of jokes
Mercedes Lackey's Burning Brightly
how much does an electrician make (on average, roughly, in CA)
cliff notes for Moby Dick
Fatherhood by Bill Cosby
Circle Opens series
video tapes of basketball instruction

plus I got a bunch of suggestions for other teen books from the other librarians and from reading through VOYA on my break. Some to look for: The Misfits by James Howe, Parrot in the Oven, Alphabet of Thorn, Dancing on the Edge, Godless by Pete Hautman, When Zachary Beaver Came to [something], Out of the Dust

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September 14, 2004

Refgrunt, 9/14

Couple of afterschool hours on the children's side today. Some of the questions:

The Friendship
resources on learning to read music (surprisingly little in the children's collection)
The I Love to Cook Book
learning Japanese
pokemon books
math riddles
horse stories (only in paperback)
how to make models for a report on ancient greece or something
Yu gi oh
more pokemon
Goosebumps videos
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
one girl gave me a very nicely colored Little Red Riding Hood coloring sheet
Amelia Bedelia
horses (non fiction)
Kiowa Indians (very little in on them, but found some good things in the databases)
a couple of kids brought in some dead bugs (seriously) and wanted books to help them identify them -- I overheard them trying to decide if they were lice and I decided not to listen any more

Then I rushed back up to school to represent ALASC at the SJSU SLIS Alumni board meeting, hoping to convince them to co-sponsor some events with us. They did seem interested in promoting the Librarians Meetup and may organize a reception (and maybe even a dinner party) around our luminary lecture in December which would be cool.

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September 13, 2004

Refgrunt, 9/13

Decent day at the MH adult reference desk. Some of the questions/books:

books about Quickbooks software
dinosaurs and cats (two kids were waiting for their Mom to finish using the Internet, so I offered to track down some kids books to occupy them)
images from Chinese horoscope
The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, by Kitty Kelley (comes out tomorrow, so I had her fill out a request-for-purchase form)
question about using OPACs for libraries in different communities to look for historic documents
Old English font (for a tattoo artist who wanted to write people's names on the back of their necks in old English style) * definitely my most interesting search of the day
international tattoo magazine (we don't subscribe, but Gilroy does)
books with tattoo art
copies of birth certificates (we used to have a satellite records office at the library, but now refer people to clerkrecorder.org)
playstation 2 hint books
power point help
Word help
Goddess of the Night (teen horror)
Speed reading (found a video, all the books were checked out)
Siblings without Rivalry
kids working on school project asked if they could use a picture of Tombstone the movie instead of Tombstone the town
Christina Agulera
The Agony and the Ecstacy
East Side Dreams
Star Girl
Go Ask Alice
and lots of signing people up for Internet use all day

Back again tomorrow!

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September 10, 2004

Refgrunt, 10/10

Another quiet Friday afternoon in Morgan Hill. I was on the adult desk all afternoon and only got to field a couple of questions, including from a couple of kids who I ended up walking over to the J-side and finding them stuff (geography reports seem big today). I got to help weed biographies which was fun and learned a lot that will hopefully be applicable to tomorrow's Collection Development class meeting (I ended up dropping Cataloguing today)

The best moment was when a woman came and sat down across from me at the reference desk and asked about the display of banned and challenged books (Banned Books Week is September 25-October 2, 2004 and the library has a display in the front next to the best sellers with books from the ALA list). I wasn't sure at first if she was applauding the display or upset by it, but it turned out that she thought it was great that we were promoting those books and that she had no idea that these books were challenged by people somewhere in the country. She had read many of them herself over the years (people are always struck by the popular titles on the list) and had great questions about banned books and our policies on removing books, etc. and was clearly interested and now more aware of what was going on. It seemed like a perfect library moment - and we couldn't have scripted the reaction to the display any better!

I seem to have misplaced the rest of my notes from today's questions though, so this isn't much of a refgrunt today.

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September 07, 2004

Refgrunt, 9/7

The Morgan Hill Library received a grant from Mervyn's to do a library card campaign (September is Library Card Sign-Up Month) and I get to help out afterschool a couple of times this month because its so busy. Kids who signup for a new library card or bring their card in get a prize and a packet of information with fun booklists and things.

I didn't have a chance to write down my questions today, but some of the things I remember helping people find were:

Thomas Edison and the phonograph
Ice age animals other than wholly mammoths
State flowers
pet detectives
Native American artifacts and tools
books from reading lists

... and there were ants -- mostly in the animal area of the stacks, so apparently they were literate ants at least ... but still, I'm not exactly fond of ants... I squished one that I found inside the printer but let the rest do their own thing.

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September 02, 2004

Refgrunt, 9/2

It is definitely back to school time at the library! School in Campbell doesn't start until Tuesday, so everyone was trying to meet last minute summer reading deadlines. There was a big run on biographies -- and very few good ones for older middle school students. The children's books were too easy for them -- particularly since they were supposed to be doing book reports, so they needed a pretty hefty book -- but the adult books are too hard. It definitely makes me want to take the Young Adult Materials class and get a chance to really learn the teen level material better.

I split my time between the downstairs desk (non-fiction) and upstairs (children's, fiction, and video). Here are some of the questions I fielded today and some of the things that happened along the way:

The very first thing that happened was a toddler decided to knock over the easel with the large sign announcing the changes to the 'holds' policy (it now costs $1/book to put books on hold after the first three -- children's materials are still free)

Lots of calls for coloring pages and crayons
Sign-ups to use the CD-Rom computer with games
4 kids found Crinkleroot (the summer reading mascot who hides in the library) and I gave them their prizes
2 kids came and picked up their summer reading prizes
baby cd-roms
Roald Dahl stories (she ended up with The Witches)
Tim Bell, Assasin

A woman came and put an anti-Bush protest sign up on the library door -- which luckily I saw out of the corner of my eye as she was posting it -- and I quickly removed it

put holds on The Sunday Philosophy Club, Metro Girl, and Protecting the Gift
shelf-check and reserve for A Rear Window for a Saratoga patron

books on web site design
person having trouble filling out an online form
books on javascript (which, since I had just found the html books, I knew where they were without having to look it up which always makes me feel like I know what I'm doing)

phone reference requesting address and phone numbers for the Curtis Brown literary agents

a woman called to see if we had a typewriter -- which we do! -- and was SO excited to find out we did, since she had apparently called a ton of other places first

back issues of ParisMatch
books and videos on magic
Charmed and Enchanted
A Confederacy of Dunces
44 Cranberry

kid having trouble getting to the sanrio.com site
School of Rock soundtrack

restarted the CD-Rom computer (x2)
A Child Called It
Magic Tree House: Summer of the Sea Serpent

6th grade math worksheets
Newsweek cover story on dreams
biography of Reggie Miller
Frida movie
Science fiction section
Flowers in the Attic

Biography of Jackie O

reset crazy printer spitting out tons of random pages (x2)

Dear Mr. Henshaw
The Hobbit
Rising Storm
Cannery Row
Famous Five by Enid Blyton

scissors x5
pencils x3

biographies of Frank Sinatra
The Bell Jar
Clan of the Cave Bear video

historical fiction for the 8th-9th grade reading level
historical fiction about Jesse James

A Death in the Family

and many others.

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August 22, 2004

Refgrunt, 8/22

Another crazy-busy day on the children's desk. School starts this week so lots of kids were coming in with their reading lists (which is why we had so many historical fiction requests.) I was pleased to see that a couple of my middle ages books were on the kids' lists (though both kids with those lists opted for the WWII books instead)

Some of the books I found for people:

Magic School bus videos
dinosaurs books
Auto repair manual (sent them to adults)
Yu Gi Oh
Time of Wonder
Bridge to Teribithia
Christmas Carol video
Magic Schoolbus books
Dictionary (x2)
Chess pieces
Betty Boop Video
The Gold Threaded Dress
Time of Wonder
Moon Singer
White Bird
books on firetrucks
Velvetine Rabbit
When we Were Very Young
Story of Holly and Ivy
books on ants
Anime videos
Rave Master
Mary Kate and Ashley
Amazing Days of Abby Hays
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books
Bailey School Kids
Mike Harte Was Here
Thomas the Tank Engine Books
Hunters of the Dusk
The King's Fifth
Twenty One Balloons
Escape from Warsaw
Nature crafts
The Captive
Frozen Fire
kitty friends series
playstation games
Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye
oragami books
The Giver
calendar of library events
printing issue from Yahoo Mail

and one of the pages asked me how many pages were in a ream -- turns out there are between 480-516 (20 quires of 24-25 each). Common usage is 500 pages, but I thought that it was interesting that its kind of a vague count historically.

Pretty steady for the whole 6 hours -- lots of repeat requests for graphic novels and anime videos, plus the standard paper back series.

I have to say I'm exhausted after all that. Time for dinner and the Olympics and early to bed.

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August 13, 2004

Refgrunt, 8/13

morganhill1.jpgA whole new library today! I got a chance to work down at Morgan Hill for a couple of hours after our PACE Committee meeting there, and am looking forward to getting to go back for more. Its a great library and seems like a really nice community to work in. I'm scheduled so far for 9/10 and 9/13.

It was quite quiet at the desk (end of the day on a summer Friday), but here's the questions I did get to field:

scary movie 2 (found it in shelving)
books on wood working
music by linkin park
people turning in their teen summer reading sheets
"whisky trip", which turned out to be "straight whisky" which we didn't have, but the patron seemed happy I was able to at least track down the correct title
figuring out how to read PDFs of the Olin Perchlorate Community Advisory Group off the CD archive
where can you get a passport? (answer: next door at city hall, which they luckily had covered on my orientation tour)

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August 08, 2004

Refgrunt, 8/8

IMG_4063.jpgAnother busy day at the children's desk! Lots of people were coming in to claim their summer reading prizes (a free paper back book and certificate if they read more than six books during the program) and to track down last minute summer reading assignments for school. I had a moment of panic at the start when the catalog seemed to be down, but it came back with four minutes to spare before we opened (and the staff catalog was still available, it was just the web one that went down.) I really am going to have to buckle down and memorize more of Dewey so I won't be completely useless if the entire catalog does go down at some point (which seems inevitable that it will happen eventually).

Here are some of the other things I helped people to find or at least tried to:

dinosaur picture books
playstation 2 games (we don't carry any)
playstation 1 games
Out of the Dust
Skinny Dipping at Monster Lake
Where the Red Fern Grows (defininitely assigned reading)
Monkey Island
Animal Ark Series -- but they wanted two we didn't seem to have - Cat in the Crypt and Stallion in the Storm,
Books on dogs
Age of Empires
Books on cancer (JE)
Pre-algebra books and videos
Going to war in ancient times
Zoids series
Jewel Princesses
Pokemon Strategy Guides
Coloring pages
Videos and CDs of children's songs and rhymes (which took me a while because I could have sworn she asked for "brahms" instead of "rhymes")
Singalongs and finger plays
Information on the Vietnam war
Murder at the Winter Games
Books about ice skating
Garfield comics
Rama graphic novels (a very hot commodity)
Kipper video (which I could only find in Chinese, but they seemed ok with that)
Angelina Ballerina videos
Deltora Quest (by Emily Rodda)
Books on lobsters and crayfish
Picture books about cars and buses
and Post-natal yoga videos (put one on hold and sent her to the adult side for some books)

Plus, they're still weeding picture books, so I got to weed Gillerlain-Ginsberg.

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July 25, 2004

Refgrunt 7/25

A busy day at the children's reference desk in Milpitas! Here are a few of the questions I got (I couldn't keep track of them all since it was so busy at times). Plus I got to weed picture books during free moments which was fun (since I got to flip through tons of fun ones checking for damage).

Tons of people dropped off their summer reading club forms (almost 1000 kids signed up!)
Sarah Plain and Tall
Boyscount merit badge manuals
Peter Pan
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Witch of Blackbird Pong
A Find, find School
Chirsmas in Camelot
Lord of the Rings Trilogy (only 2&3 were in)
Yellowstone national park
"the world"
Tom & Jerry movies
GeoKids videos
Secret Life of Bees
Sophie's Choice
Mornings on Horseback
5th grade math
Story of Dr. Doolittle
The New Kid
books with fingerplays
Box Car Children
Jigsaw Jones

plus I read The Library Dragon while picking books to display which is a great story about a children's librarian/dragon :)

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July 24, 2004

Refgrunt, 7/24

Here's a selection of some of the questions I got today on the reference desk. I went back and forth all day between the adult and children's reference desks (switching every hour).

Starting downstairs on the adult desk...
3 people wanted Morningstar
1 person wanted to use the manual typewriter (it is pretty cool that we have one people can use)
Restarted one crashed computer
Spanish verbs and English-Spanish dictionaries
Bob (who I knew from my Dean days) gave me a Kerry bumper sticker and pin
Resume formatting tips
Satanic Verses (had to send him upstairs to fiction)
A patron actually said to me: "You are really beautiful - are you a librarian?" Which kinda made my day but was quite strange...
Someone asked about their PIN for the self-checkout machine and I realized that people don't know that its one's personal identifier number and I started wondering when we took it for granted that everyone knew what a "pin" was
The self-checkout machine then crashed, which confused that same patron even more (I tried to reassure her that she hadn't done anything wrong)

....Then upstairs on J:
An adult came looking for Roald Dahl's "The Twits" and explained that he had been bad at work and his coworkers were making him read it
Left Behind Series on tape - End of the world/Book of Revelation Christian fiction books
Some kid was singing a few bars of Yankee Doodle over and over and over again in the stacks
I proof-read someone's paper on the McDonaldization of America (which I probably wasn't supposed to do, but she asked so nicely)
Isaac B. Singer
Made more copies of the "At the Zoo" coloring sheets
Phonics video tapes
Request for War & Rememberence

... and downstairs
One hundred Years of Solitude (put on hold at Saratoga for patron)
Value Line
Job information
Asked my opinion on a letter with some very strange wording
Directions to 2 California Casinos and a press release from a pharmaceutical company
Pay fine? (sent them upstairs to circ)
Who's Who in America

... and up...
A guy lost a book and was asking if he could donate other books of his instead to make up for it
Checked hours of all the local libraries for a guy who really wanted some place that would be open until midnight
I asked a kid not to eat his book and felt guilty that I was a bad children's librarian (but he was gnawing on it!)
When We Were Young and Now We Are Six by A.A. Milne
Wanted an A.A. Milne poem that started "James James Morrison Morrison" so I found it online and printed it out for her (since the collections that seemed to include it were all checked out)
Bourne Identity
Made more copies of coloring sheets
Mind you p's and q's

.... Back downstairs
Bunches of movies, none of which were in
Today's newspaper
Chess Life Magazine (we don't have, but Los Altos does)
Campbell AA Meetings
Jobs at the library?
Martinex CA Area Code
Lost sun glasses, claimed sun glasses

and that was pretty much my whole day! More tomorrow!

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June 17, 2004

Refgrunt, 6/17

Here are some of the questions I had today at the adult reference desk...

helped a guy create a new Yahoo email account

filed the new pages that came in to update the California OCC Guide It was really interesting to see how the titles of so many of the jobs had changed since the last time those pages were updated. I didn't have time to read any of them while filing since it was so busy all day, but its all online as well. Here's the entry for a librarian. This is how they describe the work environment: "Work schedules for Librarians directly serving the public may be busy, demanding, and even stressful. Answering the information needs of people and teaching them to use library resources can be taxing." Hmmm....

found I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Nemesis : The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedys, which the library doesn't own yet (it just came out this month) so I learned how to request new books for consideration

telephone books, x2

Flamenco dancing videos

Havana Dreams

Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States : 1492-Present

A Midsummers Night Dream -- the 1999 version with Michelle Pfeiffer (I found two other productions but could not find that one anywhere, even though it was supposed to be in)

biographies of Leonardo Da Vinci

legal information on child custody and emancipation

Night in for Hunting (audio book)

Math text books

Today's Milpitas Post

Chinese language newspaper

Consumer Reports, June 2001

information about being a legal translator

12 Monkeys (video)
2 Fast 2 Furious (video)

Poisonwood Bible (in paperback)

Japanese Cookbooks -- in English or in Chinese -- and all of them were checked out!

quince.gifSpent a lot of time finding information on quinceanera for a patron who called and was doing research. Best bets seemed to be Quinceanera! : the essential guide to planning the perfect sweet fifteen celebration by Michele Salcedo and pamplet from the Mexican American Cultural Center and I also printed a variety of articles from the subscription databases and the Net. She came in at the end of the day and seemed to like what I had found (which of course made my day)

I also read the 4th, 5th, 14th, and 15th amendments to a patron over the phone

printer jams
people complaining about people not watching their time limits on the Internet


plus, during my lunch break (at 3pm) there was a magician performing so I got to watch for a bit!!

A very satisfying day at the library!

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